Best Cycling Jersey for Fat Guys to Reduce Air Resistance

fat man in cycling jersey

Having the best cycling jersey for fat guys will drastically improve your riding year-round. Not wearing the proper riding gears you can get tired really fast while fighting against the wind. Luckily, with the right cycling jersey, you can enjoy your ride without that struggle. And even if you’re plus size, you can get cycling clothing for big guys.

As a big guy, it’s easy to want to opt for loose or regular clothes when cycling. Why spend that extra buck buying a cycling jersey? Would you even be comfortable? Well, cycling jerseys are actually more comfortable than regular clothes when cycling. They’re specifically designed for that purpose.

But we’ll get into all that later on in the article. We’ve taken into consideration your comfortability when compiling this list of the best cycling jerseys for fat guys. They are cool, comfortable and they help reduce air resistance. So you can ride faster and easier.

Sponeed Long Sleeve Padded Jersey

sponeed Men's Bicycle Jersey and Pants Set Long-Sleeved Quick Dry Size XL US White Red

Get the drivers tooting, the ladies waving and the dogs chasing with Spooned cycling clothes. Sponeed is known for its high-quality cycling jerseys, made with enviable designs. And the Sponeed stylish cycling jersey for men with Long Sleeve is no exception.

This jersey is made from great quality material, which is also breathable. It provides a great stretch, giving you a fantastic fit, as every pro kit should.

And gets even better after a wash. Wearing this jersey leaves you feeling comfortable and snug.

It’s got pockets sewn in really firmly, with quality zippers that make taking the jersey on and off as easy as pie.

This cycling jersey also has gel padding on the butt area, making it super comfortable. The long sleeves are also great for warmth and wind resistance. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to wear a base layer underneath during cold weather.

With this cycling jersey, you get to look cool and confident regardless of your size. And it comes in various great colors!

Main Features

  • Fabric: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex
  • Back pockets
  • Gel padding
  • Zippered ankle pants
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BALEAF Cycling Clothing for Larger Man

BALEAF Men's Cycling Jersey Sets Long Sleeve Clothing Bike Outfit 4D Padded Pants Pocket MTB Riding Shirt Yellow Size XL

So you’re looking for a cool cycling jersey that works well in 40-60 degrees temperature. Well, check out this BALEAF’s cycling jersey.

First, this jersey comes with 4D gel padded pants that allow you to sit comfortably on your bike. You’ll be thankful for these padded pants when you hit a bump.

It’s got a bold design, with reflective stripes for safety. So when you go riding at night or in low light, other road users will see you clearly.

One of the best cycling jerseys for big guys, this jersey is also made of good quality material with just enough stretch. And it comes with an elastic waistband and inner drawstrings for an adjustable fit.

The biker pants also have a great length and zippers at the ankles. And the jersey comes with a full-length zip in the front for easy wear.

We can’t leave out the pockets. This jersey comes with 6 pockets. Four pockets at the rear and two side pockets.

With this jersey, you don’t have to worry about riding when it’s hot. It provides maximum sun protection and is breathable.

And even in cool temperatures, this jersey works nicely to keep you warm.

Main Features

  • Fabric: Jersey: 100% Polyester; Shorts: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex.
  • 6 pockets
  • Reflective strips
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AIPELEI Men’s Cycling Jersey Suit

Men's Cycling Jersey Suit Full Sleeve Bicycle Jersey Clothing Set + 3D Padded Breathable Pant Sportswear

Look like the ultimate daredevil cyclist with this jersey suit. It’s got a really cool and stylish design and an even more amazing fit. Perfectly designed for a cyclist’s silhouette.

The AIPELEI Men’s Cycling Jersey Suit is light and comfortable, made from 100% polyester. It comes with comfortable silicone padded pants that serve as high shock absorbers. This allows you to ride for much longer hours without getting uncomfortable and tired.

This jersey suit is breathable and comes with a quick-dry feature. Keeping you cool and dry while you ride hard.

Plus, it comes with 3 rear pockets for storage of your essentials. These pockets are snug, so you don’t lose anything while you ride.

