Best Vegan Leather Jacket for Men that’s Better Than the Real Thing

6 Best Vegan Leather Jackets for Men: Better Than the Real Thing

vegan leather jackets

Identifying and patronizing the best vegan leather jackets as well as other sustainable ethical fashion pieces is a true hallmark of real Vegans, an honorable act that is gradually becoming hip and entrenched deeply in mainstream fashion.

Fashion designers and “vegangelicals” are flooding our markets with luxurious and beautiful designs of faux leather jackets as a sustainable alternative to the animal leather that has been in use since time immemorial.

This, along with the continued emergence of new ethical fashion boutiques and shops (brick and mortar, and online), is making the transition to vegan and sustainable fashion a seamless and much easier process.

But, like most good things, getting this far was not an easy process.


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Best Men’s Vegan Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Members Only Men's Classic Biker Jacket, Black, Large

Members Only Men’s Classic Biker Jacket

Classic biker jacket by Members Only. This vegan biker jacket is made from our signature vegan leather that has been finished with just the right amount of vintage to create an awesome look. Features two zipper pockets, a front biker pocket, and our heritage chest pocket. It has an attached adjustable belt, and the real classic biker lapels.

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Best Men’s Vegan Suede jacket

Levi's Men's Faux Suede Lightweight Trucker Bomber Jacket, Mocha, Medium

Levi’s Suede Lightweight Trucker Vegan Bomber Jacket

From the staple of the world’s renowned makers of the iconic blue jeans comes this darling of the men’s wardrobe, Levi’s men faux suede lightweight trucker jacket.

With this awesome and stylish vegan leather outer garment, the days of you having to put on animal leather for the sake of getting the needed warmth and comfort that they offer are long gone.

Aside from its high quality, this must-have jacket also affords you a macho and high fashionable look all, at the same time.

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Best Faux Leather Suede Jacket

Members Only Men's Vegan Leather and Suede Bomber, Black, XL

Members Only Men’s Bomber Jacket

Do you fancy the idea of becoming a member of the “good-looking gentlemen’s club?”

If you do, then it is time to upgrade your wardrobe with the addition of a Members Only men’s vegan and suede bomber jacket.

This timeless and versatile shade bomber style vegan suede jacket is fashioned from the best of vegan faux leather by Members Only.

With an oblique entry set of pockets at the side, the iconic breast pockets, as well as the ribbed collar and cuffs, this jacket is a fundamental necessity.

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Designer Men’s Faux Leather Jacket in Black

Cole Haan Signature Men's Vegan Leather Shirt Collar Jacket, Black, Medium

Cole Haan Signature Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

The ever-fashionable Cole Haan signature men’s faux-leather jacket is another best vegan outer garment most worthy of your wardrobe.

It is sharp and its authentic soft and sleek feel makes it a perfect mimicry of real animal leather.

The jacket looks expensive because of its slick and chic design; and best of all, it is made from a 100 percent synthetic material that is “hand washable.”

The jacket features two side entry pockets, a bottom-to-top zipper, and a shirt collar that is sure to add style and flair to any outfit.

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Best Faux Leather Biker jacket

Mens Casual Slim Fit Moto Bomber Biker Racer Jacket Faux Leather Black, Large

Fairylinks Slim Bomber Biker Racer Jacket

The Fairylinks men’s casual slim fit moto bomber biker racer jacket is high premium quality polyurethane leather specifically designed for your lasting use.

This vegan motorcycle jacket is extremely versatile and perfect for withstanding the windy weather that bikers are typically exposed to.

Its adjustable sleeve, standing collar, and rock design patches make it an ideal vegan biker jacket, that perfect choice for your riding experience.

It is available in several colors and sizes which makes it suitable for you to trust at nights when temperatures are extremely low.

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Best Men’s Faux Leather Jacket with Hood

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Marble Faux Leather Moto Jacket with Hood, Black, X-Large

Kenneth Cole REACTION Moto Jacket with Hood

The Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Marble Faux-Leather Moto Jacket with Hood is a faux-leather moto jacket with a bottom to the top zipper, double-breasted snap-flap pockets, and side entry pockets towards the hips.

This lightweight polyurethane jacket is a perfect choice for the warmer seasons, especially towards the end of summer and spring.

It has a good, flexible, and soft texture as well as a sleek and chic design. This combines to give it an alluring look mimicking real animal leather.

No doubt, this item is a wardrobe essential for you as a vegan male.


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Why Is This Top 6 Vegan Leather Men’s Jacket Group At The Top Of The Ladder?

The dilemma of the vegan man or woman is that among the best vegan leather jackets readily available in the market are products that are not purely vegan considering that they have been compromised with some animal-based materials (secretly, of course).

Nevertheless, here is a list of 6 best faux leather jackets, a better alternative to the real thing and is 100 percent vegan by every atom.

These high-quality vegan leather jackets are excellent versatile pieces of outer garment perfect for pulling a look together on any outfit of yours. Whether it be casual or business casual

You can style them:

  • with a combo of your favorite jeans and tee shirt
  • Layered over your dress shirts to complement that professional look


Is Faux Leather Vegan And Is It Durable?

Your mind is set to find an ethical alternative to a true leather jacket. And there are some great options here to start your journey. But maybe you have more questions: Is faux leather actually vegan? Yes and no.

It’s worth taking time to research your new vegan wardrobe alternatives. While some brands boast being vegan, sadly, some are not 100%. Here’s a short list of a few more clothing brands beyond what’s been mentioned to consider when shopping for your vegan leather jacket.

  • Calvin Klein
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Dockers
  • Chouyatou
  • Wantdo
  • Trimthread

With these brands, you can be confident you’re getting a quality and cruelty-free jacket. A quick disclaimer: while these brands offer superior vegan leather jackets, not all their items on every brand site is vegan. Always read product descriptions if detouring from their faux leather jackets before purchasing.

