9 Best Men’s Chino Pants for Work You Should Have In Your Closet This Summer

Mens chino pants casualChinos pants are dynamite. It doesn’t matter how crazy men’s fashion trends get. You should always have a pair of great chinos in your wardrobe. They’re the go-to pants for functionality and versatility. But finding the best men’s chino pants for work can be such an ordeal. And that’s why we’ve created this article to ease that burden.

But first, why are they called Chino pants? Chino pants were made originally from Chinese twill cotton as uniforms for American soldiers during the Spanish-American War. They were initially called Pantalones chinos, Spanish for Chinese pants. Later on, it became shortened to chinos.

As versatile and functional as chino pants are, styling them can get tricky. Just think of your dad’s boxy unflattering chinos that usually sit too high on the waist. So even after deciding on the best men’s chino pants for work, you have to know how to style them. But not to worry, we’ve got you.

But before we talk about styling, here are 7 best men’s chino pants for work you must have in your closet:

Carhartt Men’s Work Chino Pants

Carhartt Men's Blended Twill Work Chino,Khaki,58 x 32

Carhartt is well known for its well-fitting, comfortable, and heavy-duty apparel.  And with these work chino pants, they definitely lived up to their reputation.

These pants just put the rugged in Chinos. They leave you feeling confident and masculine.

And if you’re looking for durable and high-quality pants, these are a great option.

Made from a durable blend of polyester and cotton twill, these pants are strong and guaranteed to withstand lots of wear and tear. You also get to enjoy its triple stitch seams.

You won’t be throwing them out anytime soon.

These chinos work pants look professional enough for the office, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get down and dirty in them.

And those really deep pockets can serve as storage space when you need to do some handy work.

These pants also come with easy care features like wrinkle resistance and stain repellents.

So, no matter the profession, these pants are a worker’s dream come true. Chinos pants built to last for the active worker.

Main Features

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Stain repellant
  • Permanent pant crease
  • Triple stitch seams
  • Lower rise waistband
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IZOD Men’s Stretch Chino Pants

IZOD Men's Big & Tall Advantage Performance Flat Front Straight Fit Chino Pant, Black, 54W X 29L

Whether it’s work or play, wearing comfort with IZOD Men’s Stretch Chinos Pants is a blast. You get to enjoy maximum ease and movement.

Its sport flex stretch technology moves with your body giving you complete flexibility and free movement.

It also comes with a sport flex waistband that stretches up to 1 inch for added comfort.

With these chino pants, you don’t just get functionality. You get style too. Sporting these pants gives you that classic look that will keep the compliments coming.

The pants also come with wrinkle resistance, so you wear this pair of pants with confidence all day. Zero concern about getting them wrinkled.

Its easy-care features are an added bonus to your looking sharp and stylish with no effort. Pair with a short-sleeve button-down shirt for a dapper look.

Main Features

  • 58% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Closure type:button
  • Machine wash
  • Sport flex stretch technology
  • Wrinkle-free
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Dockers Men’s Ultimate Chino Pants

Dockers Men's Straight Fit Ultimate Chino with Smart 360 Flex (Regular and Big & Tall), New British Khaki (Waterless), 36W x 34L

If you’re the kind of man who loves a well-tailored, slightly stretchy pair of work pants with a great fit, you’ll love this pair.

This Dockers Ultimate Chinos is the ultimate style game-changer. Whether you’re off duty or on duty, your style remains one to watch out for.

You can also ditch the iron with these pants’ easy-care feature. It is completely wrinkle-free.

Made from good quality fabric, with a flexible waistband that sits below the waist and a four-way stretch, this pair of pants offer comfort and a great fit.

It also comes with a hidden security pocket feature and 3D belt loops for reinforcement.

