7 Best Ways To Wear A White Oxford Shirt

White Oxford Shirt

A white oxford shirt is a trendy wear that fills the gap between being underdressed and overdressed for any occasion. The remarkable thing about this shirt is how versatile it is. Whether you’re going for a more business-savvy look, a smart-casual, or even a casual look, you can never go wrong if you pair it right.

That said, the question on your mind should be, “how do I wear my white oxford shirt?” You can wear a white oxford shirt with a suit and tie, a blazer, denim pants or jacket, chinos, layered with a sweater, etc. If paired correctly, you get the freedom to switch up your style easily.

The fear associated with a white oxford shirt – as having a boring and monotonous look, can be avoided. This is why you have us to set your wardrobe straight. So depending on the occasion you are preparing for, here are 7 ways to wear a white oxford shirt for a truly stylish get-up.

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How Do You Wear A White Oxford Shirt?

A white oxford short gives you a variety of styles and looks for different occasions. You can wear it for a business formal look, a smart casual, and even a casual look.

We’ll take a look at these different occasions and different ways to dress up a white oxford shirt to get the desired look.

For A Business Formal Look

#1 Wear an oxford shirt with a tuxedo or suit and tie

This is the classic style that comes to mind when you think of a white oxford shirt. A black-tie event get-up can’t be worn any other way.

To nail this look, you might want to spice things up a bit and wear a midnight navy or royal blue tux. This is as opposed to the traditional black tux worn for a black-tie event.

Then grace your feet with an elegant Bernard Venetian loafer. You can also opt for a suave tux plain toe derby.

For A Business Casual Look

#2 Wear an oxford shirt with a blazer, jacket, sportscoat

For a business casual look that says, “laid back and prepped for work”, a blazer, white oxford shirt, and a pair of chinos are a great match. It’s best to go as neutral as possible with your chinos and blazer. Colors like beige, tan, or navy are ideal.

You don’t have to match the blazer and chinos in exact colors. You can pair different colors that go great together, like a brown blazer and blue chinos combo. A blue blazer and beige chino pants combination are also elite.

Another look you can go for is a pair of gray or charcoal chambray dress pants, paired with the same color suit or blazer. Ditch the tie, roll up the suit’s sleeves, and you have a dashing business casual attire.

For your feet, a lovely pair of leather brogues or oxfords will finish off your look nicely. You can go for dark brown suede boots for a more casual look.

If you have a jacket or sports coat, you can wear it with your white oxford shirt. And since white is such a neutral color, it allows you to play with colors with the rest of your outfit. However, remember we’re going for business casual, so play it cool on the colors.

For A Smart Casual Look

#3 Wear a white oxford shirt with Jeans

A white oxford shirt paired with a cool pair of blue jeans is totally smart. Pair this combo with brown chukka boots or brown brogues and a brown belt. You can switch things up a bit with a pair of cool white sneakers. Of course, you’re allowed to roll up your sleeves a bit for a little bit of an edgy look.

#4 Wear a white oxford shirt with a sweater

Another smart-casual combination that will fly any day, anytime, is an oxford shirt paired with a sweater. You can opt for either a crew neck or a V-neck sweater. For your bottoms, a pair of jeans, chinos, or khakis will work just fine. Then finish off with a pair of loafers, Chelsea boots, or plain oxford shoes.

For A Casual Look

#5 Wear a white oxford shirt with a denim jacket

Who says a white oxford won’t look totally smashing dressed down as a casual getup? To nail this look, try on a denim jacket, undo a few buttons of your shirt, and pair with a pair of linen pants.

Add more to this casual vibe by wearing a pair of colorful sneakers. This definitely adds spunk and character to your look. Grab a pair of shades and own your runway.

A denim jacket oxford shirt combo also looks great with a pair of brown chinos and white sneakers.

#6 Wear a white oxford shirt with shorts

When you thought it couldn’t get any more casual, then you pull out a pair of shorts—a total game-changer.

A white oxford shirt goes well with a pair of chino shorts or cotton shorts. You can play with colors and top it off with a sweater if you like. For your feet, a sleek pair of boat shoes is a classic finish.

#7 Wear a white oxford shirt with swim trunks.

Don’t think this absurd just yet. Think: instead of a casual tee, can I rather wear a white oxford shirt? The answer is a big yes. A white oxford shirt can replace a tee shirt and be paired with swimming trunks. Remember to leave the shirt untucked

This is a nice vacation outfit or something you can wear to the beach. Add a hot pair of sneakers, and don’t forget to grab a cool pair of shades.

Should You Tuck In An Oxford Shirt?

Oxford shirts can be tucked in or tucked out based on the look you’re going for. You can sport a tucked-out shirt look if you’re going for a casual or smart casual look.

