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Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated Jacket: How Do They Compare

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated JacketBackground image  by  Timitty Tom

Heated jackets have taken the markets by storm due to their advantageous feature which beats coats in terms of handling the cold/wet. And that feature is the ability to produce heat while preventing heat loss. Just like the Milwaukee heated jacket and the Dewalt heated jacket. Which are well-known competitors in the heated jacket industry.

As both are great at keeping you warm during any chilling-winter activity. But each of them works differently.

So read on, as we delve into their differences by comparing them in terms of crucial features.

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Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Dewalt Heated Jacket

Working heavy tasks in the chilling cold has gotten easier thanks to the Milwaukee heated jacket. Which is both water and wind-proof.

It runs on a powerful battery that generates enough warmth for an 8-hour session. On top of that, the jacket is made of a top-quality material that guarantees perfect insulation for trapping heat effectively. So that you can enjoy long hours in the snow feeling warm and toasty. 

The jacket also has front pockets to keep your hands warm due to proximity to the heating pads. Which is located around the stomach (2). As well as the chest (2), and the back (1). 

Unlike most heated jackets in the market, the Milwaukee heated jacket is machine washable. This means no hassles of handwashing, especially during the winter where your hands would most-likely develop an irritating sensation.

And the best part about this jacket is its versatility. As you can recharge any of your devices with its charger. As long as it utilizes a standard or micro USB. The only ‘not so great’ feature about this jacket is the position of the battery which is located behind the jacket. 


  • Red lithium batteries
  • 5 heating pads location
  • Led controller (with three heat settings)
  • Heats 3X faster than most heated jackets
  • Machine washable
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Dewalt heated jacket Review

Dewalt Heated Jacket Milwaukee Heated Jacket Vs Milwaukee Heated Jacket

This is another great option. Although it may be quite costly when compared to the Milwaukee heated jacket. But it gets the job done with its powerful 20V Max battery that provides ample warmth for up to 7.5 hours. Which is slightly lower than the Milwaukee model but it’s just as good.

Another great feature is the jacket’s mainly water-proof material. Thus making it less weighty and it heats you better because the coils are closer to your body due to fewer layers of material. So you can receive proper warmth distribution from the 4 positions. Such as the left & right chest, collars, and mid-back. All of which will guarantee overall warmness.

Additionally, If you work a lot with Dewalt power tools, then the final piece to the puzzle should be this jacket. As it’s compatible with certain Dewalt power tools.

So, overall the Dewalt is a viable option, but just not for the winter where the temperature is below 20° or in the negative. But it’s suitable for spring and autumn where the temperature lingers between 30° & 40°. 


  • It has up to five pockets (no pocket warmer)
  • Only water-resistant
  • 4 heating pad locations
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Led controller (with three heat settings)
  • Machine washable
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Head to Head Jacket Comparison

Heated Jacket Run Time (battery) 

Honestly, no heated jacket will give you 8 hours when set on high. The output is usually lower than that. For instance, the Dewalt heated jacket provides good heat but it lasts for only 2 hours or less when set on high, given lithium-ion batteries are primarily used. Unless you set the intensity to medium or low as you would enjoy longer hours of heat. 

The better model in terms of this factor is the Milwaukee heated jacket. As it’ll heat you for up to 4 hours when set on high. Mainly because it utilizes a special battery known as the Redlithiim battery.

Heating Jacket Pads location

The location of the heating pads can vary between Heated Jackets. For instance, If you desire the Dewalt model, then you get to enjoy heat distribution to 4 locations on your body. Such as your back (mid-back), chest ( left & right), and neck (collar). All of which will ensure a warm experience. 

But, if the Milwaukee heated jacket is your preference, then you get to enjoy 5 heating pads locations. in which there’s more torso warmth, as heating pads are present on the chest (left & right) and the stomach region (where the front pockets are located). and finally, the back (but not the neck).

At the end of the day, all models are perfect for distributing ample warmth to your body. So one can’t say a model is better than the other without a good level of preferential bias.

Material Quality of each Jacket

Heated jackets are… well, jackets! They should be able to trap heat well enough to prevent excess heat loss, low runtime, and even rips. 

The Milwaukee heated jacket fairs well in terms of material quality. As it’s made of special polyester which is 5 times long-lasting than most generics in the market. It can withstand terrible weather conditions and even rips. 

Although the Dewalt heated jacket is made of good quality polyester, it’s only Waterproof. And it offers some level of resistance to rip. The Dewalt heated jacket is the typical soft-shell model.

Weather Resistance of the Jackets

The purpose of the heated jacket is to keep you warm during cold conditions. But not all heated jackets in the market can provide such warmth the same way. As some may give adequate warmth for a certain weather condition or degree of coldness.

For instance, the Milwaukee heated jacket is designed to handle both water and wind. As you would notice that the jacket has ample layers which make it quite thick and heavy. Making it great for heavy rainfall and intense snow.

However, the Dewalt model is thick enough to effectively handle mainly water and a minimal level of wind. Which makes it vulnerable when the temperature hits negative numbers.

The Competition of Heated Jacket Brands


ORORO’s soft-shell Heated Jacket: longest runtime

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack (Black/Gold, L)

If you’re looking for a model that works instantly and lasts more hours than most generics, then you should consider Ororo’s heated jacket. As it possesses a special 7.4 V battery which takes less than 2-3 minutes to heat the pads and maintain the heat for up to 10 hours (if used moderately). 

Also, the pads may just be three in number, but they’re placed strategically to ensure proper warmth distribution. As one of them is positioned on the mid-back and the others are placed on the left and right chest. 

On top of that, the jacket is both wind and water-resistant. So overall, this soft-shell product is a bargain. Especially, when you consider the price.

