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How Do Men’s Dress Shirt Size Work

Men’s dress shirts come in various cuts, styles, and fabrics. Some are made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, or silk, while others are synthetic blends or polyester. Depending on the style, they also have different sleeve lengths, such as conventional or double-ended. Since all these styles come in other cuts and measurements, finding a suitable Men’s dress shirt size can take time and effort.


Therefore what do those numbers and letters mean? And How do Men’s dress shirts size work

Generally, dress shirts are measured by the neck size of the shirt and the length of the sleeves. Starting with 13″, the neck size increases by half an inch until it reaches 19″. Sleeve length is the second number. According to which button you use on the cuff, each shirt has two length options. In addition to providing a size range, a good dress shirt manufacturer also provides chest measurements.

 First of all, most men’s dress shirts have similar sizes from brand to brand, so finding a shirt that fits around your chest and shoulders shouldn’t be too difficult.

Keep reading to learn more about how men’s dress shirt sizes work!

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How to Determine Your Dress Shirt Size  

  When shopping online, how do you find the right size dress shirt for your body type? The answer to this question is more complex than you would think. Most brands use different sizing standards, and there needs to be more standardization across manufacturers or even within the same brand. 

 Therefore, you can find the best fit for your body type by understanding how men’s dress shirts work. Virtually all dress shirts will have two primary measurements: Neck and sleeve length. Most brands will also include another set of measurements for example, the chest.

 Some brands may add an XXL measurement if their standard L fits smaller than most other brands, or vice versa for an XL. Each of these different measurements helps determine where the shirt fits on your body. 


How Are Men’s Dress Shirt Size

The most critical measurements for men’s dress shirts are chest and waist. The chest measurement determines the size of the shirt, while the waist measurement determines the size of the shirt’s fit. If a shirt’s chest measurement is too large, you can tailor it to fit your body perfectly. 

 Wearing a shirt that is too baggy around the waist, however, can make you look as if you’re wearing a tent. The other measurements are essential but are less crucial to determining the shirt’s fit. The length of a shirt is measured from the top of the collar to the hem. Like the waist size, a shirt can be tailored if it’s too short. 

 The sleeves are the length of the shirt’s sleeves from the shoulder to the end of the cuffs. A tailor can adjust cuffs, but the sleeve length is much less critical than the waist and chest measurements.


What Is The Neck Size On Men’s Dress Shirts?

When measuring a men’s shirt, you need to pay close attention to the neck, since it is half a numerical size. It’s vital to get it right. The most significant variable in taking an accurate neck measurement is ensuring enough room for comfort.

 For a proper dress shirt neck measurement, first wrap the measuring tape around your throat. The tape should be placed around your neck, so that one or two fingers can be slipped between the tape and your neck. When the collar is buttoned, there will be some breathing space.


How Do You Determine Neck Size For Dress Shirts?

The place where your shirt collar sits comfortably at the base of your neck is where you should measure. Don’t pull too tightly, as you should be able to move your head from side to side. You should be able to slide in two fingers when closed to ensure you’ve got the proper fit.


How Do You Determine Sleeve Size For Dress Shirts?

 Your first step should be to find a shirt with a shoulder seam that fits correctly.

 Start by measuring the shoulder seam from the nape of the neck. After that, measure the exact position of the seam. The nape is the midpoint of the shirt collar, located at the center of your neck. In order to locate your nape, measure your shoulder width from seam to seam and halve it. Note this number down.

From the seam point to the wrist bone, measure down the arm. Don’t hold the measuring tape with super-tight grips. Keep your arms relaxed naturally. You should also write down this number.

Take the neck-to-shoulder measurement and the shoulder-to-wrist measurement, and you will have your shirt sleeve measurement!


What Is The Sleeve Size On A Men’s Dress Shirt?

 Some brands offer half-size formal shirts, but they’re usually whole numbers. The following number is the sleeve length. When the size covers multiple sleeve lengths (for example, 32 to 33), the size is usually formatted with a dash. 

 The sleeve length of most formal shirts falls between 31 and 39 inches. Last but not least, formal shirts may be labeled “Slim” or “Cut”.


What Size Dress Shirt Should I Wear?

The best way to determine what size dress shirt you should wear is to try the shirts on. Unfortunately, trying on shirts in the store can be tricky since most stores only have a limited selection. If you’re shopping online, try to find a brand with a sizing chart that lists measurements in inches.

  You can also research the brand online to see if others recommend a specific size. Remember that different brands will use different measurements and sizes, so a recommendation based on one brand might not be helpful when shopping for a different brand.


What Types Of Fabric Used For Dress Shirts?

The type of dress shirt depends on your style and event. The most common dress shirts are poplin, oxford, broadcloth, and pinpoint poplin. Oxford is the most formal type of shirt, with poplin being second. 

 Oxford is woven using a more tightly knit fabric, giving the shirt a more structured and formal look. Oxford fabrics are generally only worn for formal occasions like weddings or black tie events. Oxford fabrics are typically more expensive than poplin fabrics, so if you’re shopping on a budget for a oxford shirt, you may want to stick with a lighter-weight poplin shirt.

Poplin shirt gives you a smart, polished look, which makes it the ideal garment for office wear. Its lightweight properties also make it great for layering under a sweater or suit jacket. Its also an ideal option for smart business attire.

 Pinpoint Oxford, is a cross between poplin and oxford fabric in pinpoint. Compared to poplin or twill, it is more formal than oxford cloth. Fabrics made from point are generally not transparent, and they are slightly heavier and thicker than fabrics made from poplin. The heavier construction of pinpoint shirts makes them durable. 

 The versatility of broadcloth dress shirts cannot be overstated. For formal occasions, a classic white broadcloth fitted dress shirt will look very dressy. Dress shirts made of broadcloth are ideal for weddings and business interviews.


What Are The Types Of Dress Shirt 

The term’ dress shirt’ refers to a specific style of men’s shirt typically made from finer material, like silk or cotton. This type of men’s shirt is usually worn with a tie and can be folded collarless or buttoned up. The fit of dress shirts can vary, depending on the style and brand. Men wear dress shirts for formal occasions, such as corporate events or weddings.


Dress Shirt Types:

1) Slim-fit – Most dress shirts have a slim silhouette, but some styles have a more tapered fit. This is the most common style of dress shirt and can be worn with most styles of pants.

2) Classic – Classic dress shirts have a more standard silhouette and can be worn with most pants.

3) Pinstripe – A pinstripe pattern gives these dress shirts their unique look. These can be worn with most pants and are often considered the ‘dressiest’ shirts.


Types of Dress Shirt Collar Styles for Men 

As men wear their dress shirts to work, it is essential to consider the different collar styles. There are no rules for wearing a dress shirt, but specific guidelines can help you look your best.

 There are over ten different styles of dress shirt collars. But the two most common types of collars are peaked and spread. A peaked collar is cut higher around the neck, while a spread collar is broader and lower. The difference between them depends on the look you’re going for. 