Then for a formal, semi-formal, or business casual look, do leave the shirt tucked in. For example: for a nice street look, wear your oxford shirt tucked out and match it with navy blue pants or any color of pants you please.  Then for your feet, wear a pair of plimsolls or boat shoes.

How Should Oxford Shirts Fit?

An Oxford shirt should fit your body perfectly. However, it can be hard to find such a perfect fit. So what should you look out for to make sure you have the right fit? Well,

  • The Shirt’s cut: Oxford shirts come in slim, regular, or large cuts/sizes. So ask yourself which category you fall under and get a shirt that best fits your body
  • Collar: While you want to fit your neck and frame your face, it shouldn’t be too tight. You should be able to slide two fingers between your shirt’s collar and your neck.

Another way to get the right collar fit is to measure your neck and add one inch to the measurement.

  • Shoulder: The shoulder of your Oxford shirt should stop at the point your arm begins. If it’s below, then it’s too big. And if it’s above, then it’s too small.
  • Sleeves: the length of your sleeves should stop one inch below your wrists. If you’re wearing a jacket with your shirt, then it should
  • Chest: The armhole of the shirt should sit where your chest meets your arm. Make sure the shirt doesn’t stretch across your chest. If it does, then it’s too tight.

Are Oxford Shirts Formal?

Oxford shirts are formal and can be worn as formal attire. Originally, they were made as formal shirts to be worn with a suit and tie. These days, however, they make a great smart-casual and even casual choice.

Why is it called an Oxford shirt?

“Oxford” is a pretty interesting name for a shirt. The name came about when a Scottish mill invented four new shirt fabric styles by experimenting with weaves.

These fabrics were to be named after the famous universities of that time: Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford. This happened in Scotland as far back as the 19th century. Shirts made from these fabrics were also given the name. Sadly, of the four shirts, only the Oxford shirt remains today.

The Oxford shirt is made from an Oxford cloth spun quite uniquely. The yarn is spun by weaving thin yarn over thicker yarn, horizontally and vertically. The result is a fabric that is not too thick, comfortable, and just right.

The Oxford shirts often come with a button-down collar. This is why it is sometimes called the Oxford Cloth Button Down (OCBD).

John Brooks created this shirt style in 1896 based on the polo shirt style. He noticed that polo shirts had button-down collars, which prevented the collars from flapping around. And so inspired by this, he created the Oxford shirt.

Soon enough, in the 1950s and 60s, the Oxford shirt was everywhere. Its versatility was truly irresistible, and pretty much every guy wanted one.

Formerly, Oxford shirts were always made of cotton. But these days you can find shirts made with other materials like polyester. However, it’s best to stick with cotton Oxford shirts.

How Do You Soften Oxford Shirts

When you get a new Oxford shirt, it can feel a bit scratchy because it’s not been broken in. To help with this, you can wash your shirt before wearing it to loosen the fabric a bit. This way, it will get softer and easier to wear.


Use a fabric softener when washing the shirt, along with a high-quality detergent. Simply pour the right amount of fabric softener into your washing machine, and it will soften your shirt like that.

But, if you don’t have a fabric softener, you can use vinegar instead. Just one cup of white vinegar will do the trick.

How Long Do Oxford Shirts Last

Oxford shirts are durable and typically last long. You can get a good 1 to 2 years out of your Oxford shirt. However, certain factors can contribute to your dress shirt not lasting that long.

  • Deodorant: Most deodorants cause the shirt’s armpit to yellow over time. However, if you use deodorants low on aluminum or fragrance, you’ll do your shirts a world of good. Still, if you don’t sweat a lot, you might as well stay away from deodorants.

If you simply can’t do without deodorants, then wear an undershirt. It will provide a layer of protection for your shirt from direct contact with sweat and deodorant.

  • Dry cleaning: The chemicals used in dry cleaning can spoil the fabric of your shirt after some time. Thankfully, there is green or organic dry cleaning you can opt for that will help your shirt last longer.
  • Bad home laundering: Not knowing how to wash your shirt properly can damage the shirt badly. When laundering at home, use light settings to wash and hang to dry instead of using a dryer. Then use a steam iron to straighten the shirt.
  • Pretreatment: After wearing your shirt, don’t leave the shirt for sweat stains to dry on them. Instead, pretreat your shirt by cleaning those stained areas. You can use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to take care of those areas.

We know how hard it can be to let go of your Oxford shirt. However, when it’s time to let go, do let go and get a new one. Don’t be caught dead wearing a bad, stained, or torn shirt.

That said, it’s best to own at least 5 white Oxford shirts. You can own other colors as well. Having several shirts you can rotate will help your shirts last much longer.

So, there you go, 7 best ways to wear an Oxford shirt in banging style. Now you can break out of the rot and switch up your Oxford shirt however you want. That’s what we call stylin’ and nailin’ it. You can get more out of your style when you check out these articles:


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