Best Men’s Activewear Underwear for Every Workout Sport

Mens Activewear UnderwearAn active underwear is a must have for the athletic gentleman, especially the one who doesn’t like to go commando. Investing in the best men’s active underwear can be the key difference between enjoyable and awful workout sessions. So, it’s only smart that your workout closet boasts of the best underwear for working out.

What is the best underwear for working out? The best underwear for working out is breathable, durable, prevents chafing, fits correctly and stretch to allow easy movement. These qualities are mostly dependent on the fabric of the underwear. Therefore, the best underwear for working out are made of fabrics that guarantee these qualities. Ex: cotton, spandex, polyester.

To better answer your question about the best underwear for working out, we have reviewed 5 best men’s active underwear in this article. That’s not all. We also discuss the best underwear brands you can bet on, active underwear styles, factors to consider when buying underwear, why you should wear an underwear while working out, plus answers to some of your frequently asked questions related to underwear.


Under Armour Men’s Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock

Under Armour Men's Tech 6-inch Boxerjock 2-Pack , Royal/Academy Blue , Large

This underwear made it to our list because of its ergonomic design and anti-odor technology.

Look at this underwear. You’ll observe that it is designed to ensure comfort by giving enough room for your gentleman to relax without feeling suffocated- which is the feeling you experience with a lot of underwear. It even has a fly that promotes breathability and makes it easy for you to pee without having to pull off your underwear.

So much heat and friction is generated while we are in motion. This heat can cause our skin to chafe and our underwear to smell. But this Under Armour boxerjock underwear helps prevent these.

It is made of breathable fabric and has an elastic waistband which wicks moisture away from our skin.

To make things even better, there are no side or back seams. this means there’ll be no annoying seams digging into your skin and causing you discomfort while you’re in motion.

It also has an anti-odor technology which helps prevent odor.

Sizes: medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

Main Features:

  • Moisture-wicking, soft, and breathable.
  • Anti-odor technology to prevent odor.
  • Articulated mesh fly panel and gusset
  • 4-way stretch construction for easy movement in all directions.
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Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Midway Underwear

adidas Men's Sport Performance Midway Underwear (2-Pack), Black/Thunder Thunder/Black, MEDIUM

If you’re looking for an all-purpose, superior-in-fit, functional activewear men’s underwear, then this sport performance underwear is just what you need.

Made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, Adidas men’s sport performance midway underwear is one of the cosiest activewear underwear you can have in your closet.

It is soft, quick-drying, and breathable. It is also stretchy, which allows for easy movement during exercises like yoga, running, hiking, and other gym exercises.

Its plush-soft waistband and smooth stitching are assured to deliver the comfort you desire on your skin, while its double-lined pouch gives your jewels the comfort and support they need.

The Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Midway Underwear is guaranteed to prevent bunching and ensure a consistent fit with its no-ride-up leg construction.

Main Features:

  • Soft with moisture-wicking technology.
  • Breathable and stretchy for easy movements.
  • Double-lined pouch for support and comfort.
  • No-ride-up leg construction for unswerving fit
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Jockey Men’s Underwear Active Midway Brief

Jockey Men's Underwear ActiveStretch Midway Brief - 3 Pack, Black, m

Well-made boxer briefs, superior comfort, moisture-wicking capabilities, soft to the skin, etc. These are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose this Jockey Men’s underwear.

This brief is designed to help wick away sweat and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. It is breathable, super comfortable with good pouch support, and durable. With its elastic waistband, this underwear is guaranteed to give you a nice fit.  It has a stay-put leg design to keep the briefs in place at the mid-thigh.

Jockey’s StayNew technology prevents wear out from constant washing. This technology keeps your underwear looking new.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.
  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Stay-in-place technology to prevent bunching and rolling
  • StayNew Technology to keep underwear looking new
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New Balance Men’s 6-Inch Boxer Brief

New Balance Men's 6

Are you looking for the prefect, all-round activewear underwear guaranteed to give you the comfort and freedom you desire? The New Balance 6-inch boxer brief is that underwear.

Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, this brief is breathable and offers a lightweight 4-way stretch that supports movement in every direction.

It is certain to keep you cool and dry with its quick-wicking ability and mesh gusset design.

These boxer briefs are suitable for almost any athletic activity you can think about. It features a no-ride inseam to prevent bunching, chafing, and irritation.

New Balance boxer briefs ensure that your jewels feel snug. It feels like a second skin.

Kindly follow laundry instructions to ensure longevity.

Main Features:

  • Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Breathable and stretchy for easy movements.
  • Elastic waistband for added flex and fit.
  • No-ride inseam to prevent bunching and chafing
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Runhit Men’s Compression Underwear Shorts

Runhit Men's Compression Shorts(3 Pack), Compression Spandex Yoga Shorts Underwear

If you are a runner and you require good compression underwear, you should go for this underwear because it provides the needed support for glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

This underwear is made of a fine blend of polyester and spandex. These materials make the underwear suitable for any season of the year. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool during summer.

Runhit men’s compression underwear has firm elasticity on the waistband and around the thighs. The stitches are flatlock to prevent chafing and increase durability.

This underwear is also suitable for yoga, cycling, tennis, basketball, weight training, and baseball.

Main Features:

  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Flatlock stitching to prevent chafing.
  • Lightweight and breathable for comfort.
  • Elastic waistband for a good fit
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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Activewear Underwear



One of the most important factors to consider when buying activewear underwear is the fabric.