For example, peaked collars can give you more of a classic look, while spread collars can make you appear more casual. Be sure to pick one that works for your style and body type.

 Another way to make a great impression at work is wearing a dress shirt that fits well. Buy one that fits right out of the dryer and hangs comfortably on your frame. Consider buying shirts with button-down collars or collars that lie flat against your neck when they’re not being worn.


How Do You Find The Right Size Dress Shirt For Your Body Type?

Test out different sizes of dress shirts to find the one that fits your body type best. You can buy some of them, but you can use each shirt you try on as a guideline for what size to buy in other brands. If a shirt is too big, you can decrease the size in several ways. 

 If the shirt is too big at the waist, you can have the shirt tailored to make the waist smaller. If the shirt is too big in the chest, you can have the shirt tailored to make the chest smaller while keeping the waist the same size. If a shirt is too small, you can make alterations to increase the size in the chest or abdomen, but it would be more challenging to make the sleeves longer.



Dress shirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, and these garments come in various styles and fabrics depending on your needs. For example, there are button-down shirts, the most common type of dress shirt, tuxedo shirts for formal occasions, sports shirts for athletic wear, and polo shirts for casual wear. 

 Before you buy a dress shirt, it’s crucial to understand how men’s dress shirt sizes work so that you can find a shirt that fits your body type. 

Two measurements are used to determine the fit of a dress shirt: the neck size and the sleeve length. The neck size appears first, and increases by half an inch from 13″ to 19″. Sleeve length is the second number. There are two length options for every shirt, depending on which button you use on the cuff. 

For recommended men’s shirt reviews check out Best Button-Down Shirts For Big Guys, the best Shirts for Big Belly MenBest Shirts for Guys with Broad Shoulders, and our favorite 5 Sweatshirts For Men To Wear All Day.

Best Guide to Wearing Men’s Dress Shirts Casually

Best Undershirts for Your Shirts

Vestiary terms describe a long-sleeve shirt with a collar and front button down as a dress shirt.  

In everyday life, a dress shirt is known as the “good shirt” in your wardrobe. 

You pull it out for required formal occasions; whenever the dress code calls for a crisp, tailored suit, or sport it more casually, paired with jeans and white sneakers. 

Office events, weddings, and social gatherings would demand having a few of these versatile shirts on standby.

Below is a simple guide to wearing men’s dress shirts casually and a list of other casual men’s shirt options.


How To Wear a Dress Shirt In 4 Ways


The Business Professional Look

Business professionals always sport a tucked-in dress shirt with a tie, a full suit, or blazer and slacks.  Much like your dress shirt, it is crucial to find a suit that is the right fit for your body.


Business Casual Dress Shirt

When wearing a business casual dress shirt, choosing conservative colors is best (i.e.) whites and blues, bearing in mind that you can never go wrong with white.  Small checkered patterns are also a safe play with this look. 


Business Casual Look for Men

Business Casual dress is similar to a professional business look but without a tie and sometimes even a jacket.


The Office Casual Dress Shirt Attire

Office casual is similar to business casual but a little more relaxed. Once again, the fit of this look will be essential as you will never be wearing a jacket or sports coat. Instead of slacks, office casual gives you the flexibility of wearing different types of pants. 

Over the past few years, Casual dress shirts have become acceptable in some offices. This look is perfect for leisure events or weekends. 

How the above outfit fits are critical to the final look. We cannot stress that enough; fit always comes first!



Can I Wear a Dress Shirt Casually?

Over time we have noticed a shift from the traditional “suit and tie” toward a more casual and unique dress.

 Feel free to experiment with vivid colors and patterns when wearing a casual dress shirt, and undo as many buttons as you feel appropriate for the occasion. We encourage you to wear the dress shirts you love with a casual touch and ditch the tie!


Wear it untucked.

In the case of casual, sophisticated, and confident dressing, the untucked shirt fits right in it and is no longer considered sloppy.

Wear it with the sleeves rolled.

Want to ace the attractive casual look? Pair your dress shirt with white jeans and casual shoes.

Wear it with a sweater for a sleek and simple look, like under a light grey blazer cardigan, for an impressive achromatic look. 

Wear it short-sleeved. 

Add a few short sleeve dress shirts to your mix. Perfect for holidays and weekends. Throw on a pair of leather sandals and a classic straw hat, and they still look put together.


How Do I Choose a Dress Shirt?

When the shirt fits under the armpits and across the upper back, gives you a full range of motion and fits comfortably around the chest. Those kinds of shirts are known to be the best-fit shirts.

A fitted shirt will feel snug but not tight.  The chest should “fill out” the shirt in a way where your body is discernible under the fabric.

So if you are a big guy or a small guy, before you even think about shopping for a new dress shirt you need to be sure of your shirt size. For accurate results, have your measurements taken by a Tailor or friend. 

You want a shirt that permits a wide range of motion and shows off your body in a flattering light. Three of the most in-demand men’s shirts you will find are slim fits, regular fits, and loose fits. Other factors in selecting dress shirts that best suit you are your fabric, color, and pattern. For your fabric type, most guys will opt for a typical Oxford or Poplin dress shirt for any occasion year-round, from daily office wear to weddings and other special events.

There is no argument where color and pattern choices are a concern.  A plain white dress shirt is iconic for men. This is the measure by which all dress shirts are measured. It speaks toformality and flexibility. Every man’s closet should have a staple of a white shirt. Be it that you wear a suit every day or rarely. Solid-colored dress shirts, to a great degree, white and blue, are the bedrock of executive men’s clothing. 

He needs to have a variety of these and always a spare at the office.


Nine Best Types of Men’s Shirts to Consider

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

A dress shirt is a stiff collared shirt with long sleeves that can be worn with a suit or blazer.

Oxford Shirts are usually considered dress shirts. Still, there are two ways that the Oxford shirt differs from a regular dress shirt:

They usually have a button-down style collar, eliminating the problem of collars flopping around or laying flat and disappearing underneath a Jacket collar. The Oxford Shirt derives from a specific weave of the fabric called, you guessed it, Oxford cloth. It has a basketweave structure and a lustrous aspect making it a popular textile for a dress shirt.


Cuban Collar Shirt

A Cuban collar shirt has a more relaxed, open collar, short sleeves, and a straight hem. It provides a casual-smart look that has proven flattering on all body shapes by broadening your upper body and running straight down your sides. The distinctive collar screams casual – there is no top button for starters, and it provides a dandy-vibe look that will set you apart from the others. 

It has a similar silhouette to retro bowling shirts, also touristy Hawaiian shirts but with a bit more class. These shirts are ideal for garden parties, sunny days, and nights.


Over shirt

An overshirt is a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket.   Which proves to be an unsuccessful combination called a ‘shacket’ in some areas of the industry. The versatile ‘overshirt’ is typically made of a slightly thicker material than regular shirts for men and is understandably heavier and more durable. In some cases, overshirts are made from non-traditional materials depending upon the retailer and the style.

