The 8 Best Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket For Men Reviews

sherpa lined denim jacket for men

8 Best Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket For Men

Winter is coming!

Nope, this is not a Game of Thrones review, even though I wish it was. It is a review about the best Sherpa lined denim jacket you should buy in preparation for the coming winter months.

If you are unfamiliar with Sherpa jackets, I won’t be surprised. They are not really featured in fashion websites or glossy magazines but for those who live in deep winter country, they are an essential staple to fight frigid days.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you are a novice who has no idea about what a Sherpa jacket looks like or what to look for when shopping for one. Hopefully, by the end of this piece, you should have enough idea to make a decision about the type of Sherpa jacket you want.

Ready? Let’s go.

sherpa lined denim jacket mens

What is sherpa lining made of

First, what makes a jacket Sherpa?

The Sherpa jacket that are common all over the place was christened after a term – Sherpa lining – commonly used in the fabric industry. Sherpa lining refers to a lining made entirely of polyester. It comes with a deep pile and has a large and fuzzy texture that makes it look bumpy.

The texture is kinda similar to sheep wool but that is where the similarity ends. Whereas sheep wool is bulky, heavy and takes longer to dry, Sherpa lining is the complete opposite. It is less bulky, lightweight, and dries faster.

Sherpa lining is also much cheaper and certainly involves no animal in its production. Yup, in case you don’t know it, there are no animals named Sherpa. If you are vegan, this sounds like good news huh?

On the flip side, if you don’t care about the ethics involved in using animal products, you can also get a sheep wool lined denim jacket. These jackets are, however, considered luxury items and you have to shell out a bit more for them. But that should not be a bummer because they are durable, long lasting and worth every penny.

The Sherpa Jacket Outer Layer

For all of its good properties, making a jacket out of just Sherpa lining is a pretty bad idea. For one, Sherpa lining is neither waterproof nor windproof. And in cold freezing winter with all of its nastiness, a jacket that has neither qualities is a huge no-no.

To counter this, the Sherpa lining is sewn into the interior of a much heavier fabric such as cotton.

Here’s a tip, watch out for Sherpa jackets that either double-stitch or triple-stitch the lining, they are actually the best ones as they conveniently seal the lining and prevent the loss of warm air through the seams.

There are some Sherpa jacket that also include quilted padding for added warmth. This padding is typically sewn between the lining and the heavy outer covering. But even though it gives the jacket a puffy, bulky, and heavy look, the warmth is undeniable.

The Best sherpa lined men’s jacket for you

The basic Sherpa jacket is usually thigh length with slit hand pockets, flap chest pockets and full front zipper or button down closure. The interior and collars are also lined with Sherpa. For some jackets, the sleeves are also lined with Sherpa but for a vast majority, the sleeves are exempt.

Brands vary the look of their Sherpa jackets by designing the pocket, collar and cuff in ways that sets them apart from others on the market.

Now that your knowledge of Sherpa jackets have been broadened, here are 8 items you should totally consider in your winter ensemble.

Levi's Type III Sherpa Jacket

8. Levi’s Mustard Blue Denim Sherpa Jacket

Super comfortable materials and fits as expected. Roomy enough that you could add an additional layer like a thinner sweater, sweatshirt, or button up shirt. Available in various denim colors as well. Just note the sherpa lining does not extend into the arm sleeves, it’s padded with another material and the button closures are snaps and not eye hole types like the original vintage designs. Classic design that will never go out of style and lasting for many years to come.  Buy It Here

Big and Tall Sherpa Trucker Jacket

7. Big & Tall Sherpa Trucker Jacket

The quality of the materials and manufacturing are first rate. The fit is what you will expect for a big and tall guy. The cut of this Sherpa Trucker Jacket was designed to make you look really good button-up or open.

It features welt pockets, Sherpa collar and lining and available it 3 hot shades of blue.  Buy It Here

levi's men's type 3 sherpa trucker denim jacket

6. Levi’s Men’s Type III Sherpa Jacket

From the guys who gave us the iconic blue jeans comes this stylish Levi Sherpa jacket. Made with 100% cotton that is delicately lined with Sherpa , you can brave the bitterest of winter’s assaults without so much as a sniffle. This jacket is also stylish enough to be dressed up or down.

How about the quality? This is a Levi’s ensemble, and that brand name is synonymous with the best quality clothing available in the market.

For those who live in areas with several inches of snow, wear it with a sweatshirt and know the true meaning of warmth. If you live in areas with warmer weather, you are also not left out. Simply pair the jacket with a t-shirt. Buy It Here

Zicac Men's Fleeced Denim Jacket5. Zicac Men’s Fleeced Denim Jacket Winter Fall Warm Cowboy Coat Outerwear Parka

This fleece lined denim jacket is the epitome of refined craftsmanship that every fashion conscious man would recognize. The superb design and attention to details makes it a winner at all times. This is one jacket that does not compromise with warmth as the body and sleeves are also lined with fleece, a rarity among Sherpa jacket.

The outer denim layer is made of a high quality that will ensure it keeps it look for a long time. And the fit is just right, nice and snug. Just what the doctor recommended for cold days and nights.