What About Durability?

Making real leather may wreak havoc on the planet, but no one can argue its durability stands the test of time. When the shift towards vegan clothing first started, the main problem was that synthetic leathers not only looked cheap, they did not hold up and were infamous for peeling.

Not so today. Brands have taken careful, ethical measures to ensure their processing of faux leather isn’t just another form of pollution. But even more so, that their faux leather jackets look good while giving you the durability you expect from leather.

Most often, vegan leather is made from polyurethane – a lightweight and extremely durable polymer fabric. Beyond that, vegan leather also utilizes:

  • Simple plant material like pineapple leaves, apple peels, waxed canvas, and corks
  • Recycled nylon
  • Other non-animal microfibers

How to Choose The Best Faux Leather Jacket

A high-quality vegan leather jacket will be your wardrobe staple for years to come. Here are some tips on what to look for to make sure your ethical alternative holds up:

The Texture of the Jacket

Look for a matte surface with a bit of grain. Shiny, smooth faux leather screams synthetic and just looks fake.

Cotton Backing

What does cotton have to do with finding the best vegan leather? Everything. A high-quality faux leather with have cotton backing. This means that the lining behind the leather is cotton. Using a cotton fiber behind the leather will ensure its durability and keep it from peeling, cracking, stretching, and tearing. There are other synthetic backings, but cotton is confidently the best quality.

Weight of the Jacket

While it’s true that most faux leather products are made with the lightweight polyurethane, some density (supplied by a blend of the other materials mentioned) will provide the quality and caliber needed to elevate your faux leather.

Color of the Jacket

The more “unnatural” the color, the weaker the fabric. Coloring breaks down fibers, so opt for the classic black if you can. This is not to say you cannot get a brighter hue, just plan to be very careful with your jacket as stretching and breaking will more easily occur.

How your Faux Leather jacket should Fit

This applies to any article of clothing. Nothing ruins your look more than ill-fitting garments. For outerwear, like a vegan leather jacket, make sure it fits comfortably – it should never be tight. If it’s tight, you’ll be adding strain to the material encouraging stretch which leads to tearing and a tired-looking jacket.

How to Take Care of a Faux Leather Jacket

Now that you found your ideal vegan leather jacket, which, let’s be honest, was not cheap, it’s important to take good care of it.

Use a good conditioner to prevent your jacket from cracking or losing its luster. Thankfully, you can find one for around $10 on sites like Amazon. Likewise, a multi-purpose foam cleaner is all you need to clean your vegan leather.

If you’re traveling for a while and don’t want to haul around bulky bottles to take care of your jacket, a container of petroleum-based jelly (like Vaseline), will do wonders for keeping your faux leather strong and crack resistant.

These products won’t break the bank and are worth far more than their price tag to ensure your vegan leather jacket stays in top condition.

Distinguishing Faux Leather from the Real Deal

If you come across a jacket that isn’t one of the brands discussed so far, but you like it and want to make sure it’s truly faux, there are some quick ways to tell.

  • First off, read the label. That’s right, dig out that little tag on the collar or down the side and read line by line through the materials used. Sometimes items are labeled, sometimes not, but it’s an easy place to start.
  • Next, note what kind of backing it has. Faux leather most often has a cotton or synthetic fabric lining, whereas real leather usually has a hide-like backing.
  • Lastly, real leather if often far grainier than a faux leather can be. We’re not encouraging you to carry around a sewing needle, but faux leather will be much more pierceable than real leather. Give it a good feel and consider whether you think you could manually stick a needle through it, if so, there’s a solid chance it’s the faux fabric you’re looking for. Please don’t actually pierce the jacket.

Why faux-leather?

I am certain that you would remember how real men back in the days styled the high-quality shearling leather jacket variants between the 80s and 90s. Indeed, those were the days.

Since then, leather jackets have become a mainstay and the most sought-after men’s fashion article but the downside to this development is that the leathers come from animals and are cruelly sourced.

Cruelly, brutally, and unethically sourced leather is a norm…a very bad norm!

This is a complete turnoff for every vegan and an ethical-conscious individual who have ever since eschewed the use of animal-based jackets.

Earlier, these compassionate individuals were left with limited or no alternatives and that resulted in quite a number of vegans using the disparaged unethical leather jackets – especially during the height of the winter season where temperatures do hit low extremes.

Eventually, an alternative material such as the “faux-leather” was discovered – the vegan fashion HOLY GRAIL!

Trust the business world, most of the faux leathers bandied around as alternatives were not so eco-friendly.

Today, however, the best men’s vegan leather jackets are made from plant-based materials which are biodegradable, durable, and eco-friendly, thus, making it an absolute ethical vegan leather jacket option as well as a sustainable way to go.

It Goes Beyond Leather Jackets

With excellent sourcing of plant and non-animal fibers, going faux can go far beyond leather jackets. Shoes, bags, belts, and so much more are being converted into vegan fabrics and still look just as handsome.

Even the seats in your favorite cars are becoming more available in ethical alternatives to improve the environment.

Long gone are the days of tacky synthetics or wearing only hemp to proclaim your cruelty-free lifestyle. Transitioning to vegan anything, but especially your wardrobe is easily available. No compromising function or durability either.

Your favorite vegan leather jacket is out there with all the supporting vegan accessories you could want.


The looks and feel of the best vegan faux leather are similar to those made from animal skin and they do not in any way look inferior. Wearing one of the high-quality faux leather jacket variants as a vegan is a way of practically living the ideal vegan lifestyle – and saving the planet too.

Go get one for yourself today!!

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