Best Men’s Flannel Lined Slippers for Extra Cushion

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A flannel lined slipper is your sure bet to keeping your feet warm and cozy indoors. While cutting down on the possibility of slipping and falling on the smooth surface of your floor at home. A soft flannel lined house slippers isn’t just another pair of footwear. It’s a must-have for every smart gentleman. There are so many men’s indoor slippers out there. But we know you. You want the best. But what are the best men’s house slippers?

The best men’s house slippers are cozy, lightweight, fit loosely and are easy to slip on and off. They could be made of different materials ranging from leather, rubber, to suede and lined with silk, velvet, cotton, fur, synthetic fabric or flannel.

In this article, we review the 7 best flannel-lined slippers for men. We chose flannel-lined slippers because flannel is soft, warm, breathable, easy to wash and maintain. We also address 2 major factors you should consider before investing in flannel lined slippers. Meanwhile, if you have sweaty feet, you want to stay glued till the end of this article because we discuss what can be done about it.

Let’s kick off with our review on…

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RockDove Men’s Moc Slippers

RockDove Men's Flannel Lined Memory Foam Moccasin Slipper II, Size 12 US Men, Black/Grey

You’d be tempted to think of this slippers as dress shoes because they’re stylish and it’s made with a microsuede fabric.

The RockDove Men’s slippers feature 4 layers of insole to ensure your comfort. One of its insoles is a memory foam which has a spongy feel against the sole of your feet and helps to massage it- which is exactly what you need after a long day at work.

It also features a sneaker-traction rubber outsole, making it a great choice of hardwood floor slippers.

You’ll have a little challenge when it comes to picking the right size, but once you do, you’ll enjoy the comfort and insulation these slippers offers.


  • 4-layered insoles consisting of a memory foam, 2 support foams and an anti-shock EVA
  • Sneaker-traction rubber outsole
  • Fabric: microsuede
  • Machine-washable.
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Staheekum Men’s Flannel lined Slippers


Staheekum Men's house Flannel Lined Slipper

House slippers or casual footwear? These slippers can serve as any.

It’s made of pig suede, which is a soft, breathable, flexible, strong fabric that repels oil and stains. It also features a rubber outsole.

The rubber outsole and pig suede fabric of these slippers make them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. (However, we don’t recommend using the same slippers both indoors and outdoors. If you’d like to keep enjoying the relaxing feeling of these slippers even outdoors, get a second pair.)

Unlike most footwear, it doesn’t defect the form of your feet by forcing your feet to take on a position it naturally wouldn’t. Rather it adapts to it by stretching or bending- thanks to it’s flexible sole and pig suede. This helps your feet flex as it ought to. That’s why it’s recommendable for people with feet or movement disorders.

Most users commend these house slippers for being durable.

In addition to the other benefits earlier mentioned, you’ll love these slippers for being easy to wash, slip on and off.


  • Pig suede makes the slippers pliable
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam insole.
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Heat Edge Moccasin Flannel Lined Slip-on Shoe

Heat Edge Mens Memory Foam Suede Slip on Indoor Outdoor

You know you’ve probably found all you want in a house slipper when someone (Professor Discopolis, a verified purchaser on Amazon) describes it as,”True to size, soft as clouds and super warm”.

This moccasin flannel-lined house slippers for men is made of suede to promote flexibility, lined with Thinsulate to keep your feet warm, and cushioned with memory foam for your maximum comfort and warmth.

It has elastic bands at the uppers as an extra provision for people with wide feet.

For these and other reasons, most users rate these slippers as very comfortable. Let’s not forget that it’s easy to slip on and off.

Heat Edge recommends that you spot-clean the slippers using a wet towel.

(Scroll down this article to see tips on how to clean suede shoes.)


  • Maximum cushion memory foam
  • Channel groove outsole to reduce the risk of slipping
  • 100% genuine suede promotes flexibility and durability.
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Van Heusen Mens Flannel Lined Slippers

Van Heusen Mens Suede House Slippers flannel lined

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, but you want to get a nice pair of house slippers that doesn’t compromise on quality or style then this is the slippers you’re looking for.

The Van Heusen brand is known for style and high-quality. You can be certain they live up to that reputation with these slippers too. In fact, they’re so confident in the quality of these slippers that they attach a 100% money-back guarantee clause.

As a slipper made of microsuede fabric, it is wear-resistant, stain-proof, soft and easy to care for.

Its insole offers moderate arch support, while its outsole is made of durable, flexible rubber.

They’ll make a wonderful Christmas gift for any of your male relatives or friends.

This slipper runs small. Kindly check the size guide before ordering yours.