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Smarkey’s Cordless jacket: Best for Outdoor sports/activity

Smarkey Heated Jacket Carbon Fiber Electric Heating Clothing Men's Thermal Clothing with 1PCS 5200mah Battery (M-US)

The design of the smarkey cordless jacket is simple and lightweight. Which makes it suitable for activities in the chilling cold that requires free movement. Such as skiing, camping, and even hiking. On top of that, the material of the jacket can withstand both water and wind, so little or no heat loss is guaranteed.

Also, the design may be advantageous for free movement but it comes at a cost. With one of them being the average or above-average runtime. Courtesy of its 5200 mAh 7.4 volts battery (Lithium). And there are only 3 heating pads for warmth distribution.

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DEWBU Heated Jacket: Most Durable Soft-shell

DEWBU Heated Jacket with 7.4V Battery Pack Winter Outdoor Soft Shell Electric Heating Coat for Men,XL,Black

If durability is the key factor for you, then it’s best to consider this model. As it’s a very rugged piece that can withstand the harshest conditions. Because it’s made of top-quality polyester material. That’s wind, water, and scratch-resistant. Such an advantage also makes the jacket machine washable.

Also, the DEWBU heated jacket has a runtime that can last for up to 10 hours (when properly managed). While producing heat for three of its pads. Which are located on the mid-back, and chest.

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GLOBAL VASION Heated Vest Jacket: Best Heating Element

GLOBAL VASION Rechargeable Heated Vest Jacket Battery Powered for Men Women Cold Weather Vest Jacket for Hike Camp Ski

This special cotton-fabric heated jacket is designed to offer more comfort to your body both on the surface and internally. Thanks to its unique far-infrared heating pads, which heat your body till your blood reacts in such a way, circulation enhances around your chest region and your mid-back. Thus, allowing you to withstand harsh snowy conditions.

The heating pads are powered by a portable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery. Which has an above-average run-time of 7-10 hours (if properly managed).

Buy on Amazon

More Winter Gear!

Both the Dewalt Heated Jacket and the Milwaukee heated jacket are great choices that can help you withstand the chilling cold. But they only protect your torso and/or neck. You also need to protect your feet from the cold. Then why not check out our Best men’s fall winter boots this season“. Where you’ll find varieties of waterproof boots to choose from.

Another item that’ll go great with your heated jacket in handling the cold and wet weather is a waterproof duffle-bag. So you can prevent damage or rust of your stuff or tools.  


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Best Men’s Hiking Underwear to Prevent Chafing

men’s underwear to help with chafingPhoto by Hermann

The difference between a sweet hiking experience and a sour one could be your choice of hiking underwear.

The right choice of men’s hiking underwear absorbs all the heat and friction between our inner thighs as we take those strides up or down the trail. But making the wrong choice of underwear would transfer those responsibilities to our skin. The result? Our inner thighs and groins get chafed.

I’ve experienced it, and I can tell you this for free: it was traumatic!

But this doesn’t have to be your story.

You can enjoy your hiking experience by investing in the best men’s hiking underwear to prevent chafing, and I’ve dedicated this article to help you do that.

Underwears reviewed are based on recommendations from friends, personal use and assessment.

In this article, you’ll discover 5 best men’s hiking underwear to prevent chafing, what to consider when picking an underwear for hiking, and how to treat and prevent chafing.

 Whenever you make a purchase through links on this page we make a small commission from our affiliate partners. Learn more

What are the Best Hiking Underwear to Prevent Thigh Chafing?

Chafing is heat excited by friction which results in injury, inflammation or irritation on the skin.

So basically, you need underwear that does 2 things:

–  reduces friction by preventing your skin from rubbing against each other

– reduces heat by wicking away moisture (sweat).

The best men’s hiking underwear to help with chafing are breathable boxer briefs. They cover the thighs well to prevent friction and wick away moisture (sweat) as you hike.

You’ll be safer in them if they are anti-microbial.

Below are 5 of the best hiking underwear for men that prevents chafing you should possess.

Best Men’s Hiking Anti-chafing Underwear


Meriwool Men’s Boxer Brief

MERIWOOL Merino Wool Mens hiking underwear Boxer Briefs

Kameron believes these are the most comfortable underwear you can buy and after 4 months of using mine, I kinda agree with him. I’ll tell you why.

First, they are so soft that they feel like silk against the skin. Gosh! The first time I wore mine, I felt reluctant to take them off.

Secondly, the right fit provides the needed support for your privates, keeps it dry and clean by wicking away moisture quickly. It is also odor-resitant and covers the thighs adequately.

I’ll rate this underwear 90/100.

It would have been 100%, but it’s not the most durable choice out there. But let’s face it, it’s made of merino wool and wool doesn’t do well with heat. There’s a lot of friction involved when hiking and it eventually gets to the wool.

Instead of missing out on the comfort this underwear gives, you should get yourself 1 or 2 pairs and alternate them with any of the other underwear you’ll shortly see.



Soft feel



It’s not durable if constantly used for hiking.

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Adidas Men’s Relaxed Performance Climalite Boxer Brief

adidas Men's Boxer Brief Underwear for hiking

Adidas came through for hikers with this soft, stretchy, supportive, relaxed boxer briefs made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

Climalite is a fabric technology developed by Adidas to drain sweat away from the body and that’s what is used for this boxer brief.

I really like that this boxer brief has a functional fly. It makes it easy for you to ease yourself without completely undressing.

Unlike some boxer briefs, the legs stay relaxed on the thighs. They don’t roll-up.

Several users have commended the boxers for being odor-resitant.


Functional fly

No-ride-up leg

Soft, tag-less waistband


Climalite uses cotton on the outer layer, which makes the material less breathable.