Men’s overshirts bridge the style gap between jackets and shirts. Functional and easy to wear, they are handy when the change of season comes around. Overshirts are sometimes worn over a t-shirt or under a coat. 

They come in multiple prints, patterns, and designs; other options encompass lumberjack, cowboy, and utility-style directions. The collection varies in fabrication and colors from cotton and denim to fleece and padded.


Flannel Shirt

Like some other fabrics, flannel has been around for years. It is a soft woven fabric made of wool or cotton and slightly milled and raised.

It began with farmers and the working class, who preferred it for its warmth and affordability. As the fabric advanced through the years, a check print was introduced and soon became its signature style.

Today, flannel shirts are still a favorite item for their comfort and effortlessly cool style; They have become a worldwide addition to every gentleman’s closet.



Classic Short sleeve shirt

Short-sleeve dress shirts have partial sleeves. Typically extending halfway to three-quarters of your biceps, unlike the long-sleeve dress shirt, which covers your arms completely. Short sleeve shirts are perfect for wearing in the summer or on hot days. 

Ideally, they are perfect for casual occasions, but because of their button-front feature, it also displays a formal vibe.


Denim Shirt

denim shirts are cotton fabrics made up of two different yarns, constructed using a “twill weave,” which involves multiple strands of Yarn woven together. The result is a thicker, more structured fabric, often associated with a casual, rugged style. It is sometimes confused with the chambray shirt made from a plain weave. 

The best thing about denim shirts is their versatility, no questions asked. You can be creative by pairing them with various things.


Linen Shirt

Perfect for the summer and warm, dry climates. Linen is soft and breathable.  Contrary to cotton, it feels crisp initially but becomes softer and more malleable over time.  Linen boasts strength (longevity) and weight that allows a beautiful dress shirt to drape.

Linen dress shirts are formal or semi-formal button-up shirtsThese dress shirts are lightweight and weigh less than nearly all other types of dress shirts, including those made of cotton and wool. 

Men’s linen shirts are the keys to truly and figuratively unlocking the most refreshing summer outfits.


Polo shirt

A Polo shirt is said to perfectly bridge the gap between a t-shirt and a classic oxford shirtThere is often quite an overlap between work and play. A polo shirt is a shirt with a collar, a placket neckline typically with two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. 

Polo shirts are usually short-sleeved; polo players initially used them during the 1920s.  In contrast, a style of fabric shirt with a T shape of its body and sleeves is called a T-shirt. The Traditional look is short sleeves with a round neckline. This is known as a crew neck; it is collarless. 

Usually made of a stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric, T-shirts are easy to clean. Polo shirts and t-shirts are two common types of casual shirts that everyone wears. 

T-shirts have various designs and styles, but polo shirts are typically standard. The difference between polo and t-shirt is their design. Polo shirts usually have a collar and placket with two or three buttons beneath the collar, whereas most t-shirts are collarless.



Chambray is a cousin to denim. The Chambray shirt is a cotton plain-weave fabric with dyed warp Yarn and a white filling yarn.

Chambray is traditionally light blue but is available in various fashionable colors. Denim looks much like chambray, which is more delicate and woven differently. It is generally lighter than denim and usually made of cotton, linen, or cotton/linen blends.  

Ideal for summer shirting as the plain weave and natural fibers breathe and allow cool air to pass through. There are tactile benefits, too. 

Typically, very soft and smooth to the touch due to a finishing process where the cloth is heavily pressed, which gives it a subtle sheen.


Can You Wear a Dress Shirt Untucked?

It’s easy for an untucked dress shirt to be interpreted as unprofessional. However, that is not to say it is a totally inappropriate look. 

Given the right time and place, the untucked dress shirt can reflect a casual and stylish vibe. Consider that it is more of a casual look and not to be confused with a business casual look. Shirts that have a flat stitched hem are to be worn untucked. 

However, if the shirt has visible “tails,” it is safe to say shirts with hems that have varying lengths and are even all the way around; should always be tucked in.

Wearing a shirt with tails untucked is not a forbidden look; However, it is a juvenile one. 


Best Workout Shirts For Fat Guys

best workout shirt for fat men

The best workout shirt for fat men is usually made with two or more fibers, including polyester and nylon. These shirts will typically have features for fighting against body odors and sweating. It gives better ventilation and drys quickly. Some shirts will also have spandex or elastane in their fabrics to provide stretch in a wide range of movements. At the same time, you perform your different workout routines. 

The more stretchiness in the material is, the less likely you will have restrictions in blood flow. Finally, they should be versatile and fit you well, so you feel and look good working out. Shopping for workout shirts can be a tedious and tricky process, especially if you are a fat guy.

Shirts are always too tight under the arms or belly area. They make you sweat and smelly easily and are often too short. And all of the shirts out there in your size are just dull. 

Make it easy to shop for the best workout shirts online and avoid all the stress. We have searched on Amazon to find gym or workout shirts in a larger size with the perfect cuts to fit your body type. For that roomier, breathable, sleek activewear shirt that will help you workout continuously. Get one or more of these great shirt options in a tee or tank.


Champion Performance Tee

Champion Men's Big & Tall Solid Vapor Performance Tee - Big - 6XL, Black

Champion gives you some highly comfortable men’s shirts, like the moisture-wicking ones that resist odor and keep you cool while wearing them. Tees with these properties will make you won’t wear them every time, in and out of the gym, like this Champion Performance Tee. 

This relaxed fit crew neck shirt is available on Amazon in sizes up to 6X-Large. The performance t-shirt is 100% polyester, lightweight, and durable. With a Straight hem, Finely ribbed crewneck, and Reinforced neck seam, this quality shirt will last after many machine washing.

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Champion Sleeveless Jersey Muscle Shirt

Champion Big & Tall Men’s Tank Top - Sleeveless Jersey Muscle Shirt

The Champion sportswear brand is ever-evolving, with many options to reach more customers.

Champion made this Sleeveless Jersey Muscle Shirt to reach the Big and Tall men community. The available size for this jersey starts from 2X and goes up to 4XLT. This shirt made our list because it’s fashionable and versatile, making it great for Gym workouts, Running, Basketball, and Athletic Sports.

According to the dozens of customers who bought this shirt, the Champion brand is making great strides.

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Adidas Designed 2 Move Feelready T-Shirt

adidas Big & Tall Freelift Tee Dark Grey Heather/Black 3XL Tall

How could we make a top list of workout clothes for cubby men without mentioning Adidas. The Adidas brand continues to grow in popularity as it reaches out to a broader client base, for example, plus-size men who want to stay active.  

This Adidas Feelready T-Shirt made an excellent choice to keep you working out in comfort. One reviewer who bought this said, “Comfort for me is crucial.”

This high-performance T-Shirt is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton recycled fabric. Available in sizes up to 4X Large.

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Russell Athletic Performance T-Shirt

Russell Athletic mens Cotton Performance Short Sleeve T-shirt T Shirt, Vintage Heather Navy, Large US

The best workout shirts for fat guys should be as versatile as your workout routine. It should be made of breathable fabrics, allow for movement, stand up to hours of washing cycles, and smell fresh after every wash.