  • Premium microsuede fabric
  • Durable, flexible, anti-slip rubber outsole.
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MIXIN Men Moccasin House Shoes


MIXIN Moccasin flannel lined House Shoes

Pep your step with this pair of clean-detailed, gorgeous, super-comfortable slippers.

In case you’re wondering why I sound so excited in this particular review, it’s because it’s my favorite.


It’s meticulously designed, and I love it. From the neat blanket stitches used to design the uppers to the anti-skid sole of the shoes. In fact, that’s what attracted me to it, before its other benefits.

Featuring a zero-drop footbed, this sandal is an ideal choice because it encourages proper gait by putting your spine in proper alignment.

This slipper has a moisture-wicking lining with breathable uppers- to reduce the possibility of your feet sweating and smelling. It also features a high-density memory foam insole to provide extra warmth and support for your feet.

To crown it all, it’s machine-washable! Just flex the slippers, wash with ease when dirty, and repeat the flexing.

You should make someone’s Christmas or birthday memorable with these slippers.


  • It’s made of foam, suede and rubber
  • Machine-washable
  • Zero-drop footbed.
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Dena Lives Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam flannel lined slipper

Put a smile on your feet with this pair of elegant slippers.

Imagine yourself lounging in these slippers, dressed in white bathrobes, holding a half-filled cup of red wine with your legs crossed at the ankles. That’s some bougie way to strike a pose for IG, you know.

There’s something classy and unique about these slippers. It’s probably the fact that it’s made of superior cotton-blend and has waffle-knit uppers (which promotes breathability).

Beyond being fancy, it’s a functional slipper that offers great cushioning and support.

The outsole is anti-skid, waterproof and offers arch support which is cushioned by an insole paperboard, a 0.2″ anti-shock EVA insole and a 0.4″ memory foam insole.

It has a soft flannel lining that would make you want to fit your whole body into your slippers.


  • Anti-skid, waterproof outsole
  • Machine-washable
  • Strong side seam
  • Waffle-knit upper
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Tamarac Flannel Lined Irish Clog Slipper

Tamarac Flannel Lined house Slippers

When it’s a family-business brand, then you know it’s not just another pair of slippers. It’s a legacy.

This is a slipper that offers fitting and comfort.

It doesn’t have a back strap or buckle, so without bending over you can easily slip on/off these slippers and that’s what most people love about it. Even without a strap, they stay on the feet and the right size won’t slip off while you climb the staircase.

Made of leather fabric, these slippers will last you for years if properly taken care of.

You should note that it doesn’t have arch support, it isn’t water-resistant and would require special care because its upper is made of leather.

Available in different colours.


  • 100% leather fabric
  • Memory foam insole
  • Rubber outsole offers great traction on all surfaces.
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Factors to Consider When Buying Flannel Lined House Slippers

Before you add that nice looking slippers to your cart, consider the following:

The Floor of the House

What’s the flooring of the house?

Hardwood? Tile? Carpet?

The right choice of slippers would depend on this.

For tiled and hardwood floors, 2 of the primary features to look out for are insulation and a sole that doesn’t leave scuffs or stains. You won’t be concerned about this if your floor is carpeted.


Your comfort will depend on the following.

– Closure type: most of the slippers we earlier reviewed have closed heels, but I prefer slip-ons like the Tamarac by Slippers International and Dena Lives Memory foam slippers. I don’t have to bend over to put them on.

– Material: the material a slipper is made of will determine its weight, breathability and durability.

You want a lightweight slipper. Something that you’ll put on and forget you have something on your feet. You also want breathable men’s house slippers that don’t make feet sweat.

To save you money in the future, you should go for slippers made with quality materials. If you have to spend a few extra dollars to get such now, do it once and for all.


We’re usually eager to get home because we want to be free from the burden of tight shoes. So getting home to slip our feet into a tight pair of slippers is a no-no.

Your house slippers should fit loosely. This way, your slippers won’t feel tight when you wear socks and your toes will have enough room to wiggle.

Related Questions


Should You Wear Slippers in the House?

Yes you should, especially if you use hardwood floors.

Walking barefooted on hardwood floors could affect your feet, knees and back. A functional pair of house slippers such as the ones you’ll find here will help prevent such pain.

Secondly wearing slippers in the house helps to keep your feet warm. Non-slip slippers will also help reduce trips and falls around the house.

How Do You Keep Your Feet from Sweating in Slippers?

It’s easy for our feet to get sweaty when wearing slippers, especially when the weather is warm. To prevent this, wear wicking socks and make sure your feet are clean and dry.

If you sweat too much on your feet, you may want to use antiperspirant on the soles of your feet and between your toes.

Sometimes sweaty feet is caused by certain health conditions like diabetes. In such cases, a pair of socks won’t do the trick. You’ll have to visit a doctor to address this.


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