Why Do Men’s Running Shorts Have Liners

Men's Running Shorts with liner

Whether male or female, being on the track is a fun-filled event and experience. Even though specific shorts are for running, many have no idea why these shorts have a lining. Does that sound like you? Or have you been trying hard to know the importance of those liners? Don’t get worked up! All you need is this post.

How about we check out why men running shorts have liners? Liners are as crucial as the shorts themselves. Shorts provide absolute comfort while you exercise. Yet, liners keep you cool all through. There’s no way you will run without sweating. How do you think moisture stays away from your body? Trust me, liners do this pretty well. Aside from this, it reduces the risk of infection.

If this information is less than enough, below are essential things to know about running shorts. This post will help you choose suitable running shorts. What else? It reveals the importance of liners to your running short. Let’s dive right into it!

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Importance of Liners in Running Shorts

If you love wearing underwear on every short, you might find it difficult to adjust to the no underwear rule of runners. Meanwhile, men’s running shorts feature an inner lining to represent your underwear.

Also, the underwear is made to bring you solace. So, you have no worries. If you want to know the vital importance of these liners, then you’re on the right page. How about we check them out?

Liners makes you Secure and Comfortable

If you want to enjoy your exercise, then you need a very comfortable shorts. That’s why many runners’ shorts come with liners. I’m sure the last thing you want to do is run around all day feeling uncomfortable.

Have you ever imagine how you will feel wearing extra underwear while running around? Besides, you can be sweating heavily. You need space for excess fresh air.  With the fitted Liners, users become more happy and comfortable. Aside from this, it boosts your confidence.

Do you know what? There’s still more to this! Feeling secure is what every runner wishes for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or an expert; the essential thing is to feel secure. You don’t have to work yourself up over this. The liners are to give the ultimate security you ever can wish for.

Another big draw of runner’s shorts is the storage features. With this, your gadgets are safe. So, you got no worries about the risk of loss of items.

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Provides Muscle Compression and Supports

With a built-in liner in your shorts, you don’t need a jockstrap when you run long distances. Moreover, you don’t want to keep getting distracted, uncomfortable and sweaty while running. You need shorts that provide you with the freedom to move.

When you run longer distances, your body directs blood flows to other parts of the body. It makes your private function retract a little.

But with the right running shorts with good liners, it makes you feel more relaxed and calm. It doesn’t stop there! It adds up muscle compression in the legs when you warm up or stretch out. So, you can be sure of your modesty and strength.


Keep sweat away

If you agree with me, whether you’re running for fun or to keep fit, you’ll sweat. I’m sure you don’t want to keep smelling nasty due to sweat. That’s why men’s running shorts come with liners

Imagine you running all day, returning home to freshen up, then your fiancé tells you that you stink. How will you feel? Sad, right? But, with inner lining in the shorts, you’re safe from all embarrassing moments.

Generally, liners have a moisture-wicking system that keeps away sweat. Then, it eliminates all lousy odors. With this, you’ll feel amazing.


Prevent infections

Another benefit of liners is that it prevents all forms of infection. Though diseases don’t spread through sweat, excessive sweat can threaten the body. If it sounds untrue, How about we look this way? 

Sweat comes out when you exercise yourself. If you have ever worn underwear underneath your shorts then you will agree that sweat comes out even more. 

Whereas, prolonged moisture leads to chaffing, a skin problem. Also, it can cause your skin to burn.

Besides, you can develop a mild fever. Also, leading to bleeding. Your skin can begin to swell up. Above all, you start to feel more aches and pains.

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It keeps you ventilated

For all runners, you need to pull on shorts to keep you ventilated throughout your running. I’ve heard stories about runners fainting during the course of their running.

If you asked many people why this happens, you would get the same answer. That is the presence of excessive heat and lack of fresh air.

To prevent this from happening, men running shorts come with inner liners. It gives room for fresh air to get rid of moisture from the body. With this, you’ll feel less sweaty.

Fresh air and exercise. That’s all you need to stay slim and feel better about life,” Kaitie Hopkins. As a result, bear this in mind. Refreshing breezes benefits your physical health. Likewise, it improves your mental health.


Factors to Consider

If you made it to this section, you would know that selecting the best short might seem challenging. There are different designs, types, and styles of runners shorts under the sun today.

However, this guide will make your search easy. Here are essential things to know when choosing the best option for you.



Runners’ shorts are designed with different materials. That’s why you need to check the material construction. Men running shorts are either made of synthetic or natural fibers. 

Most synthetic running shorts are from polyester with a nylon or spandex blend. Any short made of this absorbs sweat easily. Also, they help to keep things in place without blocking your steps. 

What else? These fabrics are quick-drying underwear which are soft. Besides, it ensures its durability. So, you can pick up your shirt and wear it till you get tired of it.

Natural fibers are cotton materials. Unlike synthetic materials, these materials provide you with comfort. Yet, they don’t hold up a sweat. What else? These fabrics are not suitable for any heat conditions.