This Russell Athletic Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt delivers all the quality you need in a workout shirt at an affordable price point. It’s versatile to wear to the gym, at home, on the tracks, or at the park. Made from polyester and cotton, it’s true to size, available in sizes up to 4X Large, and has several tasteful colors. 

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Champion Sleeveless Shirts for Men, Tank Top Men’s T-Shirts

Champion Sleeveless Muscle Shirt for Men, Tank Top Mens T Shirts Heather Grey

The most basic gear you need for sweating it out at the gym is a comfortable shirt and shorts. We know it can be frustrating knowing where to look from the start. The critical thing to remember is getting the right fit. 

If wearing a muscle shirt is your style, getting this champion tank top is a good investment. This tank top style is made of cotton fabric that is incredibly stretchy in 4 ways. To show off some hardware, this is the one to show it off. 

Available in sizes up to 4XLT, this sleeveless shirt features a ribbed crew neck design and comes in 3 colors.

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Champion Men’s Big & Tall Colorblock Vapor Performance Tee

Champion Men's Big & Tall Colorblock Vapor Performance Tee - Big - 2XL, Navy

The next gym shirt for fat guys on the list is the color block Tee, also from the champion’s brand. 

It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and resists odor. This Performance Tee checks all the boxes. It features X-temp technology, which adapts to your body temperature and movement to stay more relaxed and dry longer. For a large frame, the style of this shirt will fit your shoulders and arms chest perfectly. 

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NIKE Men’s Dri-FIT Cotton 2.0 Tee

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Cotton 2.0 Tee (Heather Gray/Black, 4X-Large)

Want a workout shirt that looks and functions great? Look no further; the Nike Dri-FIT tee might be what you are looking to get. This tee uses the Dri-fit technology to quickly remove moisture from places like your back and underarms so you’ll stay comfortable longer.

This shirt will dry quickly after an intense workout. It’s lightweight and will make you look good going to and working out at the gym. The sizes available will fit a big and tall frame up to 

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PUMA Men’s Performance Cat Tee Bt

PUMA mens Performance Cat Tee T Shirt, Puma Black-puma White, 3X-Large Big Tall US

When Puma designed the Performance Cat Tee, they didn’t intend to offer a great shirt but the perfect one. 

And they achieved this by making an incredibly stylish shirt that adapts to your body movement while mopping up your sweat to keep you comfortable and dry. It’s a good-looking shirt for indoors and outdoor.

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Tech Stretch Dry-Fit T-Shirt

3 Pack: Men’s Big and Tall Tech Stretch Short Sleeve Quick Dry Fit T-Shirt Wicking Active Athletic Gym Top Plus Size Clothes Lounge Sleep Running Essentials Basketball V Neck Workout Tee- Set 7, 5XLT

Experts say brisk walking can burn up to 500 calories. Whether you’re just starting at the gym or not, working out on the treadmill will boost your fitness level and help you lose weight. While there are many shirt options you can shop for that are stylish and at the same time comfortable. 

This 3-pack V neck Tech Stretch Dry-Fit shirt should be a top contender for your workout routines. Thanks to its 100% stretchy spandex fabric, Moisture-wicking ability, and UPF 50 protection from the sun’s UV rays. Available in 5X, 5X tall, and several color sets.

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Real Essentials Active Athletic Tank Top

Men's Quick Dry Fit Dri-Fit Jersey Sleeveless Tank Top Muscle Yoga Active Performance Sport Basketball Beach Gym Workout Running Fitness Athletic Gym Bodybuilding Undershirt Tee T-Shirt -Set 2,L

Essentially tank tops work great to keep you cool because they have no sleeves. Compared to a t-shirt, a tank top or muscle shirt keeps your arm well ventilated. In addition, it gives you more movement in your shoulders and arms.

Great for cardio exercises, resistance training, and brisk walking or biking. This Dry-Fit Athletic Tank Top from Real Essentials will allow you to work out and not be disappointed. 

Thanks to its polyester and spandex fabric, this athletic shirt is soft and lightweight, and it promotes airflow to keep you cool and dry. 

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BALENNZ Athletic T-Shirts

BALENNZ Workout Shirts for Men, Moisture Wicking Quick Dry Active Athletic Men's Gym Performance T Shirts

For a long time now, top brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok has taken center stage in the fitness marketplace. Until recent years, we see newer brands coming on board with more new and unique workout wear that’s appealing.

Made with a 4-way stretch fabric that’s moisture-wicking and breathable while keeping you cool and dry, the BALENNZ athletic Tee is fully functional. It also offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, ideal for all outdoor activities. 

This shirt is available in 5 different colors – one for every day working out at the gym. Some reviewers note that this 5-pack shirt is “top quality for a low price.”

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Elselect Moisture-Wicking Tee Shirt

elselect Big and Tall Shirt for Men Plus Size Short Sleeve Athletic Loose Fit V Neck Solid Color Moisture Wicking Tee Shirts Black 2XL

Elselect is a new brand that offers relaxed men’s sportswear in the sporting and fitness arena. The brand also caters to men of plus size with their Athletic Loose Fit tee shirts. This shirt is sold in black and blue and comes in sizes from XL to 5XL.

The features of this classic v neck are that it’s moisture-wicking, provides 4-Way Stretching, and its combined cotton and spandex fabric are soft and lightweight. This shirt is ideal for a big guy who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing an XL or 2XL t-shirt. 

If you find that your shirt feels too tight around your arms, belly, or shoulders, then the Elelect V-neck would be the best workout t-shirt option.

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Fruit of the Loom Cotton T-Shirts

Fruit of the Loom Men's Eversoft Cotton T-Shirts (Regular Sizes), Big & Tall-Crew-Black, XX-Large Tall

If you are big and tall and looking for that next-level comfort in the shirt you will be working out in, the Eversoft cotton t-shirt from Fruit of the Loom is another best option. It offers most of the benefits you should be looking for in a shirt to wear at the gym or outdoors.

Additional features include moisture-wicking, odor control, and UPF Protection. The Fruit of the Loom brand has been around for a long time now. They make affordable clothing to make you feel confident, knowing that you haven’t wasted your money. Fit type available for Big men 2XB to 4XB.

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Best T-shirts for Fat Guys 2023

casual shorts for big guys

If you are a big guy, you know how hard it can be to find that cool t-shirt in your size. And even if you find one in your size, it’s either poor quality or just plain dull. T-shirts are an essential piece of a wardrobe staple. And Finding one in your size that is both comfortable and stylish is worth the investment you will never regret. Because T-shirts are so versatile, you can match them with anything on-the-go. 

If you are wary of finding stylish t-shirts to fit your frame and budget, we have put together this quick mini-review of 11 best t-shirts for big guys available on Asos.com. Whether you’re going to pair it with your favorite jeans or trousers to work, on vacation, or meet up with friends, these tees will always be in style.


