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Did you know that French cuff was originally intended to be used by soldiers to wipe off their noses and fold the cuffs back to hide the dirt?

Well, there isn’t any historical evidence to back this up yet.

Celebrities’ clothes always rock, right? We always steal their styles but if we don’t add a twist to them, we end up looking like total clones.

Whatever look you feel like pulling, whichever celebrity you feel like stealing their style, before doing any of that always remember;  behind every classy French cuff is a well-made quality dress shirt.

When worn correctly, French cuff dress shirt exudes nothing short of power, class and great sense of style.  Traditionally, this style was worn mostly by the privileged class of men for more formal occasions as it was meant to draw more attention to the finer points of your style.


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Why Are They Called French Cuffs?

The name French cuff gained immense popularity because of its resemblance to garments in Napoleonic times worn by soldiers and merchants.

French cuff originated from Great Britain where it was known as foldback or turnback or double cuff. In those times, French cuffs had six cufflinks holes with the main purpose of turning over the folds to hide wear and dirt.

French cuff is a lengthy cuff that folds back on itself. It can be fastened with cufflinks, silk knots or buttons around the wrist. The cuffs add a touch of class and power to an outfit. This quality, however, will not be achieved unless the shirt dress in itself possesses an undeniable quality.

How to Wear French Cuffs

Back in the day, French cuffs were mostly worn on more formal setting as compared to the modern sense of dressing.

As men fashion industry continue to evolve, French cuffs have become more and more versatile than they used to be. When looking for what to pair your French cuff with, always try to balance between your personal sense of style and the occasion.

Always remember to keep the accessories muted to avoid overdressing especially when pairing your French cuff with a suit jacket, sport coat, blazer or even a sweater.

Showing a little bit of the cuff at the end of what is on top will not only show off your great taste of pairing but will also replace wrist accessories like a watch.

If you want to look more dapper and unique, you can always opt to wear your French cuff shirt dress without anything on top with a pair of complimenting slacks. Sometimes you may want to go for the extreme and exude a bold look. Unfastening your French cuff at the end of your jacket sleeve will just do the trick.

When looking for the best cufflinks to go with your French cuffs, the occasion and some sense of personal taste will play a big role. For casual and outdoor events, you might want to consider simple fabric knots style also called silk knots.

For formal occasions, gold, platinum or silver cufflinks will bring out well your great taste and sense of class.

When Should I Wear A French Cuff?

Most men ask, when then should I wear a French cuff? Traditionally, French cuffs were reserved mostly for formal occasions but times have changed significantly such that that thought has been completely scrapped off the minds of fashion lovers.

You can now basically wear your French cuff every day and whenever you want to introduce a bit of style to your wardrobe. Some wear it to work, bar on a Friday night, out on a date and even Saturday for a friend’s wedding.

If you are spontaneous and you want to customize your French cuff shirt dress either subtly or eloquently, you should not be afraid to do so. Go for it! Create a personalized statement that stands out.

After all, the French cuff is not different from an everyday shirt. The only difference is the design of the cuff and the jewelry you add. It’s how you want to express your style for a certain occasion.

How you should wear your French cuff should not be the question but how spontaneous and willing are you to customize it for any occasion, such as a wedding.

4 Things to Consider When Buying French Cuff Dress Shirt


Leon M. Cautillo would say, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten.”

When you buy a French cuff dress shirt of good quality, it will make you feel good in it. When you feel good in something, your confidence is inflated.

Always choose a fabric that you love and that makes your skin comfortable and well taken care of.

A quality fabric should be free of folds and wrinkles. The collar should fold over in a relaxed and natural fashion and not in a forced way.


One of the biggest priorities to consider when buying an outfit is its material.

What makes a good French cuff material? A good material is the one that makes your skin feel good in it.

Poor material automatically means not comfortable. If your French cuff is made of great material such as fine cotton, poplin, linen or flannel, it is most likely to be durable and comfortable to work around in.

When choosing the type of material to go for, breathability, affordability, softness and durability should be the top things you are looking out for.


Choosing the right color when shopping for a French cuff is of utmost importance. The color of the fabric should complement your skin and the clothing you pair it with.

There are colors that compliment a wide range of skin colors but understanding the right shades for you is the most important part of choosing a shirt.

It is also important to think about where you will be wearing it.


Traditionally, French cuffs were so unique that they were only worn with a lounge suit or formal attire. But people have become more creative with fashion over the years and now the famous ‘formal’ French cuff is seeing resurgence in the fashion industry too.

People are beginning to embrace and introduce the French cuff style into their collection and to the more casual attires. When you pair it with the right bottoms, it turns the otherwise normal look into something extremely stylish and indulgent.

The assertive nature of the French cuff can be balanced out by the right choice of everything- from the shoes, to the trousers, to whatever you choose to wear on top of it. I deeply enjoy the complimenting contrast between a well-cut French cuff dress shirt and a handpicked pair of trouser!

They are crazy easy to match. I hope you have fallen in love with the French cuff as much as I loved writing about it. I hope you give this a try and in case you need more incredible suggestions and purchasing tips, leave a message.



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