5 Best Pants for Big Belly Man


Best Pants for Big Belly Man

There’s nothing wrong with having a slightly bigger belly. Such a body type is considered a preference amongst women looking for a partner. This means you can remain stylish. As all you need is a good pair of pants that can hide your belly. That way, you get to have a more balanced appearance.

So the real question of the day is: should you wear pants over or under your belly?

The idea is to keep attention away from your belly. And it should be done with your comfort in mind. So, going above or even below your belly isn’t the answer. The right approach is to get a good pair of pants with a waistline that can easily rest around the bigger part of your belly.

Doing this will not only provide the same comfort you get from wearing pants below your belly, but it’ll also camouflage it effectively. 


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Types of Pants That Can Hide Belly Fat

Enough of the customization! There are pants designed for your kind of situation. All of which are comfortable, stylish, and trendy too. 

Here are several styles of pants that can hide a guys belly:

1. Smooth Trousers with a Lighter Texture 

Haggar Men's Cool 18 PRO Classic Fit Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant, Navy, 44Wx30L

Haggar Expandable Waist Pant

Given you have belly fat, the best approach to improve your style is to dress light. Such that there won’t be any strain or struggle with your belly, which could lead to discomfort and leave your belly not well-hidden.

So, instead of tough hard denim, why not go for high-quality fine polyester trousers like the Haggar dress pants that has a hidden extendable waist. This is great for the skin, as pants made up of such material will comfortably hang around the larger part of your belly. With no stress or discomfort while in all positions (sitting, standing, and squatting).

2. Slim Fit Pants for Fat Guys

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Shadow Check Stretch Slim Fit Dress Pant, Charcoal, 34Wx32L

Kenneth Cole Stretch Slim Fit Dress Pant

This is one of the best styles to consider given it’s much looser and softer on your body shape. Such pants should be able to hide your belly fat effectively. But it has to be your perfect fit. Why? Because looser pants could be a disadvantage in itself. As you could end up looking quite bigger than you originally were. 

So, the best measure to take with slimmer fit pants for fat guys is to make sure they fit well with your belly. 

Note: pants that fall into the category:slim-ware include, jeans, trousers, and chinos.


3. Best Jeans for Guys With Big Belly – Low-risers 

Ariat Men's Men's Jeans for big belly men

Ariat Low Rise DuraStretch Jeans

You can go for simple low riser pants. Such pants are the kind that has the bottoms or lower crotch hanging just at the hip of the user (instead of above like in regular pants). This feature will help you hide your belly effectively. 

But it only works if you get low risers with a waistline that fits around your middle. If you don’t get the right size, then you’re left with your belly sticking out in such a way your torso appears lengthened. While Your legs appear shortened.

4. Best Pants for Big Belly – Long-hemmed Pants 

Calvin Klein Men Modern Fit Dress Pant, Black, 36W x 32L

Calvin Klein Flat Front Men’s Dress Pants

Another great way to hide your belly is to appear thinner and taller. You can achieve this with a pair of long hem pants that go all the way to your heel. Such a style may seem a little over the top, but it works. It even accentuates some level of boldness.


5. Best Men’s Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Legs (dark-wash jeans)

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Big & Tall Relaxed Fit dark Waist Jean

Wrangler Big & Tall Relaxed Fit Jean

If you’re a sucker for denim and you don’t seem to make it work with the regulars, then the best pants for fat guys to go for is a dark wash jeans. This style of jeans offers a perfect visual illusion that’ll make you appear more slender. Such that it would take attention away from your belly and probably to your footwear (boots)

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How To Keep My Pants Up With A Big Belly?

There are several ways to keep your pants comfortably fitted when considering your belly. And the major ways to do so include the use of belts, elastic waist-band or suspenders.


This is the mainstream option. As all you need to do is fit it around your waist such that your belly is conveniently hidden. But this option is not necessarily always the best method. 