Best Black T-shirt

Tommy Jeans Big & Tall t-shirt in Black

One of the most casually worn pieces of clothing is the t-shirt. It is so versatile that it works well with other popular casual wear like jeans, sneakers, bucket hats, denim jackets, etc. One of the safest color t-shirts to wear with almost anything is black or white. And to spice things up, you can wear one with your favorite brand logo on the front or back.

Make this Tommy Jeans Big & Tall tonal logo t-shirt yours for an endless combination of casual style outfits. This short sleeve crew neck t-shirt is made from 100 percent organic cotton, making the shirt an environmentally friendly option. Cotton grown organically uses no pesticides or harmful chemicals and uses less water.

This solid black Tommy Jeans t-shirt features its detailed logo on the front. Its cotton fabric makes it soft and breathable to wear all day. Finally, it’s machine washable, making it easy to maintain.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best White T-shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall White T-shirt

Are you that big and tall guy who’s shopping for that all-white t-shirt that’s stylish, comfortable, and of a high quality that won’t break the bank. Then this white Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt checks all the boxes. You will also love this shirt even more because it’s machine washable, making it easy to care for. Just make sure to turn them inside out before tossing them in the wash and put your water setting on warm.

Made from premium cotton, this is one of the best white t-shirts for a chubby guy. It’s soft and stretchy and sports a chest pocket with logo embroidery. Wear this with earthy color trousers and sneakers that create that stylish summer look.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Most Comfortable T-shirt

Calvin Klein Big & Tall T-shirt

OK, you have enough black and white t-shirts in your wardrobe. Let’s brighten things up with this green t-shirt from Calvin Klein. This crew neck t-shirt is very light and immensely comfortable to wear. It flatters your physique and smoothly tappers downwards towards the waist. 

You can dress this up with an open-front button-up shirt, a pair of dark denim, and cool sneakers to complete the look.

There are countless ways to wear this CK tee. 

If you have broad shoulders and often feel like your shirt does not have enough room, this t-shirt will be the perfect fit if you are big and tall. Pair it with a flannel shirt or a blazer, or rock it with chinos or corduroy. Check Latest Price on Asos.com


Best Graphic T-shirt

Farah Plus Heads Graphic T-shirt

This Farah Plus graphic tee has an irresistible modern appeal. Its unique print matches smoothly with any outfit casual wear combination. 

The key feature of this Farah tee is that it is soft. It is made with 100% organic cotton fabric that touches your skin comfortably to wear all day, giving you that laid-back look perfect for summer. 

This shirt is so soft and comfortable, don’t be surprised if your friends ask you if they can touch it. Make this Farah menswear the best black t-shirt for your wearing pleasure. Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Oversized Long Sleeve Tee

ASOS DESIGN Colorado Long Sleeve Tee

Match up with a pair of distressed jeans and some cool kicks, then sit back and let this Asos Colorada long-sleeve shirt do all the talking. A long-sleeved striped shirt is always an easy fix whenever you have to run through the door, and you’re stuck on what to wear.

It can also work with many casual shoes, leather boots, and everything in between. Though most times, a long sleeve tee seems like an underrated item over the short sleeve shirt, it appears to look more formal when compared. Another advantage of a long-sleeved shirt is that it gives you more coverage for layering. Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Coolest Crew Neck Tee

ellesse PLUS Prado T-shirt

Founded by Italian Leonardo Servadio, the Ellesse brand is incredibly well known. Their logo is on stylish and unique sportswear like hoodies, track jackets, and polo shirtsThe hunt for best-fitting shirts for a big guy seems never ends.

You are going to and from the gym to the games, work, or a night out. Let this Ellesse Plus Prado T-shirt take you wherever you want to go. Given its versatility and affordability, you will be patting yourself on the back for adding it to your wardrobe collection.

Made from authentic cotton t-shirt fabric, you don’t have to worry about color fading or how it will fit after washing in the machine. Wash according to directions on the care label. Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Classic Fit T-shirts for Big Guys

Tommy Jeans Big & Tall Signature t-shirt 

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is still taking the clothing world by storm with its relaxed classic American style. Its rebranding of Tommy Jeans signature logo t-shirt is what we understand to be a true American classic. This fresh crew neck tee features large logo embroidery on the chest and a small one on its arm. A high-quality piece of clothing built from 100% recycled cotton gives you that soft and comfortable feeling when you’re wearing it.

Owning this shirt is great for any occasion and will be your go-to closet pick. Just imagine yourself in it. With matching accessories, you can wear them from day tonight. With black being your basic color shirt, you can pair it with anything. Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Tie-Dye Shirt

 ASOS Dark Future Oversized T-shirt 

With so many fashion trends you see here today and then gone tomorrow. Some trends transcend with time, like the tie-dye shirt. The tie-dye shirt phenomenon has been with us since the 60s and won’t be going anywhere soon. Over the years, we have seen many current tie-dye shirt designs embraced by many streetwear brands with open arms, such as one of Asos.com best men’s tie-dye shirts, the Dark Future oversized T-shirt.  

If you are looking for a cool tie-dye design t-shirt that’s always trending, look no further. This oversized Dark Future tee from Asos is all you need. Boasting its chest logo print, you can wear it with jeans, shorts, cargo, sweat pants, collared shirts, or a jacket. Check Asos.com to see if your size is still available.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Strip T-shirts for Fat Guys 

ASOS DESIGN Relaxed Stripe T-shirt

Come spring and summer, and you want to have the power of a striped t-shirt to upgrade your casual look. Wearing the best strip t-shirt allows you to try bold color choices and patterns that you typically wear with your outfit. This blue and white stripe t-shirt design by Asos will enable you to mix things up for the most current look.

Made of 100% cotton for a premium soft feel. You can wear this shirt for layering or pair it with a denim jacket and jeans. Striped tshirts for big belly guys are dressier than plain t-shirts. You can easily style it to go out, whether for work, vacation, or casual occasions.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Curved Hem T-shirt

River Island Curve Hem T-shirt

This curved hem t-shirt gives your body a form-fitted appeal to achieve a simple, eye-catching look. This trendy wear, also known as the Scallop hem shirt, won’t look baggy at the end. There is one of River Island best men’s curved hem t-shirts for big belly guys. You can wear this practically under anything, from a jacket to a hoodie. You can pair it with black jeans and a pair of white kicks.

Versatility is critical when building your wardrobe. River Island understands by creating this timeless curve hem t-shirt for larger guys like you. If hand feel is your criteria for selecting a shirt, you appreciate the quality of its fabric. Made from breathable cotton t-shirt fabric that’s machine washable, it’s so affordable you may want to get more than one. Check Latest Price on Asos.com


Best Workout Shirt for Chubby Guys

French Connection Plus Raglan T-shirt

Simple, stylish, and available in 4XL. French Connection designed their Plus Raglan t-shirt with 100 percent cotten. They have created this tee to be a classic year-round staple for your wardrobe. It looks fantastic and stylish, and it is comfortable. What more could you want? This shirt is ideal for men with a large torso and offers a longer length for tall guys. This color-block men’s t-shirt fits well and will flatter your body type at its core.