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CLEVEDAUR Micro Modal Men’s Boxer Briefs

CLEVEDAUR Boxer Briefs Open Fly for men hiking

“Uncommonly comfortable and fit like a second skin”. That’s how a customer described this boxer brief.

This boxer brief is made of a soft, gentle, breathable fabric that keeps you cool even in hot and humid conditions. That’s why we recommend them as a good hiking underwear to invest in.

It features a 3-D pouch which holds your privates firmly in place.  The stitches are flat-lock seamed for your convenience and the material doesn’t shrink.

Clevedaur makes 2 types of these boxer briefs- one with an open fly, the other without an open fly. Buy according to preference.


Long-lasting softness

Flat-lock seamed to prevent chafing

Enhanced breathability.


Waistband rolls on itself, especially after a few wears.

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DAVID ARCHY Sports Underwear Boxer Brief

DAVID ARCHY Ultra Soft Quick Dry Boxer Briefs for men hikers

This boxer brief is nothing like what you’ve ever owned before. They wick sweat quickly, stay relaxed on your thighs and waist without stretching out.

Actually, these are my second favorite underwear for hiking. They are soft, breathable and easy to wash.

If your privates are on the big side, you’ll enjoy using this boxer brief.

I bought them because I wanted a durable hiking underwear that’s lightweight and dries quickly. I’ve used them a couple of times for hiking and I’m yet to find a major reason to regret making this purchase.


3-D contour pouch provides snug support your privates

Relaxed fit

Easy to wash



Extra fabric covering is needed to absorb more sweat around the privates on hot days.

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Reebok Seamless Performance Athletic Boxer Brief

Reebok Men's Athletic Performance Boxer Briefs

As a seamless underwear, you won’t feel irritated by seams rubbing against your skin while hiking.

Every detail of this underwear reflects Reebok’s thoughtfulness in designing an underwear that keeps athletes clean, dry and comfortable.

The body of the underwear stretches to accommodate your strides as you hike and the waistband is made of microfiber. (Microfibers are easy to clean and don’t retain dirts).

It has a contour pouch that helps define, lift and support your privates as you hike.


Fits snuggly without being constrictive

Stretches to your comfort

Easy to wash

Tag-free microfiber waistband


No fly.

Buy on Amazon

Factors to Consider when Choosing Hiking Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Men

Best Hiking Underwear Material

There are 2 qualifications you want the material of your hiking underwear to meet;

  1. It should be breathable: this way, your underwear will retain less moisture and remain dry so you stay fresh and clean underneath. The fungi which causes yeast infection thrives in warm, moist, sweaty conditions. You don’t want your underwear to give it a chance to grow.
  2. It should be antimicrobial: to inhibit the growth of microbes and enhance odor resistance.

Wool is naturally breathable and antimicrobial. Materials that aren’t naturally antimicrobial can be treated to become so.

Synthetic underwears are also great. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, rayon and spandex are quick-drying and durable.

Men’s Underwear Fitting

It should fit snuggly, but not tightly. It should support your privates, without causing you to sweat because it’s rubbing too closely against your skin. The right fit promotes wicking.

Check the waistband too, it shouldn’t be tight.

Underwear Length

The length of your underwear should be long enough to cover your inner thighs so they don’t rub against each other.

How to Prevent Chafing for Guys While Hiking

As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. If you’ll be hiking or engaging in any other sports activity, it’s advisable to take proactive measures against chafing. Below are some things you can do.

1. Lubricate your groin/ inner thighs

One of the main factors that causes chafing is friction. Lubricating the inner thighs with coconut oil or petroleum jelly products like Vaseline reduces friction.

2. Powder your groin

Powder achieves similar results with lubricants. However, avoid powders with talc. It’s suspected that they cause cancer.

3. Wear breathable clothes and underwear.

The second factor that causes chafing is heat. A breathable cloth helps in wicking moisture off the skin to keep it dry and clean.

4. Stay clean and dry

You’ll sweat less when your body is clean. So do well to take a shower before hiking.

5. Wear the right clothes

Apart from your underwear, your clothes have a role to play to prevent chafing. Wear-free clothes that allow air around your thighs, yet protects them from rubbing against each other. If you’ll be hiking in tick-prone areas, you should check out the best pants to wear to protect yourself from ticks here.

Related Questions

How Can I Treat Chaffing in the Groin and inner thighs?

Chafing in the groin or inner thighs can be embarrassing.

You’ll always be tempted to scratch and fan yourself, but you dare not especially when you’re in the public. So here’s what to do to treat it before it escalates:

  1. Clean the affected area with mild body wash and lukewarm water
  2. Use an anti-fungal, anti-yeast chafing cream to reduce inflammation and irritation. In the absence of a chafing cream, use aloe vera, petroleum jelly or coconut oil.

We suggest that you use an antifungal/ anti-yeast cream because the groin area is susceptible to yeast infection.

  1. Apply a gentle and bland moisturizer on the chafed area to calm down irritation. Avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances or anti-aging properties.
  2. If the chafed skin doesn’t improve in few days, visit a dermatologist.

Boxers vs Briefs or Boxer Briefs for Hiking which Should I Choose?

Boxer briefs underwear.

Here’s why;

You need support for your private part while hiking. Boxers underwear for men doesn’t provide such support. They let your testicles and privates dangle, causing friction between them and your thighs which will lead to chafing.

Briefs for men provide the needed support, but they don’t protect your inner thighs from rubbing against each other. Meaning, they’ll still get chafed.

But boxer briefs are the best when it comes to providing you with the needed support for your private parts and protect the inner thighs from rubbing on each other. They protect your groins from chafing. That’s why we recommend them for hiking.