Because a lot of factors have to be on point for a belt to hold your jeans comfortably. For instance, a belt can only rest on your waist perfectly as long as there are ample hips and butt to rest on.

And if such is not present, a belt can’t keep your pants up. You would have to tighten up the belt, which in turn could lead to discomfort after long-term use. Because the body is known to expand All through the day, especially with a big belly.

Suspenders to Hold Your Pants Up

A better alternative should be the suspenders. Especially when you’re going for a formal outing. It’s not only stylishly convenient but it provides the ultimate comfort for your ever-expanding body which also happens to have a belly. 

How? With suspenders, you get to enjoy a strain-free experience while you’re able to conveniently hide your belly. And such is possible due to the way they’re worn. 

How suspenders are worn when you have a belly: after tucking in your shirt, the suspenders should be attached to your pants. In such a way, the waistline covers up your belly, without cutting into it.

Elastic Waistband Pants

The use of belts can be a chore and a pain around your waist or lower belly. As it can leave you with belt marks on your skin. Because your body expands continuously all day (Especially when with a belly).

Pants with elastic waistbands are made to curb that problem. As they can handle your expanding body all day whilst keeping your pants on, waist comfortable and your belly hidden. So that’s a WinWinWin!

Note: no one is saying belts are obsolete but if it’s still what you desire, make sure your pants are the perfect fit. And confirm if they can rest easy on your butt or hips.

Comfortable Pants for Fat Guys If You Have a Big Stomach?

Denim is a must-have item in every guy’s wardrobe. Because it can go with a lot of fit combos and a lot of seasons. It’s versatile bottom wear. But not all denim sizes look good on guys with a beer belly, except a two: dark wash & relaxed.

Dark wash Jeans 

A pair of these will make you look slender and stylish. Especially when used with boots. This is because the darker shade of the denim (dark blue, black, or grey) helps in hiding all the imbalances in such a way you appear more proportionate. From your upper body through the midsection and then your lower body. 

Slim Jeans 

Another great style of denim for hiding that belly is the slim jean. Because it can encompass your body shape (belly to legs) and give it a more linear look. As long as it’s fit right. This means such jeans should be able to rest on your hips and butt without falling off. So that the belt and suspenders can hold it over your belly easily.


How to Dress a Man with a Big Belly

The key is to keep your eyes away from your belly. And to do that, you need to include certain styles of clothing which aren’t limited to just your pants alone. 

Here are the styles of clothes you should consider:


Jackets are a good way to start your shopping. Because it gives your body the much-needed frame to seem fit on your upper body. Thus, distracting people from focusing on their belly. As you have the right. 

Stretchy Clothes 

This sort of clothing offers you better comfort while you hide your belly. For instance, stretchy pants will help with handling certain positions such as sitting, squatting, bending, and even standing. So that you don’t end up feeling that strain which is most likely caused by your belly.

Fit Clothes

It’s often assumed that more relaxed clothing hides a slightly overweight body. This is not true, as the opposite occurs, which will involve you looking more weighty than before. So the best option would be to get fit clothing such as slimming pants (not extra tight).

Darker Shade Clothes

Clothing with darker hues is known to hide belly fat and any other signs of an obese body type. For instance, if you’ve seen a biker gang before then you should notice their fashion style. As some of them are quite obese but no one sees that because they have clothing with darker hues on.

Lighter Pants Fabric for Chubby Guys

Given you have a belly, too tight and thick fabrics should be avoided. Because they’ll give you great discomfort. As you would feel a lot of strain on your belly or lower. And you could end up heating like an oven.

For your physique, what you’ll need is lightweight fabric pants. That can be easily worn and make you feel comfortable throughout daily use.

Get yourself one now…

Controlling your style can be tough, especially when you have a belly body. Where normal jeans and shirts you’ve always liked doesn’t make it work again.

Lucky for you, we’ve provided all information you need to help hide your belly fat and help you appear more proportionate in stature. Along with 5 best pants for big belly men which could change your look for good.

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