This stylish option for men will instantly improve their looks without breaking your wallet. With many ways to pair this, your outfit possibilities will be endless.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com



Best Cotten Tshirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Pima cotton T-shirt

Before, you may have heard that the black t-shirt should be a staple piece in a man’s wardrobe. When the weather gets warm, it’s a top that can be worn on its own and look cool doing it. The Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt is another one of our shirt options for large dudes.

You can wear it by itself or use it for layering. Make a dramatic statement by pairing it with a bomber jacket or chinos. 

This crew neck tee boasts its Polo logo on the chest and is 100 percent cotton. To maintain its integrity after machine wash, hang it to dry.

Check Latest Price on Asos.com


How Can A Man Hide His Belly In A Shirt?

Men can follow a few tips to help conceal their belly when wearing a shirt. Firstly, they should choose shirts with a looser fit rather than tight or slim-fitting ones that accentuate the stomach area. Button-up shirts with a straight cut and a longer hemline are also a good option as they can help create a more streamlined silhouette.

Additionally, choosing darker colors can create a slimming effect. Wearing a jacket or blazer can also be a helpful way to draw attention away from the midsection. Another option is to try wearing shirts with patterns or prints, as they can help break up the visual appearance of the stomach area. It’s important to remember that confidence is key, so choosing clothing that one feels comfortable and confident wearing is best.


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10 Best Dress Shirts For Fat Guys

Best Shirts for Big Belly Men

Whether you are going business casual or more formal, the absolute best shirt for fat guys would be the dress Shirt. For years a dress shirt has always played a major role in a man’s wardrobe. And if you’re a big guy or not, dress shirts are one piece of clothing every man needs in his wardrobe. Today, dress shirts are not only suited for the office or an interview. But you can dress it down casually with a blazer, jeans and even some sneakers.

Whether you are tired of wearing the same shirt on your rack day in, day out or you’re shopping for a dress shirt color that will suit the mood. It’s essential for every man to have a few nice dress shirts on his rack to wear because your wardrobe can’t function as well without this one piece of item.

For that classic or trendy look, no matter your size or budget we have compiled a list of 10 best dress shirts for chubby guys to keep your wardrobe sharp


Ralph Lauren Oxford Buttondown Shirt

A white button-down shirt is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces any man can have in his wardrobe.

It works great with jeans and a blazer. It works great with or without a tie. ‘Wear it button all the way up, or leave the first two buttons undone. So we turned to Ralph Lauren who has some of the best button-down shirts for bigger guys in their size, in several colors including white.

What better way to work this white oxford shirt into your casual occasions than with this Ralph Lauren button-down. Made of fabric that’s light, airy, and great for the heat, this sucker is a worthy addition to any big guy’s wardrobe. 

Button all the way up for that first date, or leave the first button undone for that laid-back style. Check the Latest Price on ASOS


Van Heusen Twill Dress Shirt

Van Heusen Men's Regular Fit Twill Solid Button Down Collar Dress Shirt, Navy, 3X-Large

Having several solid button-down shirts that can be dressed up or down are a must-have on any man’s rack. You can never have too much, whether they are made of cotton, polyester, or Twill. 

This trustworthy Van Heusen dress shirt is made from twill, which gives that professional look and feel that can be styled in so many ways.

As one reviewer rightfully said, “Great shirt for people who like a little room to move!” Part of Van Heusen’s collection, this shirt is made available in sizes up to 4X-large. So as a big guy you are not left out. They are amazing quality, versatile, affordable, and comfortable enough to wear all day. This Twill button-down shirt offers other tasteful colors to choose from and different sizes to match your preference.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Cubavera Men’s Linen Shirt

Cubavera Men's Big Long Sleeve 100% Linen Essential Shirt with Pintuck Detail, Dress Blues, 3X-Large Tall

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. What a great time to refresh your wardrobe with linen. Take the guess work out of your summer look this season with these classic Cubavera linen shirts.

Made from 100% linen, this exceptional wardrobe staple wins points for its breathable properties and longevity. Going places? You can wear this shirt to a summer wedding or beach on the weekend. It’s designed with pintuck detail, with mitered cuffs and a spread collar for that laidback look.

 This long sleeve men’s linen shirt design will cause air to flow across your body in the summer, keeping you cooler and comfortable. For a big guy the best key to unlock this Cubavera linen dress shirt is with trousers, chinos, shorts or jeans. 

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Calvin Klein Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non Iron Stretch Solid, White, 15.5

Calvin Klein is known for its range of men’s clothing lines ranging from high-quality denim to classic men’s underwear, and its dress shirts are no exception. If you haven’t tried one of their big and tall dress shirts, now is the time to get one.

Achieve that stylish look over a regular fit shirt with this Calvin Klein slim fit shirt. If you are a fat guy. Don’t be misled, in the right size all a slim-fit shirt does is frame your body to give you a flattering look. 

Made from 96% Cotton for softness and 4% spandex to give you that extra room for movement. This spread collar design shirt will compliment most formal wear attire. Wear it with a suit or without, wear it with a tie or without. The best part, it comes in a myriad of solid colors.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Red Kap Men’s Poplin Dress Shirt

Red Kap Men's Poplin Dress Shirt, Black, 5X-Large/Tall

Poplin dress shirts are one of summer’s must-have styles. They work great with tailored trousers, jeans and chinos. But perhaps one of the best ways for you to style this shirt is with the sleeves rolled up, indicating a relaxed attitude after a hard day’s work. There is so much ways to wear this black dress shirt, it’s slick enough for the office but also versatile for any occasion.

Constructed with a fabric blend of polyester and cotton, this tailored seven wood-tone button-front men’s shirt is nothing but smart and sophisticated.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Buttoned Down Collar Solid Dress Shirt

Amazon Brand - Buttoned Down Men's Classic-Fit Spread Collar Solid Non-Iron Dress Shirt, French Blue, 16

Having the right shirt is the key to men’s office attire. Though the option of a tie is secondary, a high-quality dress shirt must be a part of your primary attire. For your information, this shirt doesn’t have to be white. There is no rule that says a lighter color shirt won’t work, like this buttoned Down collar solid blue dress shirt. 

They are completely made of Supima Cotton, which is to clean on your own if you are saving money.  Secondly cotton feels comfortable on the skin. Fortunately, these shirts offer several other tasteful light color options to choose from that will match the occasion.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Paul Fredrick Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Paul Fredrick Men's Classic Fit Non-Iron Cotton Check Dress Shirt Rust 18.0/37 DWS370B

This Paul Fredrick check dress shirt is a great option to add texture and color to your dress shirt rotation. With sizes available up to  XXL, the quality of this classic shirt is timeless and will serve you for years to come. This remarkable wardrobe staple tops the list for comfort, style, its break-resistant buttons and, it’s easy to care for. 

The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton, which makes it comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Keep in mind that before washing your shirts in the machine, always read the label carefully. At the end of its cycle before transferring it to the dryer just lightly shake it out.

