These Are the Best Skeleton Automatic Watches for Men to Buy Now

Automatic Skeleton WatchesA skeleton automatic watch is somewhat of an acquired taste that offers an exciting view into the mechanical complexities of timepieces. They come with partially or entirely cut dials that reveal the internal movements that make the watches work. Automatic skeleton watches are a great way to add personality to your fashion, and if what you need is the perfect model to add to your style, we’ve got you covered.

Are skeleton watches worth it? Skeleton watches are worth every penny you spend on them. Regardless of the view into the technical intricacies, they are reasonably stylish. Authentic models are pricey because of their mechanical operation, but the impeccable craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and captivating stylishness are enough incentives to justify the cost.

Today, several skeleton watch models are available from various watchmakers, so many that choosing the right watch can be daunting. To answer the question “what are the best automatic watches?” as it relates to skeleton models, we have selected and reviewed some of the best automatic skeleton watches you can get on the market.

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Best Skeleton Dress Watches

Stuhrling Original Mens Automatic-Self-Wind Luxury Dress Skeleton Dual Time Gold-Tone Wrist-Watch 22 Jewels 47 mm Stainless Steel Case Decorative Exposed Back Embossed Supple Genuine Leather Strap

Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Dress Watch

Check out this Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Dress Watch. As simple and minimalistic as it is, it offers a fascinating window into the complex mechanical workings of the watch. If what you need is a skeleton dress watch for formal styling, it’s one of the best you can get.

It features a premium embossed real leather band that’s 24 MM wide. The gears and cogs are enclosed in a stainless steel case. The colored hands, hour markers, and silver dial combine for a subtle aesthetic effect. Like all Stuhrling watches, it is covered by an international warranty.

The kinetic energy from your hand movement winds the mainspring, as it is an automatic model. Nevertheless, there is an option for manual winding when there’s no kinetic movement to power the watch.

Another of the watch’s stunning features is the dual time zone feature. This is a convenient feature for regular travelers. Although the additional time zone dial is considerably smaller, it has rotating hands that help with the readability.

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Best Skeleton Watches Swiss

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Automatic Skeleton Dial Mens Watch CAR2A1Z.FT6044

Tag Heuer Automatic Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch

While many regard the swiss label on watches as a symbol of high quality, it is really just a way of identifying timepieces with mechanical parts made/assembled in Switzerland. Nonetheless, Swiss watches are usually characterized by high standard mechanisms.

If you are not limited by budget, you may want to check out the Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic Luxury Skeleton Watch. It is one of the best Swiss skeleton watches you can get today. It has a simple, modernistic design that’s perfectly accented by a black rubber band material.

At such a high price, one would expect to get one of the most durable timepieces. Impressively, it is water resistant up to a whopping depth of 100 meters. This means it can be worn for swimming, showers, and relatively deep dives.

Additionally, the Tag Heuer watch has a smooth swiss automatic movement that’s a bit more effective than what you get in typical automatic watches. The Tag Heuer movement, in addition to being extremely precise, beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour with an unbelievable power reserve of up to 50 hours.

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Best Semi Skeleton Watches

Orient Men's 'Bambino Open Heart' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch, Color:Blue (Model: RA-AG0005L10A)

Orient Semi Skeleton Dress Watch

A skeleton watch does not necessarily have to show all the inner intricacies. A piece like the Orient Bambino Open Heart Japanese Automatic Skeleton Watch offers a partial view into the mechanical elements that support the watch. It is the perfect semi skeleton watch model.

The Orient brand has been around for over six decades, and in that time, it has established itself as a top mechanical watch brand. Like all Orient mechanical watches, the Bambino Open Heart is supported by Japanese automatic movement. The movement is accurate to +25 seconds to -15 seconds daily.

Furthermore, it features the usual domed dial with a mineral crystal lens and thin immaculate hour markers. The stainless steel case dimensions are pretty much standard – measuring 40.5 MM wide and 12 MM thick. Also, it is reasonably protected against water damage as it is resistant up to a water depth of 50 meters.

We love that in addition to the automatic movement, there’s provision hand winding. The only downside we discovered is that it doesn’t have a date display feature. To further convince you of the durability, the makers have included a 3-year warranty offer.

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Best Skeleton Dive Watch

Bulova Men's Automatic-self-Wind Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Grey, 27 (Model: 98A179)

Bulova Men’s Mechanical Watch

Are you going underwater? You can still wear a skeleton watch. The Bulova Men’s Automatic 98A179 watch is the perfect skeleton watch to wear for diving. The design looks relatively sporty and classy in the gunmetal IP stainless steel and mineral crystal case and double-press deployant closure.

The automatic movement implies that hand-winding is unnecessary to power the mainspring, even though there’s an additional option for that. The 40 hour power reserve is very satisfactory.

Furthermore, the indices and hour markers are luminescent, such that they are visible under dark underwater conditions. The watch is resistant to water for up to a depth of 100 meters. With it, you can do more than just swim or shower; you can take relatively deep dives.