Main Features

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Invisible security pocket on the right side
  • Four-way stretch
  • Double-needle stitching
  • Flexible waistbands
  • 3D belt-loops
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Dockers Men’s Lux Khaki Pants

Dockers Men's Straight Fit Signature Lux Cotton Stretch Pant, New British Khaki, 36W x 32L

Dockers went at it again with its signature Lux cotton stretch pants.

Made from good quality fabric, this pair of chinos pants has a great quality feel and is a great fit.

The Lux cotton stretch pants with wrinkle resistance and a permanent crease are a recipe for style and easy care.

They give you a freshly pressed look all day. Their stretch feature also offers all-day comfort and great flexibility.

This pair of work pants have super durable buttons, so you never have to worry about them coming loose. Talk about boosting confidence.

It also comes with a flexible waistband, so you have extra comfort while you’re on the move.

And finally, with these pants style and detail so you can easily go from work mode to fun mode.

Main Features

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Closure Type: Button
  • Machine wash
  • Lux cotton stretch
  • Wrinkle-free technology, permanent crease
  • Super durable buttons
  • Shirt gripper
  • Flexible waistband
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Dockers Men’s Workday Khaki Pants

Dockers Men's Straight Fit Workday Khaki Smart 360 Flex Pants, Black (Stretch), 34W x 32L

This stylish pair is great for any activity. You can bend, crawl or squat with this blend of cotton and elastane Chino work pants.

Get down and dirty without breaking a seam. It’s perfectly comfortable and fantastic for work and casual outings.

Not only is this pair of pants stretchy and comfortable, but it is also durable and provides a perfect fit.

It’s got a nice, soft quality feel, and it’s wrinkle-free.

Dockers men’s smart 360 is a classic fit and also comes with a unique hidden security pocket for extra confidence.

Although fairly slim-fitting, it allows for a great deal of flexibility. And its flexible waistband for extra comfort and added mobility.

This is flexibility, style, and comfort at its best.

Main Features

  • 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Hidden security pocket
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Single Welt Back Pockets with button-through closure on Right
  • Stretch Pocket Bags with coin catch in the right front pocket
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Calvin Klein Men’s Chino Pants

Calvin Klein Men's Refined Stretch Chino Slim Fit Pant, Black, 32W x 30L

It is very hard to go past Calvin Klein work pants, especially when it has such amazing features as these ones do. These pants are definitely one of the best men’s chinos pants for work.

It’s a perfect blend of comfort and style.

With Calvin’s refined stretch slim-fit pants, you get a refined, luxurious, and classic look.

These chino pants are made from 98% Cotton and 2% elastane that gives them the right stretch for comfort and ease of movement.

And it also comes with functional front and back pockets for storage.

Great fabric and construction that’s both elegant and casual, perfect for a workday. Another major feature is that it is super durable and long-lasting with proper care.

Main Features

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Closure Type: Button
  • Inseam
  • 30 inches
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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Chinos Pants

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Tailored Fit Chinos Pants (36x32, Gray)

You can’t expect anything short on style and functionality when it comes to Tommy Hilfiger. And this pair of Chinos Work Pants are no exception.

These pants are perfectly tailored with a flat front design for the classic man.

That flat front design makes sure these pants rest flawlessly against your body, giving you a great fit.

They’re also quite stretchy, allowing you to move around freely and comfortably.

Made from strong, durable material, these chinos work pants are one of the reasons why we love Hilfiger.

You also can’t ignore the super cool signature embroidered flag logo above the back right pocket. This pair of Chinos work pants just screams ‘style.’

So, stay hardworking and fashionable with Hilfiger classic.

Main Features

  • Stretch Chino Pants
  • Tailored Fit
  • Flat Front
  • Button Close With Zipper Fly
  • Embroidered Flag Logo Above Back Right Pocket
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How to Style and Wear Chino Pants

As a general rule, Chino pants go with practically everything.

They are incredibly versatile, and so you can dress them up or down, either choosing a formal look or a casual one.

However, it’s still easy to make mistakes when styling. You want to make sure you are styling it properly.