On medium or high heat just dry it long enough to heat the fabric. This Paul Fredrick shirt is non-iron, so all you need to do is hang it buttoned to finish drying.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Port Authority Long Sleeve Shirt

Port Authority Men's Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt XL Purple/Light Stone

Whenever you need a pop of color in your outfit purple is the way to go. Once a forbidden color reserved for royalty. This shirt can be worn in a number of ways and coordinates with a surprising range of other colors.

Perfect for weddings, office, graduation wear or dressed up for a night out. These port authority shirts are great with jeans but even better with tailored pants. This is a classic long sleeve purple dress shirt for men that you’ll reach for again and again

Made from 100% cotton, the shirt is breathable and soft to the skin. One sizable chest pockets provide a nice spot to tuck away that folded paper with a quit note, contact number, and your small personal items. It features dyed-to-match buttons, Adjustable cuffs and comes in eight other bold colors.

Several sizes available up to 6X-Large. This shirt is easy to care for as it is machine washable.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


IZOD Regular Fit Gingham Dress Shirts

IZOD Men's Dress Shirts Regular Fit Stretch Gingham, English Violet, 16"-16.5

Bye-bye winter, spring is nowhere. And with this comes a slew of weddings and functions to attend. Even though our wallets may not welcome the cash associated with these invites, we want  to be part of the celebrations

A sleek IZOD dress shirt is always a great option for special events, especially when it’s a gingham pattern. 

With this shirt, we love the fact that it’s wrinkle-free and the fabric Stretches to provide you with that extra comfort when you move. The style and simplicity of this shirt make it the perfect base to give that pop of color to go with your jacket, trousers or shoes.

Made from a combination of cotton and polyester, these are one of the best gingham dress shirts for men. They come in a ton of other colors to match your outfit, they are easy to care for and affordable enough to buy more than one.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Cutter & Buck Men’s Button Down

Cutter & Buck Men's Button Down, Red, L

The Cutter and Buck big and tall men’s collection is dedicated to providing you with versatile clothing that will leave you feeling comfortable wearing all day, as well as looking stylish wherever you go.

Whether you call them button-down or button-up, these Cutter & Buck Men’s shirts are full of features that’s suited for travel.  (1.) They’re made of stretch performance fabric (2.) They are moisture-wicking to help eliminate sweat and odor (3.) They are lightweight and come in multiple color pattern styles. 

Made from polyester and 7% Spandex, these men’s shirts give you that smart and casual look to endure a long flight or travel? For guys with a big belly you need to look sharp, so rocking this shirt with your favorite pair of pants is a no-brainer.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


How Do You Determine Dress Shirt Size?

The moment you wear something that’s too tight or too loose, it will be obvious. Knowing your true shirt size when shopping online makes your selection so much easier and less stressful.

So if you are shopping online for a dress shirt and you are not sure what size is right for you. You can make an educated guess by taking your measurement at home. Here is a general way you can determine a standard-fit dress shirt when buying online.

 To figure out your size, you will need a tape measure and someone to help you measure loosely around the neck, chest, waist, and along your arm to get its length. 

For your neck measurement, wrap the tape measure loosely around the base area of your neck. Take note of this by rounding it off to the nearest size in inches.

Next taking your chest measurement, run the tape measure around your body which should be under your armpit area. Record your result.

Then, measure your waist, loosely wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist. Write down your measurement.

Finally, for the sleeve length start with the tape measure at the nape of your neck and run it along the top of your shoulder, then along your arm and elbow, then all the way down to your wrist bone. While holding your arm slightly bent. Write down your measurement.


When to Wear a Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are very flattering men’s clothing that you can wear every day of the week.

While usually, a dress shirt falls under the category of formal wear, it can also be worn in most casual settings. 

In a formal setting, it is customary to tuck in the hem of your shirt. And when wearing a tie your shirt should be buttoned all the way up.

However, with the different options in dress shirt colors and patterns, wearing dress shirts on casual occasions has become more common in recent years. Now you can casually wear them with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. And, you can wear them fully buttoned without a tie or worn with a few top buttons undone.

Now it has become acceptable to wear a dress shirt in almost any setting. On the other hand, you should be mindful of the setting or occasion whenever you are wearing a dress shirt.

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Best Button-Down Shirts For Big Guys

Best Button-Down Shirts For Big Guys

 Casual, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable—that’s what the best button-down shirts for big guys look like these days. It’s the one shirt that can easily level up any man’s style, flatter his body and make him shine when dressing down.  You can dress up these men’s casual shirts with tailored trousers or dress them down with your favorite pair of distressed jeans. Button-down shirts are a game-changer for the perfect style flex with timeless appeal.

If you are considered a big guy, and you’re looking for stylish button shirts to wear to work or on the weekend, we have put together nine great options of the best button-down collar shirt you can shop for in your size.

What is the difference between button-up and button-down shirts?

In general, button-up shirts are any shirt that buttons up the front, like a dress shirt, flannel, or oxford shirt. On the other hand, a button-down shirt is like a button-up shirt. The difference is that the button-down shirt has a collar that can be fastened with attached buttons and it’s mostly worn casually.


Double Pump Button-Down Long-sleeve Shirt

Double Pump Mens Button Down Shirts 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts Regular Fit (SL01A,L)

Double Pump is an oriented shirting brand that has brought premium quality plaid shirts to the masses for some time now.  Stock your wardrobe with these 100 % lightweight cotton button-down plaid shirts that offer a comfortable skin feel. This is a great wardrobe option to prepare yourself for any occasion at short notice. This is the perfect long sleeve shirt for fat guys or big dudes.

Wear it tucked in or untucked for that casual after-work look. Sizes are available up to 4X large. Our recommendation is to go one size up just in case it shrinks a size down after washing. Check out all the colors and your exact size on Amazon.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall

Ralph Lauren is still at the top of its menswear game with its men’s big and tall Defender green button-down shirt. 

True to its size, this long-sleeve boasts its iconic Polo signature logo embroidery on its left chest. Its simple design makes it suitable to wear with t-shirts, shorts, chinos or jeans. 100% lightweight cotton keeps things breathable and comfortable. Ideal for every occasion. Check the Latest Price On Asos.com


Goodthreads Short-Sleeve Printed Poplin Shirt

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Standard-Fit Short-Sleeve Printed Poplin Shirt, Navy Floral, XX-Large

With Goodthreads being  Amazon’s Prime fashion brand for men,  this men’s short sleeve shirt will offer you that custom style fit. You have nothing to lose with the Goodthreads brand since you can try it free for seven days with free shipping and return. If you try it, but the size is too small, return it and get a bigger one instead. For the price, this is one of the best poplin shirts for a big guy who wants to have affordable and luxury.

Offered as a standard-fit men’s button-down shirt, it sports a  single chest pocket and is available in various printed colors and sizes.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Wrangler Classic Button Down Collar Plaid Shirt

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Big & Tall Short Sleeve Plaid Woven Shirt, Rivera, 3XL

One of the cool things we chose this shirt is that you get this classic style Wrangler shirt in 14 different colors and plaid design. This authentic Wrangler design offers a laid-back style for big guys who are on the go. The shirt is made from 100% cotton, lightweight and breathable.

