What Type Of Hair Product Should I Use That’s Actually Worth the Money?

What Type Of Hair Product Should I Use

Men’s Hair Product I Should Buy that’s Actually Worth The Money?

What Type Of Hair Product Should I Use for men

Most of you recognize the fact that spicing up your hair is essential to looking good, stylish and scintillating.  This is why at one point or the other, the question, ‘what type of hair product should I use?’ always wanders in your thoughts.

Perhaps, apart from the constant urge to look great, the existence of a lot of hair products to choose from also triggers this question in you (especially those that are clueless on the exact type of styling products to use).

You don’t have to get confused anymore! The good news is; one of the following styling products is perfect for your hair.

What’s more, these products offer the best value for the money used to procure them. Isn’t this amazing?


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Styling options for your hair

Hair wax or styling paste

Hair waxes are petroleum products which provides your hair with a firm hold and the maximum shine effect and which is suitable for all kinds of hair – thick hair most importantly. It is an umbrella word that covers different hair products such as putty, molding cream, styling paste and glue.

Waxes belong to the medium hold and medium shine category. It gives your hair the perfect matte or shiny finish depending on the exact brand of hair wax product you use.

It is good for all kinds of messy or wavy hairstyles but best appropriate for straight hairstyles.

What’s amazing about this product is its ability to hold your hair down and make it stay in the relaxed form you’ve styled it into. Also, its flexibility is worth mentioning as it provides you the opportunity to restyle your hair over and over again. This flexibility makes it more pliable than gel products as they don’t get hardened over time.

Some essential ingredient found in hair waxes is the beeswax which is what fastens beehives together, lanolin and carnauba wax.

You might want to confuse the hair wax for pomade because the two are closely related. However, the only difference is that when compared with pomade, hair waxes have lighter hold.

Despite the benefits, hair waxes comes with some problems too if not handled appropriately. It could lead to wax build up in the scalp. This happens when you don’t wash waxes off your hair properly with shampoo. Wax build up in the scalp can also cause dandruff, itch and irritation and dryness of the scalp.

The hair waxes or styling paste can be used explicitly by men. For the best brands, you could go for the American Crew fiber, Uppercut’s Matt Clay, Blind Barber or Fellow Barber.


Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste | Matte Hair Product for Men & Women | HIgh Hold & No Shine | Water Based - Easy To Wash | 2oz
Still wondering what kind of product you should use? Try pomades!

This product is really close to the hair wax. No wonder, it is regarded as its ‘classic cousin’. Though, when compared to hair waxes, pomades have higher hold and more shine. They are largely suitable for both straight and wavy hairs but perfect for the thicker hair.

Pomades are produced from mineral oils and have been designed to bring out the neatness and beauty hidden in your hair in a grand style.

They are not designed to harden your hair or make them dry like what gel does. Instead, they relax your hair and like the wax, the flexibility they provide allows you to style and restyle your hair all day long.

Basically, pomades are of two kinds; the water-based pomades and the oil based pomades

Just as the name implies, the water-based pomades can be washed off by water easily and effortlessly. This is like its major advantage. Although, they are not as effective in providing a firmer hold like the oil-based pomades, they are quite flexible and a good option for those who don’t want their hair looking greased up.

Oil pomades on the other hand are greasy because they have been made from petroleum products. They are quite cheaper when compared to water-based pomades but provides a firmer hold.

One major disadvantage of the oil based pomades is that they are prone to causing wax build-up in the scalp especially when they are not properly washed off from the hair.

Just like the hair waxes, pomades can be used by men. I personally recommend Mister Pompadour pomade natural beeswax paste

Styling Cream


Smooth Viking Forming Cream for Men, High Hold and Matte Finish, For Short and Long Hair Types, 2 Ounces

Styling creams provide your hair with the natural shine it needs to always radiate. Usually, they are made with moisturizing ingredients such as silk amino acids or natural oils.

These categories of hair styling products belong to the low hold and medium shine category. This means that they don’t naturally have the capacity to hold your hair or act as conditioners for thick hairs. Rather, they make your hair glitter.

Creams are perfect for curly, wavy and frizzy hairstyles. They can be used by people with straight hairs too. They are lighter and relatively cheaper when compared to the wax and pomades. This accounts for why most people opt for them. The Smooth Viking foaming cream is one of the go-to hair products for men (Amazon link).

They are largely beneficial to the hair in that they provide the hair with softness, substance and shine. Also, they are largely recommended as pre-styling products.

Creams appear to have no disadvantages, only that it must not be too much when you apply them on your hair. Ensure, the quantity you want to use blends perfectly with your hair.

This product is good for men, women and kids too.

Salt spray


Pete and Pedro SALT - Natural Sea Salt Spray for Men

By now, the question “what type of hair product should I use?” that you’ve been asking yourself all this while must have faded into oblivion, right? Of course!

Salt spray or Sea salt spray as it is fondly called, is new in the world of hairstyling. The surprising thing however is, how so fast it has gained ground. Perhaps, the component used in its production coupled with its effectiveness provides reasonable explanations for this. If you are looking for a salt hair spray let me suggest the Pete & Pedro (available on amazon.)

As the name implies, this product is made from salt water which is quite effective in the absorption of natural oils from the hair. If you often frequent the beach or surf in the ocean, it will be quite easy to relate with this.

One major benefit of the salt sprays is that, they never leave your hair looking greasy, hard or sticky. Also, they are good for all manner of hairstyle but are perfect for medium and relatively long hairs. They also provide the hold your hair needs to stay in its natural form.

These products usually come in spray bottles and are applied by gradually dispensing the spray until the bottles become emptied.

Please note that excessive use of salt sprays may have unpalatable effects on your hair. It can make your hair become drier than normal because salt absorbs the moisture in the hair hereby making your hair appear brittle and dull. It also increases the chances of hair breakage.

Lastly, salt spray can be used by men to style their hair. It can also be used by women to wash off greasy oil from their hair.

Fiber Paste

crew fiber mens hair product

Fiber pastes are unique because they provide stronger hold but tender matte finish to your hair. They are the natural solution to building hair. They are quite easy and quick to use when styling the hair; which is why most guys like to use them. Check out the American Crew Fiber on Amazon.

Fibers belonging to the high hold, no shine category. It is perfect for guys whose hair is not thick. They are quite good for shaping the hair into desired conditions. They also provide good texture for the hair

While it is unarguable that fiber pastes are effective and largely beneficial to the hair, the only disadvantage is that they only last from the time you apply them to the time you wash them off. This suggests that you have to use them repeatedly.

Some brands you could try include; the Kinsmen Hair Fiber Paste perfect for all men.



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