How to Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans for Different Occasions


Combining the sophistication of a suit jacket with the comfort of jeans is a tried and tested styling option. So, if you are aiming to stand out on a semi-formal occasion, wear a suit jacket with jeans.

This combo serves as a harmonious blend of two distinct styles. So, in this article, we are going to unfold the ways to achieve a perfect look by wearing a suit jacket with jeans.

If you are all set to transform your wardrobe and confidently carry your distinct style, continue reading!

Is it OK to Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

Wearing a suit jacket with jeans is a viable option when you don’t want to look too formal or too casual. However, you can’t pair a random suit jacket with jeans.

There are certain things to consider when you wear suit jacket with jeans. By following some common rules, you can carry a nice and attractive look with such a combo.

What Kind of Suit Jacket to Wear with Jeans?

You have limited choices when it comes to wear a suit jacket with jeans. The types of suit jackets that go well with jeans are listed below:

  1. Basic Suit Jacket
  2. Sport Coat
  3. Blazer

Basic Suit Jacket

Choose a single-breasted basic suit jacket with only two or three buttons. In addition, go for a less formal suit jacket with flap pockets. A jacket with a broader chest and shoulder would pair well with jeans.

Sport Coat

A sport coat is the least formal option, allowing you to pair it with jeans. It is usually thicker and more comfortable. So, you can wear it with jeans to stay warm and cozy during winter.


Blazers don’t come with matching trousers, which means they are meant to be worn with different types of pants. These types of suit jackets come in dark colors, allowing them to pair well with jeans.

Dos and Don’ts When Wearing Suit Jacket and Jeans

Here are the most prominent Dos and Don’ts of wearing a suit jacket with jeans:


  • Pair a dark suit jacket with dark jeans
  • Wear a dress shirt with a suit jacket and jeans
  • Make sure to wear a leather belt with a suit jacket and jeans
  • Choose formal-looking jeans with a casual styled suit jacket
  • Depending on the fabric and color of your suit jacket, you can wear a tie or pocket square


  • Avoid wearing a suit jacket and jeans to a funeral
  • Don’t wear jeans with rips, holes, or acid wash
  • Don’t tuck out the shirt when you wear a suit jacket with jeans

Which Shoes Go Best with Suit Jacket and Jeans

If you want to wear suite jacket with jeans, here are the types of shoes that go well with this combo:

  • Loafers
  • Monk straps
  • Chelsea boots


Loafers and jeans are meant for each other. There is hardly any casual occasion where loafers don’t go with jeans. So, when you wear a suit jacket with jeans, finishing it off with loafers would be a great idea.

Monk Straps

Since these shoes don’t have laces, they look less formal. Therefore, you can wear them with your suit jacket and jeans. You can choose dark or light brown monk-strap shoes.

Chelsea Boots

Being versatile, Chelsea boots give a nice casual look when worn with a suit jacket and jeans. Also, these boots pair well with black or dark blue jeans.

What to Wear with a Suit Jacket and Jeans

Although pairing a suit jacket with jeans tends to be a bit casual styling, you can add a touch of formality by wearing some accessories.

Below are the items that you can wear with a suit jacket and jeans.

  • Shirt
  • Watch
  • Belt
  • Jewelry


You can wear a colored dress shirt with your suit jacket and jeans. To keep your outfit less formal, try wearing patterned shirts. This will give a perfect look to your overall outfit. Besides, consider the fabric of a suit jacket when finding a perfect shirt.


Avoid wearing white dial watches with black leather straps, as they look too formal. On the contrary, go for watches that are designed for casual and relaxed styling.

Analog watches with colorful dials and straps can do the trick. Besides, you can try wearing a digital watch for carrying a more casual look.


Since thinner belts are formal, thicker leather belts can pair well with your suit jacket and jeans. Also, choose colors other than black. For instance, you can opt for dark or light brown colored belts with a matt finish. If you’re searching for the perfect belt to complement your jeans, check out our guide featuring the top 14 belts to wear with jeans.


Men’s jewelry that looks awesome with a suit jacket and jeans includes bracelets, rings, and cufflinks. You can experiment with any of these options to find a killer combination. However, avoid wearing too much of this stuff.

Best Types of Jeans That Work Well with a Suit Jacket

Not all types of jeans look good with a suit jacket. Hence, it is advised to be careful when you wear a suit jacket with jeans.

Listed below are the types of jeans that are highly recommended to be worn with a suit jacket:

  • Denim (Dark Colored)
  • Slim-fit Jeans
  • Tapered Jeans

Denim (Dark Colored)

Denim is the most preferred option when you want to wear it with a suit jacket. However, make sure to choose dark-colored denim jeans. In addition, make sure to avoid wearing jeans with patches or acid-wash design patterns.

Slim-fit Jeans

These types of jeans are suitable for casual and comfortable styling. So, you can easily wear them with a suit jacket. For a great-looking outfit, try wearing jeans with dark colors.

Tapered Jeans

If you love wearing slim jeans but don’t want to compromise comfort, tapered jeans could be the option to consider. Hence, tapered jeans look awesome with a suit jacket.

This type of jeans is a combination of skinny and straight-fit jeans. Tapered jeans are neither too tight nor too loose. Therefore, these jeans ensure both comfort and styling.


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