How to Wear Monk Strap Shoes With Jeans

Best Monk Strap ShoesMonk strap shoes have been around for centuries, and surprisingly, they’ve managed to remain classy through the times, to the present day. While they have this inherent hint of formality, many struggles to take them seriously because of the “unconventional straps.” Nevertheless, adding monk strap shoes to your wardrobe is one way to add class and versatility to your gentleman’s collection.

How to Wear Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans? Whether you’re dressing formally or casually, brown leather and suede monk shoes are the most versatile. Avoid black monk straps unless you’re wearing black denim. Most importantly, keep your jeans slim or straight, and don’t be afraid to show some ankles. Baggy jeans don’t look good on monk strap shoes.

If you’re not so familiar with monk straps or you’re just curious as to how you can style fashionably with this interesting footwear, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this article.

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Why Are They Called Monk Strap Shoes?

Today, monk straps are one of the highlights of classic shoe styling, and rightly so. They’ve been around for many centuries, and it’s quite a wonder that they’re so popular today. But how did they get that somewhat unique appellation?

While we can’t establish the particular, it’s widely regarded that the shoes were invented in Europe centuries ago. During that period, the more common sandal design evolved into a more protective shoe design that still very much incorporated the straps.

This closed-toe version became very popular among monks because of the improved protection and comfort it offers – that’s how it came to be called monk straps. However, ever since, the shoe has occasionally had brief moments of popularity and obscurity.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, the older monk strap shoe designs have undergone transformations that have helped develop it into the classic and fashionable shoe it is today.

Are Monk Strap Shoes Comfortable?

They first became popular for their protectiveness and comfort. So, yes!! Monk straps are relatively comfortable. They are predominantly made out of leather and don’t have the same level of responsiveness, and breathability footwear like sneakers have, but they are not unpleasant to wear, nonetheless.

It becomes more important to choose the right size, material, and quality, as these factors will determine how comfortable you feel in your monk straps.

Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans

We must say- styling with monk straps in the mix is not the easiest. There exists the question of whether it is a formal or casual shoe, and many people struggle to add this alternative footwear to their style. Moreover, it becomes even more complex when you add jeans into the mix.

The exciting thing is that they are versatile enough to fit in several styles. It’s majorly a matter of combining with the right apparels. Let’s quickly dive into how you can combine different monk strap shoe styles with jeans.

Double Monk Strap Shoes

La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip on Loafer Cap Toe Leather Oxford Formal Business Casual Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

Double monks display a more audacious style compared to single monks. Monk straps are not the most formal, but double monks are even less formal. If you would prefer that your style reveals some personality, include double monks in your casual dressing for less formal occasions like weddings, hangouts, and even business lunches.

Like any other type of monk straps, you need to be conscious of the fit of your jean pants. As big and loose jeans do not accent monk straps shoes well, make sure you keep the fit slim, or at the very most straight.

Single Monk Strap Shoes


Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Edge Flex Monk Strap Loafer, Black, 10 M US

By nature of the one-strap design, single monk straps have a more formal appearance. They’re perfect for semi-formal, business casual, and at times, formal occasions. In a business environment, you can combine light-colored single monks with straight jeans, oxford shirts, well-tailored suits, or jackets.

When you can afford to be more relaxed and less formal, you can complement a single monk strap shoe with blazers, cardigans, and polo shirts, while sticking to slim fit and straight fit jeans. We recommend that you steer clear of black single monk straps unless you’re combining them with black jeans. If your sense of style is very emboldened, blue, grey, and forest green are some exciting colors to consider.

Suede Monk Strap Shoes


Calvin Klein Men's Monk Strap Suede Shoes Loafer, Tan, 8.5

While it is essentially another form of leather, suede differs from conventional leather somehow, and it’s our next best material for monk straps. Whether it’s single or double straps, the textured look and the suede material feel will seamlessly blend with denim jean material for balance and unity.

Suede monks are more suited to less formal dressing and occasions. The material is sufficiently durable, but the problem many people have with it is that it stains and easily and is permeable to liquid. 


Leather vs Suede Monk Strap Shoes

Choosing between suede leather and smooth leather material when choosing monk straps comes down to personal preference. However, if you will make an informed choice, you should need to appreciate the peculiarities of both fully.

A leather monk strap shoe is a perfect complement to formal dressing. What’s more formal than appearing in your business suit and stepping in with leather monk straps? On the other hand, suede monk straps’ rougher texture makes for a more relaxed style for smart casual, business casual, and other less formal styles.

Another area where they differ – albeit not significantly – is durability. Both suede and smooth leather material are known for durability, but leather is a bit tougher than suede. Furthermore, suede requires harder work at maintenance and, as a result of the permeability, it is not the best option to wear in bad weather.


What Jeans Go Well With Monk Strap Shoes?

Oddly enough, “fit” is the most significant factor when combining jeans with monk straps. With sneakers, you can float baggy jeans, straight jeans, or even the slims. With monk straps, however, you are limited to a straight fit and slim fit jeans. A brown monk strap will always look good under some dark slim fit jeans.

We recommend that you keep the jeans dark-colored, but you can be as experimental as you want with shoe color ( for casual styles ). For formal styles, you want to stick to black or brown smooth leather monk straps.

Outfit Ideas for Monk Strap Shoes and Jeans

Formal Outfit

As monk straps are not the most formal, you want to stick to single monk straps, to preserve that sense of formality in your style. Dark slim fit jeans that show your ankles go well with light-colored oxford shirts with a tie under a plain or striped blazer. While it’s not compulsory to wear socks, you may want to put some on to help the “formal” illusion. That is as formal as you can get in jeans and monk straps. 

Smart Casual/ Semi-Formal

When styling an outfit for less formal occasions, you have the option of single or double straps. You may also want to incorporate suede monk straps. You can let go of the otherwise boring black and brown shoes for more adventurous colors, but they remain the best colors to match basic and neutral colors.

Try a light-colored oxford shirt tucked into straight fit jeans. To keep up appearances, add a blazer or cardigan, a suitable felt hat, and of course, sunglasses. Depending on the event’s formality, you can sport an untucked linen shirt on slim fit jeans for a relaxed and summer theme style. 


This is the most fun. Throw on some dark-colored T-shirt, fitted jeans, and some double monk straps. You can as well rock a fashionable sweater on some straight or slim-fit jeans and finish off with brown, tan, or any other light-colored suede monk straps. When it comes to casual styling with jeans, suede monk straps are the best. 


Socks to Wear With Monk Strap Shoes

One of the exciting things about these shoes is that they look good with or without socks. Nevertheless, they become kind of necessary when you’re shooting for a formal style. The best way to cut your pants is to reveal your ankles, so it is not a bad idea to have socks on.

Wear black socks when you step out in black monk straps and greys with lighter monk strap shades. Avoid patterned socks because they’ll draw much attention and affect the seamless transition between pants and shoes. You can go sockless for less formal styling.


Can You Wear Monk Strap Shoes With Suit?

One may wonder if the less formal aura of monk straps can be balanced by a well-tailored suit for the perfect formal style. Yes, monk straps are versatile enough to be worn with suits (in more formal styles). Black and brown smooth leather monk straps are the best to wear with suits. However, ensure that you stick with single strap shoes for a more formal appeal.


Can You Wear Monk Strap Shoes With a Tuxedo?

While they can be worn with suits (to less formal effect), monk strap shoes should not be combined with extremely formal wear like tuxedos.


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