Now that you have seen our 5 Best Men’s Hiking Underwear to Prevent Chafing. Check our favorite articles on the 5 Best Hiking Boots with Composite Toe for Men or the 7 Best Dry Bags for Water Sports.


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7 Best Men’s Sweaters for Cold Weather

best men's sweater for the cold seasonPhoto by Karsten Winegeart

As winter is just around the corner, you may be looking for stylish ways to stay warm. If so, you’ve come to the right place! One of the best ways to keep warm and still look good is to wear a sweater. Men’s sweaters come in a variety of styles, so knowing which one to wear to make the perfect outfit can be hard.

Thankfully, the 7 sweaters we’re going to look at today can be styled and paired with a number of things. But first, we need to address a burning question.

What do you wear under a sweater? Many men wonder what they should wear under their sweaters. Fortunately, there is no right answer to this. Depending on the type of sweater, you can wear nothing. Or, to create layers and keep you warmer, you could wear a thermal top. To dress up your V-neck sweater, you could wear a dress shirt.

 The possibilities of what to wear under a sweater are endless. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable.

 Whenever you make a purchase through links on this page we make a small commission from our affiliate partners. Learn more


Charles River Apparel Men’s Crosswind Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Charles River Apparel mens Crosswind Quarter Zip Sweatshirt, Maroon, Large US

Another great type of sweater for cold weather is a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts may be associated with gyms, but they can easily be styled up or down to wear with any outfit.

This quarter-zip sweatshirt is available in 11 different solid colors to match any outfit. It is also extremely comfortable as the inside is lined with fleece. This will not only keep you warm in the cold weather but will leave you feeling relaxed all day.

It is made of cotton and polyester, so it may shrink upon your first wash. But, this sweatshirt is intentionally oversized, so you won’t be left with a too-tight sweater. If you want a true to size fit, however, make sure you order your sweatshirt two sizes down.

Good news if you love pockets, this sweatshirt has two that you can easily slip your hands into to warm them up.

Buy on Amazon


Cameinic Men’s Casual Slim Fit Turtleneck

QZH.DUAO Men's Casual Slim Fit Turtleneck Pullover Sweaters, Black, US Large = Tag 5XL

Turtlenecks aren’t just for Steve Jobs Halloween costumes, they are making a great comeback. This is because turtlenecks not only look great, they are excellent at keeping you warm. No scarf needed!

This turtleneck by QZH.DUAO is a great option as it is slim fit and knitted. It can thus be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with a blazer to wear to work or a pair of jeans to go out on the weekend.

Although it is a slim fit sweater, it is still lightweight and breathable so you won’t feel constricted. It is made of cotton and nylon which allows the sweater to stretch and be flexible but still retain its original form. This will ensure you are comfortable throughout the day.

If you prefer a looser fit over a slim fit, simply purchase a size up and it will be perfect.

Buy on Amazon


Champion Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Champion Powerblend Pullover Hoodie men's sweater

You can never go wrong with a classic, cool hoodie! This hoodie from Champion is great for keeping you warm and stylish.

It is available in 26 different solid colors, so there is something for everyone. If you don’t like branding on your clothing, there’s no worry with this hoodie. Champion’s logo on this hoodie is small and out of the way. Your outfit will not be overpowered by any branding this way.

This hoodie is made of a cotton and polyester blend, so it is super soft. Not only that, but the material is made to reduce pilling and shrinkage so you can machine wash it as many times as you want, it will only get softer!

It is also has a longer length than other hoodies, this will help keep you warm and covered on those cold winter days. The ribbed cuffs and waistband will also help keep the warmth in. Lastly, there is a hand-warming front pouch pocket so no part of your upper body will be cold.

Buy on Amazon

NITAGUT Long Sleeve Stand Collar Cardigan

mens cable cardigan sweater

If you’re looking to dress up your outfit and still stay warm, a cardigan is a great option. This cardigan by NITAGUT can dress up your outfit even more as it is a button-down cable knit sweater.

It is available in seven different solid colors, perfect for any occasion or outfit. The cardigan has a high neck stand collar, making it look more professional. Pair it with a button-down to make the perfect outfit for work.

Alternatively, you could dress it down with a simple t-shirt underneath and wear it out on the weekend. Wear it opened or closed as this cardigan has eight buttons.

This cardigan is made of 100% cotton, so it is extremely soft and comfortable and will keep you warm. As it is 100% cotton, you will need to hand wash it and hang it dry. This will ensure the cardigan stays in pristine condition for years to come.

Buy on Amazon


Amazon Essentials Men’s V-Neck Sweater

Cotton V-Neck men's Sweater for cold weather

As we mentioned earlier, a great sweater to dress up is a V-neck. A V-neck is a staple piece for any man’s closet and luckily, Amazon offers its own essential men’s V-neck sweater.

Amazon offers this classic V-Neck Sweater in 36 different colors and patterns. With so many options available, you could get multiple!

This V-neck sweater has ribbing on the collar, cuffs, and hem. Not only does this make the sweater look even better, but it will also help keep your warmth in.

It is made from 100% cotton, so it is super comfortable and warm. Just be sure to hang it to dry so it doesn’t shrink!

If you are looking for a versatile sweater, this is the one for you. It can be worn on its own, with a dress shirt underneath to dress it up, or even with a blazer on top.

Buy on Amazon


H2H Slim Fit Pullover Sweatshirt

Cute Slim Fit Turtleneck Knit Sweater with Buttons Neck

Another great sweatshirt that you can dress up or down is this pullover. It is a great slim fit sweater with a shawl collar and buttons down the neckline. With such a beautiful design, this sweater is great for work, winter events, or even casual occasions.

