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As a style enthusiast, there are things you wear simply for the comfort that they provide. And you probably don’t really go into details of what they are until someone sees you on the way and asks you, what are Roper boots? And you look around in confusion not realizing that they are the shoes you have on your feet right now.

What are Roper boots? Traditionally, Roper boots are shoes designed for ropers hence the name. Roper Boots come from the cowboy family and been worn by people of the West for centuries. Today’s designs have made Roper boots an essential fashion item for everyone regardless of social status


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Roper boots are a variation of the cowboy boots. According to the short historical research I carried out on the shoes, the first designs were influenced by the Spanish culture which was imported into America at the time. At first glance the Roper bears a lot of similarities with traditional cowboy boots however they are distinct differences.

Characteristics of Roper vs Cowboy Boots

Roper vs Cowboy Boots

You may not be a cowboy (yet) but with the information I am about to provide, you can fake your way into a cowboy status… at least when it comes to their shoes. Now that we can answer the question of what are roper shoes, it is time to get into identifying them

1. The Length of the Boot

Roper boots are made to be taller than your ankles but they are lower than your midcalf. Cowboy boots on the other hand get all the way to your midcalf. The differences in length is one of the fastest ways to identify Roper boots from cowboy boots. However the handmade designs on both shoes are just as intricate.

2. The Shape of the Heel

Given the history of the Roper boots, you know that traditionally, these are the shoes worn by cowboys who were trying to rope cattle. The low heel gives them balance while ensuring that their feet are protected. The shape of the heel is square and also half an inch in height which makes it the shortest boot heel in the cowboy range.

3. The Toe Shape

Cowboy boots tend to take on any form when it comes to the toe shape, however, for Roper boots, the toe shape is typically round.

All the characteristics I have listed here are some of the things that contributes to making the Ropers a much enjoyed classic. It is a true representation of what it is like to come from the West. In my opinion, the Roper boot is a memento from the past designed to help us remember our roots.

Benefits of Owning Roper Boots

Cowboy boots are not a fashion necessity. They are part of the fashion items that you add as you continue to build on your closet essentials. Now since they are not part of your basic fashion staple, you deserve to know the reasons why you need to get a Roper boot as soon as possible;

1. They Are Very Functional Just As Much As They Are Beautiful

Ropers like your traditional cowboy boots are made with exquisite care using weather and then inscribing handmade embellishments on them. You would think that with all these details, the shoe would be more ornamental than functional. However, the ropers are your typical cowboy work shoes therefore, they are designed for wear.

2. They Give You A Taste Of The West

If you have got a hankering for the Old West these classic Roper boots are the perfect way to get in on that trend but there are several fashion items that speak all of the cowboys lifestyle however Roper boots have a way of making you stand out completely these are not shoes that you see on Everyday People

3. They Are A Refreshing Way To Update Your Look

As I said earlier, if you have taken care of the basic necessities when it comes to fashion staples, the Roper is a great addition for updating your look. As you will come to learn subsequently, ropers have a way of giving your look this wonderful finish without looking like you tried too hard. It is just simple wear and go.

How to Wear Roper Boots

Contrary to popular opinion Roper boots are not limited to farms or costume events. If you pair them correctly, you can even wear them on a Monday morning to work. As shocking as that may sound, it works, I promise. I have already tried the look and I loved the compliments (which is something you should expect too) I was getting.

1. The Cowboy Way

With the Roper on your feet, throw on a nice casual shirt like plaid or flannel. Dress them down with fitted jeans. You have to ensure that the jean is boot cut. For a super casual look, get dark, slim fitting jeans. A solid leather belt and cowboy hat will complete this look perfectly. And for the love of God, avoid spurs.

2. The Business Casual look

We already know that business casual is somewhere between formal and informal and like any other business casual outfit all you need to do is to bring in elements from both sides with your Roper boots standing in between as a bridge. Go for collared shirts with either jeans or dress pants.

3. The CEO with A Cowboy Twist

What are Roper boots during in a formal setting? I love unexpected surprises and Roper boots in a formal wear is great. For you to wear your business suit with this cowboy boot, you need to ensure that the cut is right. For starters, the pants have to be boot cut. This means the suit would have to be modified to match the pants.

Quick fashion tip: For a formal look with Roper boots, ensure that you stick to darker colors for the suits and shoes. But you can play up the look with any of these purple dress shirts.



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