For convenience, this jersey is designed with quality front zippers, as well as reflective stripes for safety. Its long sleeves work well under cold temperatures and fit snugly around your muscles.

Main Features

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Silicone padded pants
  • Elastic band
  • Long sleeves
  • 3 rear pockets
  • Front zippers
  • Reflective stripes
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Moxilyn Men’s Cycling Jersey

Moxilyn Men's Bike Clothing Set Cycling Jerseys Road Bicycle Shirts Kit + Bib Shorts Quick-Dry Full Zipper Riding Clothes, C36-11, X-Large

Another great cycling jersey for fat guys is the Moxilyn Men’s Cycling Jersey. Moxilyn definitely went all the way with this jersey.

Not only has it got a superior 9D gel pad for extra comfortability, but its simple, sleek design also guarantees that you’re riding in style.

This jersey also provides a great fit. And if you hate chafing, then you’ll love this jersey. Its pants come with a bib design that really holds you up.

This jersey is made from durable, lightweight polyester that’s breathable. And it has a quick-dry and moisture-wicking feature.

And let’s not forget the pockets. This jersey has 3 rear pockets for storage. You can keep things like your phone, wallets, snacks, and even bike tools.

These pockets come with elastic closures, so you won’t have to worry about your stuff falling out.

You also get a great fit with this jersey. Really leaves you riding in comfort and style.

Main Features

  • 80% polyester and 20% spandex lycra
  • 9D silicone gel-padded pants
  • Suspenders/bib design
  • 3 rear pockets
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Santic Men’s Cycling Jersey Set

Cycling Jersey for Fat Guys XXL/CN XXXXL

Amp it up with this Santic Cycling Jersey Set. Santic generally offers high-quality cycling jerseys that have a professional fit. They’re made to fit you perfectly.

This jersey is highly breathable. It lets in cool air and allows moisture to escape, leaving you cool and dry while riding. It’s also made from soft, lightweight material that’s stretchy and flexible.

This cycling set comes with 4D padded shorts with a well-fitting bib. This bib has got breathable and quick-dry features. And it’s absolutely chafe-free.

Another cool feature is that these shorts give you an excellent grip around the thighs while riding. As such, it doesn’t ride up, making you feel uncomfortable.

It’s also got really lovely full-length zippers. So you can conveniently wear it and take it off. Plus, its three pockets for storage. These pockets are large enough to fit your keys, cell phones, food, and water bottle.

Not only is it functional, but it’s also stylish. You really can’t complain while sporting this jersey. And you can pair them with really cool running shoes.

Main Features

  • Fabric: polyester
  • Large rear pockets
  • 4D padded shorts
  • Closure: zipper
  • Neck: crew neck
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Lixada Men’s Cycling Jersey Set

Lixada Men's Cycling Jersey with Padded Shorts for Fat Guys

Another great cycling jersey from Lixada. This is a great option for cyclists. With this set, you get to choose between cycling shorts and bib pants.

Made from 100% polyester, this jersey is breathable and lightweight. And, naturally, it has quick-drying abilities. It’s great for reducing air resistance, allowing you to ride sleekly.

This jersey also has the right stretch for flexibility. Its compression shorts or bib pants provide zero restriction to your movement. So it’s super comfortable and flexible.

It also features 3D soft thickened pads which protect your hipbones from hurt and bumps. With its reflective stripes, you’re assured that you’ll be visible when going for low light or night rides.

This cycling jersey set has high-quality, full-length zippers for convenience and is very durable. And the top stopper ensures that your chin and neck don’t get chaffed.

Add its deep back pockets for your keys, phone, and energy bars, and you have a highly functional jersey.

Main Features

  • 3D cushion padded shorts/bib pants
  • 100% polyester
  • 3 deep pockets
  • Full-length zipper
  • Reflective strip
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KUYI Men’s Cycling Jersey Set

Men's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey Sets for Fat Guys

This cool jersey by KUYI is the last cycling jersey for fat guys on our list.

