The Best Swim Trunks for Muscular Legs This Summer

best Swim Trunks for Muscular Legs

It may not seem like it, but wearing the right swim trunk fit will influence your comfort and confidence on your day out at the beach or pool. If you hope to buy the best swim trunks for muscular legs, you need to find the right cut and style that conforms to that body type.

What swimsuit is best for big thighs? What you want is a swimsuit that reveals just enough of those leg muscles you’ve worked hard for. While you can either choose a snug or loose fit, go for swimming trunks that compliment your figure. If you’re a short guy, choose shorter swim trunks, as long trunks will only make you look shorter. On the other hand, choose lengthy trunks if you’re tall.

Whatever summer beach look you’re going for, there are numerous trunks from various brands that will look well on muscular legs. Today, we have selected and reviewed five swim trunks with the fit and stretch for big thighs.

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Ralph Lauren Men’s Swim Shorts for Big Thighs

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Bathing Suit Bottoms (Small, Nantucket Red)

The design sensibility exhibited by Polo Ralph Lauren in the manufacturing of these swim trunks is quite impressive. A perfect example of the best swim trunks for athletic build men. Really, they are simple looking but as functional as you need them to be when you’re out on the beach.

They come with an elastic waistband that should hug your waist tightly. However, it also has an exterior drawstring to fasten with. On the interior, you get a mesh brief liner that acts like an underwear of some sorts. What’s better? It comes in several color and length options.

You have options to choose from whether you want your quads showing or you want them hidden under the trunks. The fit is true to size, so you can expect them to hug you tightly if you have big thighs.  Two side pockets and a rear one provide storage space to keep small items.

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Kanu Surf Men’s Legacy Swim Trunks

Kanu Surf Men's Legacy Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Hangout Navy/Red, Large

At times, having muscular legs may mean buying bigger trunk sizes with wide cuts all the way down to the knees. The Kanu Surf Men’s Legacy Swim Trunks has that wide cut and knee length required to keep those quads hidden. You might want to avoid these if you’re short as they will create the illusion of shorter legs.

Like most of the other trunks, it is 100 percent polyester, so you can expect it to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. The fabric has a Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50 +, significantly reducing exposure risk to harmful radiation.

The typical dual side seam pockets are included, together with a comfortable mesh lining. An elastic waistband helps it hug the waist tightly and a drawstring helps to further secure it.

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Calvin Klein Men’s Quick Dry Swim Trunks

Calvin Klein Men's 7 Inch Elastic Waist Quick Dry Swim Trunk, Surf White, Small

What does Calvin Klein not make? Certainly not swim trunks. Available in several design and color options, these trunks are not your usual tight-fitting trunks. If you have very big thighs, they will conform nicely to your frame, but not as much as hugging your quads tightly.

Like with the other trunks we have selected, you get an elastic waistband, with a drawstring to further secure them. With a UPF 50 + rating, the lightweight and quick-dry polyester fabric offers UV protection.

For storage, you get two exterior side pockets, a velcroed back pocket, and an interior coin pocket. Calvin Klein Men’s Quick Dry Swim Trunk is one of the most comfortable swim trunks you can get for muscular thighs.

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Speedo Men’s Swim Trunk for Muscular Legs

Speedo Men's Swim Trunk Knee Length Marina Volley, Grey/Blue, Large

If you’re relatively tall and have muscular legs on you, this is one of the best men’s swim trunks with pockets to consider. The knee length design will help maintain a visual balance between your legs and the upper part of your frame.

We love the UPF 50+ protective fabric that blocks UV radiation and prevents some of the harmful effects. It is 100 percent polyester, and as such, lightweight and quick-drying. The closure is a pull on with drawstring, but it also features a stretch waistband that significantly improves the fit.

Furthermore, the trunk features a mesh lining with inside key pocket, two side pockets, and a velcroed cargo pocket with a water drainage hole. The trunk is not skin tight, but it’s also not so loose that it hinders mobility.

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Molokai Comfortable Swim Trunks

Official Molokai Swim Trunks and Shorts - Rubber Ducks

These Molokai swim trunks are the perfect swimwear if you want to show off your big thigh muscles. Short people with muscular legs will look good in these, thanks to the short length. The trunks have an elastic waist that combines well with the stretch-fit design to make them comfortable. Nonetheless, there’s a drawstring to fasten with.