H2H offers this sweater in 41 different colors and patterns so it can be paired with a variety of outfits. It is also extremely versatile as you can wear it buttoned up and it becomes a turtleneck or leave it unbuttoned for a more relaxed look.

This pullover sweater is also thermal, meaning you will look great and stay super warm and toasty.

As it is a slim fit, you should double-check the size guide before ordering. It also needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage. This will ensure your sweater stays in top condition for years to come.

Buy on Amazon

Amazon Midweight Crewneck Sweater

Midweight Crewneck Sweater for cold office

Last on our list is another Amazon Essential, a classic crewneck sweater. Like a V-neck sweater, a crewneck sweater is a great addition to any man’s closet. It is a staple piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

This crewneck sweater is available in a variety of striped colors or solid colors. The striped version may be better for casual use while the solid-colored crewnecks can be dressed up with a button-down underneath or a blazer over the top.

This sweater is a mix of cotton, nylon, and wool. Despite the mix, you can easily machine wash it without fear of it shrinking.

As this crewneck sweater has ribbing on the cuffs and hem, you will look great as well as stay warm throughout the day.

Buy on Amazon


What to Look For When Buying a Sweater for the Cold

As there are so many different types of sweaters from a variety of clothing companies, you may not know what to look for exactly when buying a sweater. Fortunately, there are five main things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best men’s sweater to buy when the environment is chilly.

The first is the sweater material which we’ll go into more detail next. The next thing is the size of the sweater, which we’ll also discuss in more detail in the following section.

The third thing to look at is the sweater style. There are many different types of sweaters available from crewnecks to V-necks to cardigans to hoodies and more. Each type is food for a different occasion and style. Try a few different types on to see which suits you the most.

The fourth thing to look at is the color and pattern of the sweater. If you already know your style, you can stick to buying colors that you know look good on you. If not, starting with foundational colors like navy, grey, white, or black can be a good place to start.

Last of all is the price. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. So, even if a sweater is expensive, if it is made of high-quality material, it’s worth it. High-quality sweaters will last a lot longer, making them great staples in your closet.

Best Material For a Sweater in Cold Weather

As you will likely be wearing your sweater all day, sometimes with nothing underneath, you want to ensure it is comfortable and cozy. The best way to do so is by seeing what material the sweater is made of.

Sweaters made of wool can be luxurious, but they are worth the higher price tag. Wool is able to retain its heat easily, making sure you will be warm even on those cold winter days.

A specific type of wool is cashmere. Cashmere sweaters also have great heat retention and are known for being incredibly soft. This makes it the perfect material for cold weather.

Cotton sweaters tend to be the most common and popular type. This is because cotton is affordable, easy to maintain and can be easily washed in a machine. Cotton sweaters tend not to be very thick, though, so you will need to layer your sweater with an undershirt or jacket to keep warm.

How Should a Men’s Sweater Fit?

How a sweater should fit is quite subjective. Some men prefer a slim fit while others enjoy an oversized sweater. If you are looking for a sweater that will help you look put together, a slimmer fit may help.

The hem of your sweater should fall to your waistband or just below it. If you are wearing a shirt underneath the sweater, you shouldn’t be able to see the hem of it or your sweater is too short. Similarly, if your sweater bunches when you sit, it may be too long.

The shoulder seam of the sweater should sit on top of where your shoulder bone ends. The sleeves should end at the base of your thumb. The body of the sweater should fit comfortably.

Ultimately, the way it fits is up to your unique style, but these recommendations will help you look stylish while still remaining comfortable.

What Sweaters to Wear For Formal Occasions

Some people tend to think of sweaters as casual pieces of clothing and they would be wrong. Sweaters come in so many different shapes, colors, and styles that they can easily be dressed up for work or formal events.

Some of the best sweaters for formal occasions are turtlenecks, V-necks, and cardigans.

What Sweaters to Wear For Casual Occasions

If you love outdoor activities or simply go out a lot in the winter, you likely want a casual sweater. Nothing says casual like the classic hoodie! They’re comfortable, warm, and can still be stylish if you choose the right fit.

Most sweaters can also be dressed down if you just pair them with jeans. You can easily wear a fancy cardigan with a t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes and head out for the weekend.

More Men’s Fashion Insight

If you like our pick of the best men’s sweaters for cold weather both in and outdoors, then also check out these men’s fashion insight articles.

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Best Hiking Pants To Avoid Ticks

Best Hiking Pants to prevent ticks

It’s hiking season and being in the open leaves you vulnerable to be bitten by ticks. These nasty creatures can easily latch on to your clothing or body and if they bite you can catch Lyme disease. To minimize the risk of being bitten you need to wear proper clothing. In this article we will look at the best hiking pants to avoid ticks

Wearing a hiking pant while hiking not only protects you from bugs and insects but they come with pockets that have zippers or velcro shutters. This makes it easy for you to reach for your phone or camera and take pictures. This gives you a secure place you can carry your cash or ID.

Hiking pants are durable, breathable and they wick away moisture better than regular pants. Some pants rea water repellant and offers SPF 50 protection. They won’t get torn that easily, and with the right fit they look good on you.

Whether you are out hiking, camping or walking your dog in the bushes, here are the 6 best hiking pants to avoid ticks outdoors.

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prAna – Tick Repellent Hiking Pants

prAna - Men's Stretch Zion Lightweight, Durable, Water Repellent Pants for Hiking and Everyday Wear, 32" Inseam, Mud, 32

The open trail is prAna middle name. When you need men’s hiking pants that is lightweight, water resistant, durable and will protect you from tick.  Consider this Stretch Zion Lightweight hiking pants from prAna.

This pant is not only a hiking gear but it can also be used for everyday wear. The prAna Zion fully protects you from the element with its 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex fabric. It has well positioned dual entry cargo pocket, adjustable waistband and roll-up leg snaps are some of the main features of these pants.