The watch is also backed by Bulova’s 3-year global warranty as an assurance of its durability. If what you need is a skeleton dive watch that can survive high underwater pressure, this is one of your best bets.

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Two Automatic Skeleton Watches Under 100

Invicta Men's Vintage 45mm Steel and Gold Tone Stainless Steel Automatic Watch, Two Tone (Model: 22583)

Invicta Men’s Vintage Steel and Gold Tone Automatic Watch

Although skeleton watches are generally costlier than quartz battery powered watches, models like this Invicta vintage-style watch come at relatively affordable prices. It features a 45 MM wide and 13 MM thick stainless steel case with a gold dial.

The watch has Chinese automatic movement that’s decent enough if you consider the price. The band is also made from steel and gold-tone stainless steel for a somewhat pleasing aesthetic.

The see-through dial and exhibition case back give you a great view of the moving internal parts. For a skeleton watch so affordable, it is well protected against water and is resistant up to 50 meters. This means that with the watch on, you can shower as well as swim in shallow depths.

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Skeleton Automatic Steampunk Watches Gold-Tone Luminous Hands Leather Strap Wrist-Watch (Gold)

Carlien Skeleton Automatic Steampunk Watch

The Carlien Skeleton Automatic Steampunk Watch is another model you can consider if you need a skeleton watch that costs less than 100 dollars. The mechanical timepiece is versatile enough to be worn with formal styles, smart casual styles, casual styles, and several others.

As an automatic watch, the mainspring is wound by the movement of the wearer’s hand. However, the automatic winding feature is complemented by an additional winding mechanism. Additionally, the luminous watch hands improve readability in the dark.

At 40 MM wide and 12.5 MM thick, the watch is a bit smaller than most of the other watches we have reviewed. Considering the affordability, however, this is not a significant downside. It is adequately protected against water splashes and water immersion up to 30 meters.

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Two Automatic skeleton watches under 200

Stuhrling Original Mens Watch-Automatic Watch Skeleton Watches for Men - Black Leather Watch Strap Mechanical Watch Silver Executive Watch Collection (Black/Black)

Stuhrling Original Mens Automatic Watch

Sturhling makes some of the most affordable authentic skeleton watches. If your budget accommodates a timepiece that costs a little less than 200 dollars, you should take a look at this Stuhrling Original Mens Automatic Watch. The see-through dial offers a pleasant view of the automatic movement mechanism.

The automatic design means that you can avoid hand winding or buying batteries. The plume-style hands are very prominent for easy readability, and they go well with the shark-teeth indices.

Furthermore, the 22 MM strap is made from durable leather material.

A 2 year comprehensive international warranty covers the watch to put your mind at rest as regards the quality. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing skeleton watch, but what it lacks in exquisiteness, it makes up for in functionality.

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Fossil Men's Grant Auto Automatic Leather Three-Hand Watch, Color: Silver, Brown (Model: ME3099)

Fossil Men’s Grant Automatic Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch 

The Fossil Men’s Grant Automatic Watch is another decent skeleton watch model that costs less than 200 dollars. This is one of the watches that define the unique style of the Fossil brand. It comes with a standard 45 MM stainless steel case, a 22 MM leather band, and a hardened mineral lens.

What’s better? The band can be interchanged with any 22 MM Fossil band. One of the exciting things about this Fossil watch is its readability. The stylized large Roman numerals are not affected by the cutout that reveals the skeletal framework.

Also, the watch can be worn for showers and shallow water swimming, as it is water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. Overall, it has versatile style effects and can be used with both formal and casual apparel.

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Two Best Automatic Skeleton Watches under 500


Maserati R8821139002 Triconic Skeleton Automatic Wrist Watch with Blue Strap and Rose Gold Case

Maserati Triconic Skeleton Automatic Watch

The Maserati Triconic Skeleton Automatic Watch is a premium-looking piece with a design that looks like the famous Hublot designs. The Maserati brand is synonymous with luxury, but they also offer a line of budget-friendly options.

The 40 MM rose gold case looks quite sporty, and blue leather bands perfectly accent it. For a watch close to 500 dollars, one would expect a high level of durability and functionality, as exhibited by the scratch-resistant domed mineral crystal deep water resistance.

The watch is resistant for up to a depth of 100 meters. In addition to its versatility as a style accessory, it can also be used for relatively deep water diving. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands to get a classy skeleton watch – The Maserati Triconic is a testament to that.

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Bulova Men's Mechanical-Hand-Wind Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver, 22 (Model: 96A187)

Bulova 96A187 Automatic Skeleton Watch

If you can afford to spend close to 500 dollars on a skeleton watch, check out this Bulova Automatic Watch. It has an all-stainless steel construction with a silver and blue skeleton dial and exhibition case back that functions as a window into the technical intricacies.

The stainless steel bracelet features a reliable double-press deployant closure. The three-hand analog display features roman numeral indices. It is supported by an automatic movement that winds the mainspring with the wearer’s hand movement. Nevertheless, it can also be supported by manual winding.