Customer reviewers on Amazon gave this winter jacket a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Their reviews stated that the Zicac fleeced denim jacket was “It was a hit!,” and “Warm, comfy and stylish“we truely recommends the Zicac jacket for cold climate outdoor occasional  Buy It Here

Denim Jacket Winter Slim Fit Button Down Jeans Coat

4. Lavnis Winter Slim Fit Casual Denim Jacket

If you are in the market for a slim fit Sherpa jacket, look no further than this beauty. It is stylish enough to be worn at virtually any occasion you can think of be it indoors, business, dates, party, and outdoor activities.

Not just made solely for winter, you can rock this black denim jacket during cold months in fall or spring. It keeps the wind out and the warmth in with its single breasted button down closure.

And of course I won’t forget the two chest pockets that adds a touch of class while being functional at the same time.

Available in two colors, black and blue. Buy It Here

Rustic Sherpa Lined Jacket

3. Wrangler Men’s Rustic Sherpa Lined Jacket

Wrangler is one of the leading brands in casual apparel and they have consistently delivered for about 70 years.

So when they do issue a denim coat, it is definitely worth your time to consider it. This wrangler Sherpa jacket mixed the casual laid back lifestyle of western culture with modern day fashion.

This Sherpa collar denim jacket also does a great job of keeping you warm from your neck down. In addition, the fabric holds it own and you are assured that it will not stretch no matter how many washing cycle you put it through.

In your traditional western styling, this Wrangler jacket this vintage piece features Sherpa collar and stylish front pockets with w stitching.

Buy It Here

Levi's Men's Faux-Shearling Trucker Jacket2. Levi’s Men’s Faux-Shearling Trucker Jacket

Those days of macho men looking ludicrous in terrible clothes are long gone. With this amazing jacket outfit from Levi’s, you can be a hard hat and look fashionable at the same time.

Super warm, stylish, awesome are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe this faux Sherpa denim jacket and it’s all for good reason.

Let’s not also forget the seal of quality stamped in every product manufactured by Levi’s. So whether you want to use it as a motorcycle jacket or winter jacket, it is versatile enough to fit every occasion

A polished fit that’s perfect for elevating any outfit. Style it with your fave jeans and cotton shirt combo. This is a stunning piece of outerwear that’s nearly perfect down to the last detail. Take it outside. Buy It Here

Chouyatou Rugged Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jackets1. Chouyatou Men’s Classic Button Front Rugged Denim Trucker Jackets

A Sherpa denim jacket that mixes ruggedness with fashion? This might sound like pure baloney but as this jacket proves, dreams do come true. One word I can use to describe this Sherpa lined coat is beautiful. The stylish design is just breath-taking.

Apart from being good to look at, this denim trucker jacket functions in the way that it is supposed to. The warmth it provides and the amazing fit is a reason why it is on our list of Sherpa lined men’s denim jacket.

This sherpa blue jean jacket is made of high-quality light-washed and distressed cotton denim fabric and is available it two color, blue/dark blue.

Suitable for casual daily wear Buy It Here

How should your denim jacket fit

Whether you dress it up, down, or somewhere in between, here’s how it should fit.


Just like a tailored jacket, the fit of the shoulders determines how the rest of the jacket will sit on the body.

A denim jacket is meant to be worn very trim, borderline snug, so look for one with a shoulder line that meets your own (and doesn’t sag down the arm). Buy one that has a good, snug fit in the first place. You’re looking for nice straight lines throughout your figure


The jacket should hit a few inches below the waist, around the widest part of the hips, just less than halfway down the seat. Too much longer than that and it starts to look more like an untucked work shirt; too much shorter and it’s getting girly.


A lined jacket supposed to be trim. It’s supposed to be and hip jacket, so it should be cut to make you look the same. You’re rarely going to fasten the front buttons, but you should still be able to (just barely) in case you want to layer it under another jacket.


A narrow sleeve is key. Look for a high armhole, a trim upper arm, and a sleeve that hits just past the wrist, grazing the hand (there shouldn’t be any shirt cuff showing here).


A lined jacket is supposed to be cut close to the body because it is usually always worn opened. In fact, I hardly ever wear mine closed, but make sure that you are still able to fasten a few buttons, just in case you want to layer it with a waistcoat.


I almost always wear the collar up (or half-up) on trucker jackets, so I prefer a stiff heavy denim that has some body to it, like the JYG Men’s Lined Denim Jacket Menswear.


What to wear with your denim jacket

In general, just wear pants that aren’t denim when you wear your jean jacket.

Cords, chinos, khakis, and even some casual dress slacks can all look fine with a jean jacket, as long as there’s some color contrast. It takes the whole problem of matching denim out of the equation.

If you must wear denim pants and a denim jacket at the same time, make sure the colors are substantially different.

Light gray jeans and a dark indigo jacket can work; a medium-blue jacket with light blue jeans will not.

Taking Care of a Sherpa lined Coat

More resistant to insect damage and easier to care for during moisture and temperature changes, fleece or fake fur offers some advantages over real fur by far.

Faux fur can be cleaned at home, while many faux fur coats or trimmed garments may have a tag that recommends dry cleaning only.

Be on the safe side, follow product instructions or fabric maker’s cleaning instructions if you have them.

Polyester fabric is very heat sensitive, synthetic shearling or sherpa fleece is usually machine washable. You’ll typically use cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle, then line dry or tumble dry on low.

Washing won’t affect the looks. The fabric’s distinctive woolly appearance is due to curling of the surface nap or pile during fabric finishing,

Spot clean collars, trim and other items that are only slightly soiled to save wear and tear caused by unnecessary washing.


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