Styling Chino pants are a combination of fit, color, and occasion. Are you going for a casual, semi-formal, or formal look–and we might even throw in a “bad boy” look?

You can wear chinos casually or professionally. For a professional or work look, you can pair them with leather shoes and a shirt, or maybe even a blazer and tie.

And for a more relaxed look, you can pair your chinos with a simple t-shirt or pullovers, a belt, and sneakers.

You need to know the occasion, find the perfect fit and color that works best.

Let’s see how you can pair some of these chino pants colors:

  • Red Chinos: Pair red chinos with basic colors, like crisp whites, for a simple weekend look.
  • White Chinos: Clean, bright, and fresh, white chinos work incredibly well with various shades of blue and also denim chambray shirts.
  • Pink Chinos: Since pink is such a bright color, you want to balance these chinos with whites or darker navies.
  • Stone Chinos: Stone chinos offer the middle ground between tan and white. They work well with bright colors or pastels in any season.

And what of shoes and belts?

Depending on your style choice, whether formal or casual, you can wear shoes like trainers, sneakers, boots, loafers, and so on.

Generally, chinos and loafers pair easily to suit several styles.

For belts, light-colored chinos (khaki, white, stone) pair beautifully with dark-colored belts like black. More traditional colors like blue go better with a brown belt.

What to Consider When Buying Chinos


Get your right fit. Go for the pair of Chinos that complements your build and height. Fitted chinos are neither too tight nor too baggy.

Chinos should also not be too long. You may cuff them for a more casual look or hem them in for a sleeker, more formal look.

Note that chino pants should generally be mid-rise and sit comfortably around the waist. Slim fit and skinny chinos will typically hug the thighs and reveal a defined silhouette.

In formal settings, straight-fit chinos lend a classic, clean-cut look, while tailored chinos give a more flattering silhouette and versatile style. Regular chinos, on the other hand, provide more room around the thighs.


Chinos come in a variety of colors. From more conservative ones in black, tan, navy, white, and grey to bolder options like pink, orange, and red.

Don’t be afraid to pick a more outgoing color. But of course, you may choose to play it safe or take a risk.

But whatever color you choose, go for classic tones of hues for a consistent and timeless look.

More Chino Pants Style Tips

You can also try out these Chinos and shirt combinations:

  • Green Chinos With Striped Shirt.
  • Dark Blue Shirt With Tanned Chinos.
  • Denim Shirt With White Chinos.
  • Grey Chinos With Navy Shirt.
  • Navy Chinos With Light Blue Shirt.
  • Black Shirt With Beige Chinos.
  • Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt And Grey Chinos.
  • Vertical Striped Shirt With Grey Chinos.
  • White Chinos and indigo shirt
  • Slim fit shirt with black chinos
  • Floral shirt and grey chinos
  • White shirt with olive chinos
  • Maroon shirt with black chinos
  • Pink chinos with a khaki, blue shirt.

Khakis vs. Chinos. What’s the Difference

It can get pretty confusing trying to differentiate between khakis and chinos. They look pretty much the same.

But do they?

Khakis tend to be thick and straight-legged. They’re also usually pleated in the front and have cuffs at the bottom hems.

Chinos, on the other hand, are lightweight. They’re tapered to fit narrowly as they go lower on the legs. Chinos are also typically flat-fronted and may be either cuffed or uncuffed.

Simply put, while chinos tend to be more streamlined, khakis usually look more blocky.

However, both khakis and chinos are made from cotton twill.

A major difference between both is how they’re styled. Khakis are more sturdy and used more as work-wear. Chinos, on the other hand, are lighter and dressier, more suitable for formal occasions.

Now, of course, these rules are not hard and fast ones. Designers can choose to mix things up when creating wear.


And that’s it! The best men’s chino pants for work and how to style them.

And now, you can continue on your style journey. But you also need the right shirt to go with your chinos. So why not check out these articles?

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