Fabric determines the quality and comfort of the underwear.

The best activewear underwear for men should be made of fabrics that are stretchy and have moisture-wicking abilities. They should also be comfortable, breathable and feel soft against the skin. These will prevent itching.

Fabrics like polyester and spandex tick these boxes. Nylon, blended cotton, and merino wool are also good materials to consider.


Size always matters. Know your size and shop for it accordingly.

Wearing the right size of underwear will you give your genitals enough room to breath without attempting to slip off your waist while you’re in motion.

Most brands make underwear in standard waist size measurements with designations of small, medium, and large.

If you are between sizes, it is advisable to go for a size up. If you do not know your size, you can determine your best size by buying one or two pairs of underwear with different sizes. This will help you decide which size is your best fit.


Yep. Color.

But nobody can see my underwear, so what does color have to do with anything?’

We hear you.

Have you noticed that you feel hot faster when wearing dark colors?

Colors do much more than create variety. Some colors make you feel hot quickly because they absorb heat fast. A typical example of such color is black.

Invest in dark-coloured underwear during cold seasons and bright-coloured underwear during the hot seasons.


Design is essential when it comes to what we wear.

How the underwear is cut, the pouch, the fabric, the stitching, and position of the seams are factors that will determine/ affect our comfort.

Best Activewear Underwear Brands

Brand names are worth considering when looking for the best men’s activewear to purchase.

With the advance in fabric technology and added innovations, some brands have topped the game and have proven to be the best brands when it comes to activewear underwear.

Brands like:

Under Armour

Under Armour have become one of the best and most sought-after brands in the activewear collection. With its fine blend of polyester and spandex or elastane, Under Armour creates a variety of underwear for exercises that are stretchy, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable with moisture-wicking capabilities. Its anti-odor technology is also fascinating as it prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.


Another innovative brand known for designing functional wears that are super comfortable.

The fabric used in designing Adidas’ underwear have improved moisture-wicking properties, excellent ventilation, and great elasticity.

New Balance

This list will be incomplete without NB.

Another fast-growing and innovative brand is New Balance. With over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon, New Balance has continued to create underwear that are comfortable and durable.

Its activewear underwear are lightweight, breathable and have a mesh gusset with a 4-way stretch that supports your every move. With its no-ride seam innovation, New Balance activewear underwear is sure to prevent chafing and bunching.



When Jockey told us they were the next best thing to being naked, they weren’t fluffing.

Their underwear are made of a blend of fabrics that are stretchy and wick moisture away quickly even during your most intense workouts.

Jockey underwear feature StayNew technology- a technology invented to keep your underwear looking new even after it has been washed several times.

Active Underwear Styles

As an informed gentleman, you should know how to identify the different styles of active underwear.


Briefs are a style of underwear that have elastic waistband, exposes the upper thigh, and offers full coverage to the back. They have a Y-shaped fly in the front and are less prone to bunching. They are usually slim fit and they provide excellent support.


Boxer briefs

Also called trunks.

A boxer brief is a style of underwear that can serve as both a boxer and a brief. It has the long leg of a typical boxer and the slim fit of a brief. It provides support and coverage.


Boxer briefs are body-hugging with a square-cut silhouette. They are great for both workout and casual wears.



This style of underwear is perfect for high impact sports. They provide protection and support with full frontal coverage and partial rear coverage. They are made with two leg straps that wrap around the rear for extra support.

Why You Should Wear Underwear When Working Out

It’s important to wear underwear while working out for the following reasons;

It prevents chafing and crotch rot (Tinea Cruris)

Chafing is a type of skin irritation that occurs due to friction and moisture. Athletic activities, like hiking generate heat and friction. That’s why it is advisable to wear underwear that prevents chafing when hiking.

When your thighs rub against each other, it can cause skin problems like blister-like lesions, itching, or a flat rash. You are at risk of having a chafe when you go commando especially if the fabric of your gym pants is abrasive to the skin.

Tinea cruris is also a skin irritation and it is caused by wearing tight or wet clothes. Our workout pant is prone to get wet when we sweat if we wear them without an underwear.

Wearing underwear while working out, especially underwear made of breathable, quick-drying material can help prevent chafing and crotch rot, thus keeping your skin healthy.

No sweat stains

Wearing underwear serves as a second layer of clothing that helps to prevent sweat stains on our gym pants. If your underwear has quick-drying properties, you’ll be saved from having embarrassing sweat stains showing on your workout pants or shorts.


Related Questions

Is it okay to work out without underwear?

Not quite. We do not recommend working out without underwear. Your underwear serves as a layer of protection. Beyond preventing chafing and helping you feel more comfortable while working out, it also preserves your dignity when something as embarrassing as your workout pants suddenly tearing for whatever reason, happens.

However, we know that some people argue that going commando helps them feel more relaxed. If this is you, make sure that your workout pants are fitting, seamless and made of breathable, soft fabric.

Should my activewear underwear be tight or loose?

As a general rule, your activewear underwear should not be too tight or too loose. It should be the perfect fit for your thighs. This is to make sure that you do not have wedgies and that you feel comfortable in your crotch area. Wearing tight underwear can cause serious discomfort and wearing loose underwear can have you tugging at it often to keep it in place.


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