It is OK to Wear Running Shoes with Jeans

Running Shoes to Wear with mens Jeans

As jeans are one of the most popular types of pants to wear casually, learning how to style them properly is very important. You can always dress up or dress down a pair of jeans depending on what you wear them with.

The burning question that many men want to know the answer to is: can you wear running shoes with jeans? You can definitely wear running shoes with jeans, even if you’re trying to dress up your look. You just need the perfect shoe to complete your outfit. So, keep reading to find out what the best men’s running shoes to wear with jeans are.

Thin Running Shoe Style with Jeans

Though they are called running shoes, some styles of running shoes are not meant for running. Running shoes that are made for running can be bulky as they are designed with a lot of cushion and layers to make your feet as comfortable as possible while you run. These are not the type of shoes you want to style with jeans.

Running shoes that you want to style with jeans should be thin so they do not make your feet look bulky. This well help to accentuate the shoes, but not make them overpowering to the outfit. Bulky running shoes would make it look like you just changed into jeans after the gym while thin running shoes will look more intentional and pull your outfit together.

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5 Best Men’s Running Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Nike Men's Tanjun University Red/Black Running Shoe to wear with jeans

Nike’s men’s Tanjun sneakers are a great shoe that fits all of our aforementioned criteria. They are breathable, comfortable, lightweight and come in a variety of solid colors to match with any outfit.

In fact, these shoes come in forty colors, meaning everyone can find their favorite color. The side of the shoe features Nike’s signature checkmark as well.

The Nike Tanjun sneakers are made with a lightweight, mesh material which means you can wear them without socks to complete your look.

The white, rubber sole of the shoe makes whatever color you choose really pop! Even though it is white, since it is rubber, the sole will be easy to clean if you walk through any dirt or puddles.

The shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that many people have said wearing them only feels like you’re wearing socks. That being said, they are still durable and they have a cushioned foot bed for extra support and comfort.

Addidas Originals Men’s Swift Run Knit Shoes

adidas Originals Men's Swift Running Sneaker to match with jeans

Another casual shoes to were with jeans is the Addidas’ original knit shoes. The knitted material makes the shoe breathable and easy to wear all day.

These Addidas shoes also come in 18 different colors, including plain white to wear with your colorful outfits. With an embroidered design in the shoe, even the plain white ones still look good and can be dressed up depending on your outfit.

The Addidas knit shoes are low-top, perfect for rolling up the cuff of your jeans to show them off. They are comfortable to wear as well as they are lightweight and have good arch support.

The shoes feature Addidas’ signature three lines on the side, but if you don’t want to show off the logo too much, the lines in the white version blend in with the shoe. The rubber sole of the shoe also blends in as it is either black or white depending on the color you pick.

Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Revolution 5 Running Shoe to style with men's jeans

Another Nike shoe that’s great to wear with jeans is Nike’s Revolution 5 running shoe. These are a minimalist, lightweight shoe perfect for daily wear with any pair of jeans.

With a smaller color selection of 12 different, neutral colors, these shoes are a good staple piece to keep in your closet. Wearing neutral color running shoes are great to show off your jeans and outfit as your shoes won’t draw too much attention.

As these shoes are a lightweight knit material, they are super breathable and can be worn with or without socks. Even though they are lightweight, they still offer great and comfortable support.

These shoes are made with plush, cushioned insoles to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. There is also spacing in the tread of the shoe that offers traction.

The Nike Revolution 5 running shoe is made with a rubber, synthetic sole that offers durable traction. The shoe itself are made with a knit textile and the inside I made with a soft foam to ensure the wearer is comfortable.

Ultraboost 19 Addidas Running Shoes

adidas Men's Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe, Black/Black/White, 10 M US

Going back to Addidas, these Ultraboost 19s are the perfect running shoe you can wear with any pair of jeans. These shoes are so lightweight that they almost feel like a second skin.

The Addidas Ultraboost 19s are made with energized cushioning to make sure your feet are comfortable throughout the day.

They are also low-tops, meaning they can pair with any cut of jeans perfectly, making sure your cuffs and ankles don’t look bulky.

As the Ultraboost 19s are made of a knit material, they are breathable and will keep your feet cool, even without socks.

Only weighing 11 ounces means these shoes will not leave you feeling tired from carrying extra weight. Despite the lightweight, they still provide excellent support as they have a stabilizing torsion spring built into the heel.

Lastly, to ensure comfortability, the Ultraboost 19s are engineered to expand and support your feet as you move. The sole of the shoe is made from dual-density boost cushioning to maximize the arch support you receive.

Addidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

adidas Men's Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe best for wearing with jeans

Ending off the list is another Addidas shoe, the Addidas lite racer running shoe. As the name suggests, these are a very lightweight, thin shoe, making them perfect to wear with jeans.

The shoe features unique laces or a strap that decoratively goes across the top, making these slip-on running shoes. Their design would go perfectly with many different outfits, especially with 8 different colors available.

The shoes were built to be thin, almost sock-like to make sure the wearer is comfortable. These thin, slip-on, running shoes are perfect shoe styles to wear with jeans for men.

The insole is made with an OrthaLite insole to make them even more comfortable, making them perfect for daily use.

The Addidas Lite Racer Adapt running shoes are made with 100% synthetic material, a rubber sole and a Cloudfoam midsole. The solid, neutral colors would be a great addition to any outfit!

How to Wear Running Shoes With Jeans

There’s nothing that could make your outfit stand out more than matching your clothes to your shoes. This makes your outfit look well-put-together and will let people know that you put effort into your look.

Matching your running shoes to your clothes doesn’t have to be exact. You don’t need to find the exact shade of green running shoes to match your green sweatshirt. They just need to be similar colors.

Similarly, if you’re wearing multiple colors in your outfit, your shoes do not need to have every single color. Pick one color that stands out in your outfit and base your shoes off of that color.

Alternatively, wearing a clean, white pair of running shoes can also compliment your outfit. If you’re wearing a busy, colorful outfit already, wearing colorful shoes may distract from that. So, wearing white running shoes will redirect attention to what you’re wearing.

Running Shoes Without Socks

One of the top styling tips to style running shoes with jeans is to wear them without socks or to wear ankle socks that won’t show. If you choose to go sockless, getting running shoes that are comfortable and breathable is important.

Thin running shoes again are a great bet here. Ones that have padding or insoles built-in are another great idea to keep your feet comfortable. Also, ensuring your running shoes are breathable is a good idea if you’re going sockless. Nobody wants sweaty feet!

Going sockless allows more attention to be drawn to your shoes and your outfit rather than your mismatched socks. Cuffing your jeans at the bottom can further show off your shoes as well.

Low-cut Running Shoes

While high-top or high-cut running shoes are great for sports like basketball, they’re harder to style with jeans. As high top running shoes go high up your ankle, they may overlap your jeans. This may make your outfit seem lost among your shoes.

Wearing low-cut running shoes instead lets the focus be on your entire outfit, rather than just your shoes. It is also easier to wear a variety of jeans and running shoes that are low-cut. You can wear a slim fit, skinny, regular, relaxed or loose with low-cut jeans as low-cut shoes will not interfere with the pants.

High-cut running shoes, however, can only be worn with skinny jeans so your pants can tuck into the shoe. Otherwise, the bottom of your jeans will look bulky if they cover the high-tops.

Now that you know the running shoes to wear with jeans, how about completing the look with a Men’s Dress Watches.



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