To all runners, can you buy any shorts without having a preference? I doubt it. All runners’ shorts come in different styles, including lined and unlined. All lined runner shorts keep away sweat from rubbing much on your skin. That’s why it’s made from moisture-wicking fabrics.

For unlined shorts, you might consider putting on extra underwear. Regardless of the one you choose, ensure it’s of excellent quality.



When it comes to runners’ shorts, it is also a great idea to consider the length. That’s because different sizes are perfect for various purposes. For all running shorts, there’re short length, medium length, and long length.

The short length provides you with a wide range of movement. It is suitable for both short and marathon races. Also, it has a non-restrictive cut which makes it perfect for all performances.

If you engage in track or trail running, consider the medium length of 5 inches. It stays between the short and the longer length. Whereas the long size short is for shorter distance running.

All enthusiasts in love with the off-road experience can buy this product. It can withstand any form of dirt or debris. Often, these shorts have pockets for easy storage. This, in turn, brings us to the last but not the least factor to consider.



If you want to buy men running shorts, it’s essential to consider the designs and visibility. Do you need to run in a low-light environment? Then never neglect this feature.

Wearing a reflecting short with lighter colors is of significant advantages. It will not only ensure your safety but also add more vision to your race at night. With this, you get more assurance to engage in late-night running.


Storage Space

Like every other factor, the pocket is also another essential thing to put in mind. Most shorts have a bag, but it differs in sizes.

Some pockets can only contain your phone, while some have enough space for other items. With these pockets, your valuables are safe. Moreover, it saves up effort to pack a backpack


Frequently Asked Question

What are the various types of running shorts?

It’s important to know that regular shorts are not the only running shorts available on the market today. There are also other types you can invest in. Let’s check them out!

Compression Shorts

One of the famous shorts across the globe is compression shorts. It can fit your body shape. When it comes to flexibility, you can always trust these shorts. Compression shorts are stretchy. So, you get to move without any difficulties.

Its fabric use and friction prevention make it the choice of many runners. Besides, the length you choose depends on the one that best fits your taste and preferences.

V-notch Shorts

Without any debate, this is one of the typical runner shorts. V-notch shorts are short with an upside-down V-shape on the leg seam.

This kind of shape provides all athletes with more options to stretch. What differentiates male and female styles is the length. The women’s size is shorter. Unlike compression shorts, these shorts provide a more loose fit for everyone. Giving out more range and space for conveniences.

Split Running Shorts

In contrast to the v-notch shorts, this shirt features overlapping clothing. Likewise, the V shape always splits into the sides. What makes these shorts ahead of the V-notch shorts is their elasticity.

These split running shorts is ideal for all runners for a competitive race. Besides, the lightweight features give you more room to run.


Do all running shorts come with liners?

Running shorts are designed for both men and women. Besides, unisex design is also available. Some shorts have classic designs with liners, but some are without them.

Shorts with liners are beneficial. It provides you with unlimited support and comfort. So, you don’t have to keep your underwear on.

In case you find liners uncomfortable, you can invest in unlined running shorts or take out the liners and put on underwear.

What can I wear under the running shorts?

Runners are free to wear anything underneath the shorts. The choice is yours! Since most athletic underwear have linings, there is no need for underwear. But, if you’re putting on any unfitting shorts, you can opt-in for breathable underwear. Avoid wearing cotton underwear to keep you refreshed.


Is there any difference between lined and unlined short?

If you’re new, you might find it difficult to differentiate between lined and unlined shorts. But, the difference is clear, the liners. To make things simple, let’s dive right into it!

All lined shorts have built-in liners made with moisture fabrics that wick away sweat. What more? They are breathable and pleasant. Even with its various benefits, not all runners put up for it. That’s why manufacturers provide another alternative, an unlined short.

If you ask me what unlined shorts are, it is shorts with no built-in underwear. You can either get a compression short, v-notch sort, or split shorts with no liners. Pick the athletic shorts that fits into your build. In comparison with the lined shorts, you can get the right fit with ease. Moreover, you can easily dry your clothes after use.

Regardless of the one you select, ensure there is no chance of irritation and discomfort.


Should running shorts liners be tight or loose?

Sure! It is not advisable to have running shorts with loose liners. So, the running shorts liners should be tight enough. And there shouldn’t be any room to crease.

The shorts should be loose enough to make your movement easy. Do you want a running short that doesn’t limit motion or athletic shorts with a fitting inner lining? Look no further than a compression short They’re the most comfortable shorts on the shelves.


Final Thoughts

Liners are essential features of men’s athletic underwear. In fact, its benefits are beyond what you can ever think of. Knowing the kind of runner’s shorts you want will help you make the right choice. 

Needless to say, all runner’s shorts are available at a discount rate. All you need to do is have this guide in your book, then your search becomes hassle-free.

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