When you have a big belly you want to have a shirt that fits and wears comfortably.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Tommy Hilfiger Classic-Fit Men’s Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt in Classic Fit, Beige Hilfiger, XS

This Tommy classic is a must-have for any big and tall guy. It offers that stylish and sophisticated look for a casual occasion. It looks equally terrific when paired with a pair of chinos for work or any jeans for that weekend adventure. This shirt has a high buyers rating which makes it one of the best button-down men’s shirts by the Tommy Hilfiger brand, 

We rate this shirt as a fat-friendly option because it fit well and its made of 98% Cotton and 2% Elastan. This blend of fabric makes the shirt lightweight, breathable and stretchable if you are active.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Dockers Comfort Flex Long Sleeve Shirt

Dockers Men's Long Sleeve Button Front Comfort Flex Shirt, Full Black, Large

Looking for a dressier look but still hoping to keep that casual look? Then tuck in this Dockers long sleeve shirt and pair it with a tie or wear it untucked with jeans,  Khakis or chinos. Keep the collar fastened to give structural strength to your shirt appearance. This men’s shirt is made of cotton and elastane for comfort, stretchability, and 43% polyester, which makes it resistant to abrasion from machine-washing. As one reviewer put it, “Comfortable, Stylus, and Exactly as Described.”

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Carhartt Lightweight Chambray Button-Front Shirt

Carhartt Men's Fort Long Sleeve Shirt Lightweight Chambray Button Front Relaxed Fit,Blue Chambray,X-Large

Carhartt is best known for heavy-duty workwear; well if you are a fan of this brand, you will appreciate the quality of this lightweight chambray button-front shirt. This shirt can be your go-to piece when paired with other clothes that work just as hard. Chambray shirts are usually light blue in color, but this shirt style is available in four different colors.

 Wear it unbuttoned with a t-shirt and the collar fasten pairs perfectly with a couple of work pants or jeans. Check out all the other colors on Amazon.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Columbia Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Columbia Men's Plus Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt, Key West - Large

A set of cool and sporty colors isn’t all that makes up this button-down fishing shirt by Columbia. Apart from its wide selection sizes for big and tall men. It offers UPF40 sun protection, and its lightweight fabric makes it easy to dry. Its sleek roll-up long sleeve design and multiple low-profile pockets are noteworthy. 

Function to make your life outdoors easier. For a big guy who loves fishing and the outdoors, this is one of the best long-sleeved fishing shirts you will ever need to protect you from the sun.

Check Lastest Price on Amazon


Columbia Rapid Rivers Ii Long Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men's Rapid Rivers II Long Sleeve Shirt, Chalk Tartan Grid, X-Large

Great all-around shirt, durable; it’s what you would expect from Columbia. Complete with a wallet-friendly price tag that’s irresistible. Overall this Columbia Rapid River button-down collar shirt is a fat guy’s best friend. Its cotton and elastane fabric blend design makes it comfortable and hard to fault.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall oxford shirt

These blue oxford shirts are the perfect casual menswear that will classically add style to your large physique, minimizing the midsection of your frame. Generally, long-sleeve oxford shirts are a fantastic choice to be worn to any occasion because they are so versatile.

With these big and tall button-down oxford shirts, you get that casual look when compared to its cousin. The spread collar oxford shirt. Check the latest prices on Asos.com. 


Van Heusen Big and Tall Wrinkle-Free Shirt

Van Heusen Men's Big and Tall Wrinkle Free Short Sleeve Button Down Check Shirt, Black, 3X-Large

Make your life easier with this wrinkle-free check shirt check. This Van Heusen big and tall short-sleeve button-down shirt will be an essential addition to your wardrobe. Made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, it is breathable and comfortable to wear. 

Pair it with chino pants or jeans. To get that fine semi-casual look, layer it under a blazer. Van Heusen has made it easy for you to care for this shirt. All you need to do is machine wash and wear.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Lacoste Oxford Woven Button Shirt

Lacoste mens Short Sleeve Oxford Collar Regular Fit Woven Button Down Shirt, Hemisphere Blue, X-Large US

Lacoste is one of the best men’s casual wear brands that offers a wide range of the best casual shirts for men. Since 1933 Lacoste has played a significant role in delivering classic and modern clothing inspired by sport. Like this oxford woven button-down collar shirt. Its made from 100% cotton, making it feel comfortable on your skin.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Amazon Essentials Pocket Oxford Shirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Long-Sleeve Windowpane Pocket Oxford Shirt, Aqua, XX-Large

An Oxford shirt is a versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe simply because it can be worn for any occasion. Maintaining a high standard in quality and comfort, this Amazon essential oxford shirt offers a solid balance of quality and budget. If you are a fat dude, this shirt will provide you with a balance between formal and casual.

Amazon Essential makes this shirt in all the sizes possible with everyone in mind. Anywhere between an XX-small to 7X- Large Big. They also have several color choices, giving you more options to blend with the rest of your outfit.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


How Do Guys Wear Button-Down Shirts?

A classic way to style your button-down shirt is by tucking it in your jeans and wearing it under a blazer. There is no need for any tie here; all you need is a matching belt and shoes to go with it.

Another popular combination of styling your button-down shirt is wearing it over your t-shirt. To pull this off, make sure you undo all your buttons, exposing your T-shirt underneath it.

Another example is to tuck in your shirt and button up  which is best suited in the fall and winter, or just leave the first two buttons open in warmer seasons.

But perhaps the best way to wear them is by rolling the sleeve up to the elbow. We advise that to pull this off, it’s best to wear button-down shirts that are wrinkle-free.

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Should Fat Guys Tuck In Their Shirts?

A rule of thumb is that if the event is more formal, you should tuck in your shirt to blend in with the dress code. Here are a few rules to follow when deciding to tuck in your shirt or not.

When considering wearing a short-sleeve shirt, a top like a polo, Hawaiian shirt, or a t-shirt to a casual event, we strongely advise not to tuck your shirt in. There is no reason to tuck it in.

If you intend to wear a casual jacket or coat to give you that smart casual look, generally, it’s best to tuck your shirt in.

We strongly advice to tuck your shirt in if the occasion is business casual. You don’t want to look unprofessional in this situation, whether it be in front of your clients or colleagues. If you wear just a sweater, a sports jacket, or a plain shirt, always tuck your shirt in.


 What are The Best Fabrics For Big Guys

The best fabric for a big guy should not be too heavy or too light, but at the same time, it should add structure and limit added volume to your shape. Cotton, oxford, denim, Twill, and knit fabrics are the best fabrics choices if you are a large guy. These fabrics are not too thick. Thick material will generally make you look bulky, get hot and sweat easily. 

Secondly, these fabrics are not too thin. Thin material will stain easily; it’s uncomfortable when wet and exposes any bumps and lumps you may have.

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