Built with an inseam gusset for ventilated and helps distribute the stress around the crotch area. This hiking pant is versatile and will perform well in a wide range of environments.

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FJALLRAVEN Tick Resistant Pants For Hiking

Founded by Åke Nordin in 1960, Fjall Raven has made it clear that they only produce timeless outdoor gears that will stand the test of time.

The Keb Trousers is one of the best hiking pants you can get when it comes down fit and quality. In our opinion it’s worth the investment for a must-have for a man’s hiking wear. When Fjall Raven designs these hiking trousers, they made sure that it can handle some of the hashes conditions.

It features double reinforcements at the rear, front of the legs and knees. The inside seam of the thighs is tailored with a fabric panel to limit chafing and wear. With its combined fabric of polyamide, polyester and elastane, this hiker’s pants is wind and water-resistant and will keep you from being bitten my nasty ticks and insects.

It has large flip pockets for holding you contents. The pants also have a zippered opening from knee to hip that provides ventilation.  Considering the price this pant is highly recommended.

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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Convertible Pants

Another preferred buy is the Outdoor Research Ferrosi convertible pants. This pant is prefect for hikes where you need to break and cool down from the humid temperatures.

From the knees down, the lower half of the pants can be zipped off and convert into a short. Made from a quick-dry Nylon and Spandex material it gives you the additional protection from the sun with a UPF of 50.

Made for outdoor adventure, it’s constructed with front and rear pockets, as well as a zipped pocket on the right thigh. Another thing we like about Ferrosi men’s hiking pants is that it’s constructed with a breathable gusseted crotch, which gives you a comfortable wearing experience.

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Columbia Cargo Anti Tick Pants

Columbia Men’s Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Pant , Tusk, 34x32When looking for outdoor gears Columbia is one of the top hiking and camping brand names that pop up. So we had to include their hiking pant that will give you protect from tick bits.

For the price, this men’s Silver Ridge Cargo pant for hiking by Columbia is a steal. This Columbia cargo pant is 100% nylon and features a Omni-Wick fabric that absorbs moisture from the skin into its fabric. Columbia pulls all the stops by making it an all-weather pant, it blocks harmful UV rays and it keeps you dry and cool.

Other feather worth mentioning are its two large cargo pockets and a zipper pocket to keep your small gears secured. It’s water resistant and can be worn in hot or humid condition and comes in several color option.

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Helly-Hansen Varde Outdoor Hiking Pant

Helly-Hansen Men's Varde Outdoor Hiking Pant, Ebony, Medium

Helly-Hansen is also another to rated outdoor brand. Known for outerwear’s made for mountains, oceans and workwear. Their men’s Varde outdoor hiking pant does a good job as a hiking wear.

They have two thigh zipper pockets that perfect for storing your phone or wallet. They are made of 100% cotton that and has a wax finish, making it more durable a more resistant to tear. For added comfort and support it offers reinforced panels at the seat and knee.

For optimal fit, movement and comfort it’s constructed with a crotch gusset. Helly-Hansen also went the extra mile by coating the pants with DWR which make it resistant to water. Best for Hiking, Camping or Trekking, the only downside is it available in only one color.

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How to Protect Yourself from Ticks While Hiking

  • Avoid areas they are common.
  • Wear long-sleeve shirts and hiking pants to protect from Lyme disease.
  • Consider covering your head with a hat or cap.
  • Wear socks with tick repellent built-in.
  • Use tick repellents for humans or tick-repellent clothing treatment.
  • Avoid walking the side of the trail, stay in the center.
  • Research has also shown that wearing darker clothing is better


What Do Ticks Hate The Most?

Some of the natural scents that tick hate and can also be used as a repellant to prevent ticks when hiking are:

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Rose Geranium

Finally, if you know you were in an area prone to tick. There are some other steps you should take to prevent ticks bite after the hiking is over.

  • Remove clothing after you are done hiking
  • Check your skin carefully, examining areas like your legs, hair and underarms.

The quicker you find and remove the ticks the lesser the chances of you being bitten and getting Lyme disease


It is OK to Wear Running Shoes with Jeans

Running Shoes to Wear with mens Jeans

As jeans are one of the most popular types of pants to wear casually, learning how to style them properly is very important. You can always dress up or dress down a pair of jeans depending on what you wear them with.

The burning question that many men want to know the answer to is: can you wear running shoes with jeans? You can definitely wear running shoes with jeans, even if you’re trying to dress up your look. You just need the perfect shoe to complete your outfit. So, keep reading to find out what the best men’s running shoes to wear with jeans are.

Thin Running Shoe Style with Jeans

Though they are called running shoes, some styles of running shoes are not meant for running. Running shoes that are made for running can be bulky as they are designed with a lot of cushion and layers to make your feet as comfortable as possible while you run. These are not the type of shoes you want to style with jeans.

Running shoes that you want to style with jeans should be thin so they do not make your feet look bulky. This well help to accentuate the shoes, but not make them overpowering to the outfit. Bulky running shoes would make it look like you just changed into jeans after the gym while thin running shoes will look more intentional and pull your outfit together.

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5 Best Men’s Running Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Nike Men's Tanjun University Red/Black Running Shoe to wear with jeans

Nike’s men’s Tanjun sneakers are a great shoe that fits all of our aforementioned criteria. They are breathable, comfortable, lightweight and come in a variety of solid colors to match with any outfit.

In fact, these shoes come in forty colors, meaning everyone can find their favorite color. The side of the shoe features Nike’s signature checkmark as well.

The Nike Tanjun sneakers are made with a lightweight, mesh material which means you can wear them without socks to complete your look.