One of the things to look out for in swim trunk fabric is “quick-drying”, and thankfully, the polyester material of the trunks is just that. Aside from beach activities, the trunks are versatile enough for general workout activities.

You get two side pockets and a rear one to store small items. The sizing is spot on, but we recommend that you go one size up if you prefer your trunks loose.

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What Color Swim Trunks Should I Get?

You are likely to get overwhelmed by swim trunk color and design options when choosing. The most important thing is to choose a color you’ll feel confident wearing. Your figure, complexion and hair color are some other things that should also come into play when choosing a color.

Black color is slimming, so regardless of your complexion, if you’re trying to get a slimming effect, go for black trunks. Light complexions are well-complemented by rich dark colors.

As a rule of thumb, avoid designs that include horizontal stripes if you are large. Thick horizontal stripes create a wider illusion, and you may end up looking larger than you actually are.

Furthermore, if you are not planning on looking taller than you are, avoid those trunks with vertical stripes because they tend to make legs look thinner and longer, and in turn, exaggerate the overall frame.

Swim Trunks and Board Shorts – How Are They Different?

Swim trunks and shorts are mistaken for each other by many people. Board shorts are specifically designed for surfing, but like trunks, they can be worn for swimming and a number of other activities.

Typically, board shorts are longer compared to swim trunks, and they often extend below the knees. Another way to tell them apart is by looking at the waistband. Swim trunks will likely feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring that may or may not have much use in securing them to your waist.

When you get the right trunk size, you may not need to fasten the drawstring. However, with board shorts, there’s a bigger challenge of waves pulling them off. To prevent that, they feature velcro flaps, in addition to static waistbands.

Picking the Right Swim Trunks – Features and Factors to Consider

Picking colorful and aesthetically pleasing swim trunks is not the hardest thing to do. However, if you hope to choose trunks with the right level of fit, comfortability, and durability, there are some other factors you should consider.

How Should Men’s Swim Trunks Fit?

Just like when buying trousers, you should be able to specify your preferred fit. You may have to look at the size guide to get a hang of the right fit. For people with muscular thighs, you want to make sure that your selected fit is not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable.

Color, bright or solid?

The color and print are also important things to consider. Horizontal color stripes are best for tall people while vertical stripes are best for short people, as they tend to alter the illusion of your figure. Dark colors like black and dark green can go with any complexion, but light colors should be avoided by people with light skin tones.

How Length Should Men’s Swim Trunks be?

It’s all about proportion and balance. Short to mid-lengths are perfect for short people, while mid-length to long trunks are perfect for tall people. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend trunks that exceed knee length, as they’ll likely be uncomfortable.

Fabric for Men’s Swim Trunks

Polyester is the commonest fabric used for swim trunks, but if you’ll choose any other fabric, ensure that it is quick-drying. You should also look out for UV protection in any fabric you choose.


How Tight Should Swim Trunks Be?

While it is a matter of personal preference, tightness will affect your swimming motion in water. For a normal swimmer and not a competitive one, the waist should be tight enough to stay on without fastening the drawstrings.

The length should give some allowance, and not be skin tight. However, it shouldn’t be too loose either. Likewise, the leg openings should not be so wide, except you have very wide legs and you don’t want them hugging your quads so tightly.

Why Do Men’s Swim Trunks Have Netting?

Unlike swim shorts, swim trunks feature mesh lining on the inside. The netting liner serves as a form of underwear that improves comfort. With the netting in place, it is not absolutely to wear underwear with swim trunks. Some may, however, find the netting uncomfortable and so they put on additional underwear. 

How to Look Good in Swim Trunks

Looking good in swim trunks is essentially about fit. Nothing beats working out until you can be proud of your figure, but for aesthetic appeal, choose tight-fitting trunks. They may not be the most comfortable swim trunks, but they make for a great appearance.

Regardless of your height, short trunks look better than longer ones. We recommend that you keep them above knee length if you care about how you look in swim trunks.


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