Made from 100% polyester material, it’s light, breathable, and comfortable. And with its moisture-wicking feature, you’re left feeling cool and fresh, even during long rides.

This jersey has reflective stripes at the back. And these stripes come in really bold colors, which increase road visibility.

The long sleeves also protect your skin from the sun, and with its great fit, it doesn’t ride up when you extend your arms.

With this jersey, you get 3 deep pockets for keeping your essentials. And you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

The stretchy pants fit comfortably on your body without restricting your movement. And with soft cushioned pads which allow you to ride longer, they’re built for comfort, protection, and speed.

Another great feature of this cycling jersey set is that it’s easy to wash and retains its color even after many washes.

So stay bold and confident sporting this cycling jersey. And you can use it for running, cycling, and other outdoor sports. Add a cool running hat and run in style.

Main Features

  • Closure: hidden full-length zipper
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Reflective stripes
  • Long sleeves
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Must You Wear Cycling Jerseys When Cycling?

There’s no rule that requires you to wear cycling jerseys when cycling. Neither is there a ban on wearing regular clothing. However, wearing cycling jerseys has its many perks such as:

  • Fit: Cycling jerseys are tailored to fit your body frame. Yet they’re stretchy and comfortable.
  • Breathable: Wearing a cycling jersey keeps you cool and dry while you ride. They’re made from material that allows air to flow through the fabric and evaporate moisture.
  • Pads: You won’t get pads with regular clothing. Pads provide shock absorption and comfort during long rides.
  • Movement: Cycling jersey allows for better movement. They’re usually made with Lycra or Spandex with enough stretch that it doesn’t chafe. So your jersey moves as you move.
  • Speed: Cycling jerseys do not have flapping extra material, which causes wind drag. This allows you to ride faster and easier.
  • Design: Cycling jerseys are made for cycling. As such, simple but important details are considered. For example, pockets. They’re designed with back pockets, so your small items don’t fall off while cycling.

As a whole, cycling clothes are more aerodynamic than regular clothing. So you should get a cycling jersey for the ultimate cycling experience.

How Should Cycling Jerseys Fit?

Generally, a cycling jersey should fit snug. Not as tight as base layers, but tighter than a regular t-shirt. You want to avoid any extra fabric that can flap in the wind.

Your shorts or cycling pants should also fit snugly. Any loose fabric will cause chafing. And if it’s too tight, it’ll restrict your movement.

You should note that cycling jerseys come in different cuts. You can choose any based on the type of cycler you are or simply on preference. These types of cuts include:

  • Club cut: This provides the most relaxed fit. It’s a looser fit, so it’s perfect if you’re a casual cyclist. You’ll likely feel more comfortable in this since you’ll be making regular stops while cycling.
  • Race cut: This offers a more athletic fit. It’s slim but with little breathing room. Great if you’re going on long rides.
  • Pro-cut: This cut has the most compressed fit. It provides a super tight fit. Generally fits around the chest, waist, and sleeves. As the name suggests, it’s great if you’re a professional cyclist and intend to go racing.

What do Cyclists Wear Under their Cycling Shorts?

Nothing. Cyclists don’t wear anything under their cycling shorts, and neither should you. Wearing underwear under cycling shorts defeats the benefits of cycling shorts which include:

  • Cycling shorts usually come with pads in them, also called chamois. This pad adds extra protection to your crotch area. It also acts as extra cushioning between your buttocks and the bicycle seats.
  • The padding also provides a smooth interface. You can’t achieve that interface while wearing underwear which usually has a seam line in the middle. And the seams in regular underwear can also rub, causing chafing and even sores.
  • The snug fit a cycling jersey gives also helps reduce friction. This is because it moves with you as you pedal.
  • Cycling shorts have moisture-wicking abilities, which help keep moisture out. Wearing cotton or other kinds of material tends to keep moisture in, causing a rash or excessive heat.

For longer rides, you should use chamois cream. Apply it to the inside of the chamois to reduce friction. After a ride, remove your shorts and have a bath as soon as you can. Even chamois, despite its moisture-wicking, can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, get a good cycling jersey for big guys, and don’t worry about underwear.

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