The white, rubber sole of the shoe makes whatever color you choose really pop! Even though it is white, since it is rubber, the sole will be easy to clean if you walk through any dirt or puddles.

The shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that many people have said wearing them only feels like you’re wearing socks. That being said, they are still durable and they have a cushioned foot bed for extra support and comfort.

Addidas Originals Men’s Swift Run Knit Shoes

adidas Originals Men's Swift Running Sneaker to match with jeans

Another casual shoes to were with jeans is the Addidas’ original knit shoes. The knitted material makes the shoe breathable and easy to wear all day.

These Addidas shoes also come in 18 different colors, including plain white to wear with your colorful outfits. With an embroidered design in the shoe, even the plain white ones still look good and can be dressed up depending on your outfit.

The Addidas knit shoes are low-top, perfect for rolling up the cuff of your jeans to show them off. They are comfortable to wear as well as they are lightweight and have good arch support.

The shoes feature Addidas’ signature three lines on the side, but if you don’t want to show off the logo too much, the lines in the white version blend in with the shoe. The rubber sole of the shoe also blends in as it is either black or white depending on the color you pick.

Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Revolution 5 Running Shoe to style with men's jeans

Another Nike shoe that’s great to wear with jeans is Nike’s Revolution 5 running shoe. These are a minimalist, lightweight shoe perfect for daily wear with any pair of jeans.

With a smaller color selection of 12 different, neutral colors, these shoes are a good staple piece to keep in your closet. Wearing neutral color running shoes are great to show off your jeans and outfit as your shoes won’t draw too much attention.

As these shoes are a lightweight knit material, they are super breathable and can be worn with or without socks. Even though they are lightweight, they still offer great and comfortable support.

These shoes are made with plush, cushioned insoles to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. There is also spacing in the tread of the shoe that offers traction.

The Nike Revolution 5 running shoe is made with a rubber, synthetic sole that offers durable traction. The shoe itself are made with a knit textile and the inside I made with a soft foam to ensure the wearer is comfortable.

Ultraboost 19 Addidas Running Shoes

adidas Men's Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe, Black/Black/White, 10 M US

Going back to Addidas, these Ultraboost 19s are the perfect running shoe you can wear with any pair of jeans. These shoes are so lightweight that they almost feel like a second skin.

The Addidas Ultraboost 19s are made with energized cushioning to make sure your feet are comfortable throughout the day.

They are also low-tops, meaning they can pair with any cut of jeans perfectly, making sure your cuffs and ankles don’t look bulky.

As the Ultraboost 19s are made of a knit material, they are breathable and will keep your feet cool, even without socks.

Only weighing 11 ounces means these shoes will not leave you feeling tired from carrying extra weight. Despite the lightweight, they still provide excellent support as they have a stabilizing torsion spring built into the heel.

Lastly, to ensure comfortability, the Ultraboost 19s are engineered to expand and support your feet as you move. The sole of the shoe is made from dual-density boost cushioning to maximize the arch support you receive.

Addidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

adidas Men's Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe best for wearing with jeans

Ending off the list is another Addidas shoe, the Addidas lite racer running shoe. As the name suggests, these are a very lightweight, thin shoe, making them perfect to wear with jeans.

The shoe features unique laces or a strap that decoratively goes across the top, making these slip-on running shoes. Their design would go perfectly with many different outfits, especially with 8 different colors available.

The shoes were built to be thin, almost sock-like to make sure the wearer is comfortable. These thin, slip-on, running shoes are perfect shoe styles to wear with jeans for men.

The insole is made with an OrthaLite insole to make them even more comfortable, making them perfect for daily use.

The Addidas Lite Racer Adapt running shoes are made with 100% synthetic material, a rubber sole and a Cloudfoam midsole. The solid, neutral colors would be a great addition to any outfit!

How to Wear Running Shoes With Jeans

There’s nothing that could make your outfit stand out more than matching your clothes to your shoes. This makes your outfit look well-put-together and will let people know that you put effort into your look.

Matching your running shoes to your clothes doesn’t have to be exact. You don’t need to find the exact shade of green running shoes to match your green sweatshirt. They just need to be similar colors.

Similarly, if you’re wearing multiple colors in your outfit, your shoes do not need to have every single color. Pick one color that stands out in your outfit and base your shoes off of that color.

Alternatively, wearing a clean, white pair of running shoes can also compliment your outfit. If you’re wearing a busy, colorful outfit already, wearing colorful shoes may distract from that. So, wearing white running shoes will redirect attention to what you’re wearing.

Running Shoes Without Socks

One of the top styling tips to style running shoes with jeans is to wear them without socks or to wear ankle socks that won’t show. If you choose to go sockless, getting running shoes that are comfortable and breathable is important.

Thin running shoes again are a great bet here. Ones that have padding or insoles built-in are another great idea to keep your feet comfortable. Also, ensuring your running shoes are breathable is a good idea if you’re going sockless. Nobody wants sweaty feet!

Going sockless allows more attention to be drawn to your shoes and your outfit rather than your mismatched socks. Cuffing your jeans at the bottom can further show off your shoes as well.

Low-cut Running Shoes

While high-top or high-cut running shoes are great for sports like basketball, they’re harder to style with jeans. As high top running shoes go high up your ankle, they may overlap your jeans. This may make your outfit seem lost among your shoes.

Wearing low-cut running shoes instead lets the focus be on your entire outfit, rather than just your shoes. It is also easier to wear a variety of jeans and running shoes that are low-cut. You can wear a slim fit, skinny, regular, relaxed or loose with low-cut jeans as low-cut shoes will not interfere with the pants.

High-cut running shoes, however, can only be worn with skinny jeans so your pants can tuck into the shoe. Otherwise, the bottom of your jeans will look bulky if they cover the high-tops.

