Best Rolexes To Buy That’s Built To Last A Life Time

best rolexes to buy for men

These Are The Freshest Men’s Rolexes Money Can Buy

Best Rolexes to Buy

For the bespoke gentleman, your status symbol is not in wearing clothes with designer labels displayed prominently on it. You may have your suits tailor made for your body size. But the true display of your status is your wristwatch and nothing says it louder than a Rolex. This list is about the best Rolexes to buy this year.

I know that I joke around here but when it comes to Rolex, I can’t even bring myself to say the name without awe and deep reverence. If you have the money to spare and want to treat yourself to something that speaks of your prestige, legacy and pays due homemade to all the hard work you have put into your life, this is it.

Rolex is one of those brands with a very rich legacy. They have been around for over 100 years and in that time frame, they have turned out over 800, 000 pieces but this has not in any way reduced the value of what a single Rolex watch is.


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Beyond the functionality of a watch which is telling you time, the Rolex communicates your past, your present and your future at a single glance. And that is not to say that the Rolex is a fortune teller. It is simply the sum total of your achievement. If I had the time and space, I would sing an ode to the Rolex watch until I am grey.

Thankfully for you, I don’t have that time. So, I am just going to get right into it and bring up some of the best pieces for you to buy.

Top Three Rolexes to Buy Online

When I did my research for this article, I have to admit, I was a little surprised to find that you could buy these beauties online. And so, after a little background digging, I was able to discover three different pieces. Each exquisite in its own way, of course the price tag is not for the faint-hearted. But for those who can afford, it is worth it.

1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual in 18 karat Yellow Gold

The first thing that strikes you about this watch is the simplicity of it. That goes on to tell you that it’s not when you have diamonds encrusted in every hole that you automatically get class. With simplicity and a little distinction, this watch speaks of class and elegance in a very understated way.

If you pay attention to the watch, you will realize that the attention to detail speaks to the excellence of the workmanship behind the scenes. And for those who love a little history, this watch right here is a direct descendant of the first waterproof watch in the world.

Remember what I said about the watch carrying your past, present and future? This is what I meant.


  • This watch is made from the purest gold
  • It has a white dial with hour markers also made from 18 karat gold
  • It features the president bracelet which has semi-circular three-piece links also made from pure metals
  • It has a day and date display that can be customized in preferred language
  • The cyclops lens that is over the date is made from scratch resistant sapphire
  • It is water resistant up to a depth of 330 feet

2. Rolex Day-Date II 41 President Everose Gold

The combination of rose gold and chocolate on this timepiece had me watering at the sides of my mouth. It is one of those combinations that you never really think of but when you see it, you are so amazed at how well they go together. And you also wonder why you never thought of it in the first place.

Its understated elegance and precision that is associated with all Rolex watches makes it be preferred watch by world leaders. If the history of the watch is important to you, this piece is from their exclusive 18-karat pink gold also known as the “everose gold” with its history going back to 2005.

However just like the previous watch we reviewed it is a descendant of the earlier watches created by Rolex that featured the first ever day and date display on watches in the world. This is a watch that is suitable for the modern-day businessman.


  • It has a chocolate dial with our markers made from 18 carat rose gold
  • It also features the president bracelet which is made from 100% pure precious metals
  • It has an exquisite self-winding mechanical movement that offers precision as well as resistance to shock and magnetism making it very durable
  • Bracelet material is made from 18 carat ever rose gold
  • The Winding crown features a twinlock double waterproof system making it waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet
  • It is 40 mm in diameter
  • The watch is handmade for perfection

3. Rolex Datejust 36mm Watch

The watch featured here is in white gold however you can find it in different other pure metals. In fact, the popular collection of this range features a mixture of two different precious metals. My personal favorite would have to be the everose gold and yellow gold mix. However, the first in this range of watches was born in 1933.

It was called the Rolesor which is basically the combination of gold and steel. Bringing these two strong and powerful metals together is a testament of the company’s commitment to ensuring that they create watches that are durable and reliable. And they have maintained this consistently over the years, especially in their designs.

I would say that I am more blown away by the fact that despite their commitment to remaining consistent in designing durable products, they still have the ability to evolve and pioneer new watch designs. Let us not forget the fact that all of these watches are handmade. Put some respect on that fact.


  • It has the popular oyster bracelet which is known for its aesthetics and comfort
  • It has the date display window at 3o’clock hence the name, Datejust
  • The cyclops lens that covers the date magnifies the details for easy reading

So, there you have it; the best Rolexes to buy this season. On a final note, there are two distinguishing features when it comes to a gentleman’s outfit; his watch and his shoes. However, if you are looking for timeless pieces that will never go out of style and most importantly are within your budget, you should read this.


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