Now that you know the running shoes to wear with jeans, how about completing the look with a Men’s Dress Watches.



The Best Swim Trunks for Muscular Legs This Summer

Best Suspenders For Fat Guys: How to Choose

Style Tips for Large Guys in Suspenders

When you think of a big guy in suspenders, you are immediately transported to those good old movies about Italian mobsters. They are usually a part of the security detail, the sleazy lawyer to the bad guy or a detective in a run-down agency. This stereotyping of that guy is the very reason you need an article that offers major style tips on the best suspenders for fat guys.


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Should you wear suspenders? In general, suspenders are worn with loopless trousers.  Ideally, the trousers would also have the needed buttons sewn inside to attach traditional braces, just in case you’re not using clip-ons. Suspenders are suitable wears for weddings, ceremonies, formal events and evening galas.

We are going to look at some of the more common types of suspenders and how to wear them to suit your body frame for a more modern look or you could choose to top them off with blazers for a less formal look.

Suspenders have a way of transporting your look to the golden years of Hollywood if you do it right. But beyond the general aesthetic appeal, they also have a functional purpose. Apart from using belts, suspenders are a classy way to keep your shirt neatly tucked in your pants. If you want more tips on ensuring that your shirt does not come untucked, you should read this article.

Beyond that traditional vibe, suspenders also has its place in today’s modern world as Hollywood god, Ryan Gosling has proven over and over. Now, Ryan maybe a good-looking stud with a body physique that most people aspire to but with the right moves, big guys can play with suspenders and achieve the same stunning results. That said, let us get into the suspenders Bootcamp.

Different Types of Suspenders for Fat Guys

Before you run off to order outfits that can go with this look, you need to know the different types of suspenders. Technically, you have over 100 types of suspenders for men. Right now, we don’t have the time to go over each and every one of them. Over the years, men’s suspenders style has evolved, and we are going to stay with the styles that are most relevant today.

Best Suspenders to Wear with Jeans

Button Suspenders

These are suspenders that you fasten to your pants with buttons. They are easy to put on, but they keep the whole look formal. So, if you are hoping to achieve that classic gentleman vibe using suspenders, opt for the ones with buttons. They go very well with tuxedos or suits and trust me, there is a difference. Read about it here.

Clip-on Suspenders For Fat Guys

Large Guys in Suspenders

There are clip-on suspenders that have a formal look, but they give this quirky feel which may contradict the sharp classic man look you are aspiring for. However, if you ever find yourself at a laid-back event, you will fit right in. A word of caution though. Clip-on can ruin the waist of your pants after long use. Think about this before you commit to a pair.

Best Suspenders for Big and Tall Guys

Work Suspenders

These are the bigger heavy-duty suspenders used by manual laborers and people who work on construction sites. Unless you work in those fields, I would say that you don’t have any business with these kinds of suspenders.

Leather Suspenders

As you can guess, these are suspenders made of leather. They are great for both formal and social events. Suspenders for men are made from different materials but I included the leather here because of its versatile nature. In fashion, it is important that your clothes serve multiple purposes.

Suit or Black-tie Suspenders

This right here is the king of suspenders for formal wear. From the fabric to the width and right down to the color, these suspenders are designed with the corporate environment in mind. If you are going to be in a work environment most of the time, this is the type of suspenders you should stock up on.

The ABC of How to Wear Suspenders For Big Guys

fat guy in suspendersSuspenders are pretty much one of the easiest ways to accessorize your outfit. But there are a few golden rules you must obey like not wearing a belt with suspenders. Especially if you do not want to be called a fat guy in suspenders. The goal to look like the perfect gentleman and your body size does not have to get in the way of that. With that in mind, let us look at how to wear suspenders the right way.

Rule Number One: Avoid Bright Colors or Patterns

It is no secret that clothing in dark colors has a slimming effect. The same can be said for suspenders in dark colors. If you are a chubby guy, chances are, a concentration of your body’s mass would be around your tummy. Dark-colored suspenders have a way of sculpting that region, but colored suspenders would draw attention to it in the most unflattering way.

Rule Number Two: Be Simple and Classy

You know how some people put an outfit together and even though they have all the right elements, they just don’t seem right? Well the same thing can happen with suspenders. When you pair suspenders with vests or suspenders with belts, you take a left turn from gentlemen’s club and end up in almost-a-clown territory. Stick to a nice shirt (with French cuffs) and a pair of slacks with a good fit.

Rule Number Three: Coordinate Your Outfit Appropriately

how to wear suspenders


Most stylists would tell you that in a formal setting, the color of your suspenders should match your shoes and contrast nicely with your shirt. This is not the only way to coordinate your outfit, but it is the safest way to keep your look elegant. Of course, you could go-ahead to create your own rules. I would advise that you do your experimentation when you are in less formal settings.

What to Pay attention to When Wearing Suspenders

When creating a formal look in suspenders, the genius is in the details. Here are just a few details to factor in your dressing.

Best Men’s Dress Suspenders

What size suspenders do I need?

Typically, you find them in size 46 which is fits everyone. But for a bigger person, you want to go a few sizes higher for a better fit.

The width of the suspenders

Bigger isn’t always better and this is one of those cases. The bigger the suspenders the more utilitarian you would look. Like a serviceman

X marks the spot

Suspenders are crossed with an X or a Y shape at the back. For a fat guy in suspenders, X works best especially if you are going to wear your outfit without a jacket.

On a final note, while this article is more focused style tips for big guys in suspenders, I would say that the most defining thing you can do to create that elegant look is to ensure that the rest of the outfit; shoes, jacket, shirt, and pants are a good fit and in perfect coordination. Nail that and the suspenders would be the icing on the cake.


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