Like you would expect, the watch has some measure of water resistance, up to a depth of 100 meters. Bulova’s 3 year warranty global warranty covers the watch, so you are assured of getting commensurate value for your money.

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What Is an Automatic Skeleton Watch?

An automatic skeleton watch is a self-winding mechanical timepiece with a transparent construction that makes the inner moving parts visible from the front or the rear.

In sharp contrast to a manually-wound skeleton watch that requires the repeated turning of a knob, an automatic model harnesses the natural motion of the wearer to create and store energy that powers the watch.

All skeleton watches are mechanical in that they are powered by a special mainspring that has to be wound occasionally – either manually or automatically. The mainspring releases a force that is relayed through the gears to the balance wheel, which in turn propels the hands of the watch.

However, the mainspring on the automatic skeleton watches winds automatically as the wearer’s hand oscillates. To get the best of this automatic winding feature in skeleton watches, they have to be worn periodically, such that the mainspring stores enough energy to power the watch.

In many instances, automatic watches feature the manual winding option, so the mainspring can be wound by hand when there’s no kinetic movement.


Where to Buy Skeleton Watches

Amazon or a similar online store is a great place to buy authentic skeleton watches. You have access to unlimited models with a variety of price ranges. Also, you can buy anytime you want – weekday, weekday, or night time. 

You can also get a decent skeleton watch from reputable offline stores. Some stores offer additional services like repairs and engravings.


Question People Ask

What is a skeleton watch?

A skeleton watch is a mechanical watch characterized by a see-through design that offers a view into the technical complexities and inner elements that make it tick. A skeleton watch is essentially like any other mechanical watch, but without the typically covered dial, that shields the internal moving parts.

The skeletal framework that supports a skeleton watch can often be seen from the front or back of the watch, or from both ends. As skeleton watches are usually mechanical, they tend to have more moving parts compared to quartz watches. The beauty of this watch is in seeing these several parts moving at all times, and that comes at additional costs.

Do skeleton watches use batteries?

Skeleton watches are mostly mechanical. They function by either of two movement types – automatic winding or manual winding. Energy is harnessed and stored by the mechanical movement of a spring that has to be wound repeatedly through any of the movement types.

This means that they don’t need batteries to run. However, there are a few battery-powered watches that have see-through designs. They feature cog and gear replicas that are merely decorative. What you get in these watches is a semblance of the cogs, gears, and other elements that are typical to true mechanical skeleton watches.

Why are skeleton watches expensive?

Mechanical watches are usually costlier compared to Quartz watches powered by batteries. A higher level of craftsmanship is needed to design and assemble a skeleton watch because of the mechanical nature, hence the priceyness.

Furthermore, the complex system of gears, springs, and other pieces need to be carefully arranged in a visually attractive manner. While there are relatively affordable skeleton watch models, they are generally not as cheap as battery-powered timepieces.

The initial cost of acquiring one may be high, but the cost of maintenance is low. With quartz watches, you need to worry about the recurring cost of battery replacement. Skeleton watches only require servicing every few years.

How much does a skeleton watch cost?

Skeleton watch prices vary considerably, but the general sense of it is that authentic models are always relatively costly. Their mechanical nature is responsible for their relatively high-prices.

Nevertheless, there are affordable, decent models on the market. A skeleton watch can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The good thing is that you can always get a decent functional model, even with a limited budget. 


3 Reasons to Wear a Watch

With how commonplace wrist watches have become today, one would find it hard to believe there was a time when they were strictly considered accessories for females. The popularity of smartphones has also not helped watch sales, but against these odds, they have managed to remain significant.

Although the basic reason for wearing a watch is to keep time, there are several other reasons to wear a watch. Here are some of the other reasons you might want to wear a watch:

  • It is convenient

Have you ever had to ask someone to know the time? It’s definitely not as convenient as checking the time on your wrist and not asking on. Many argue that one could easily check the time on a smartphone in today’s world, but having to pull your phone out whenever you need to check the time is just not as convenient.

Another example is when you take an exam. You most likely won’t be allowed to access your mobile phone. A job interview, a business meeting, a dinner date are other scenes where it may not be best to pull out your phone to check the time. The most convenient way to check and manage time, in situations like this, would be to wear a watch.

  • An authentic watch is an investment

Not necessarily the highest-yielding investment, but a good mechanical watch is very likely to increase in value with time. The price typically increases with time, especially if it’s a unique authentic model.

Nevertheless, value is not only attached to the price. A watch’s sentimental value cannot often be quantified when it’s passed down from parents to children or grandkids. Also, a watch requires minimal maintenance. A mechanical watch requires only occasional servicing every 4 – 5 years, and with quartz watches, what you have to worry about is timely battery replacement.

  • It shows your style

Today, you can boldly make a style statement with the watch you wear. It can be a direct reflection of your personality and personal preferences. Some people wear skeleton watches exclusively, some wear just leather watches, and some don’t stray from Swiss watches.

There are just a few other accessories with which men can add some personality to their style. You may have to go through various options to decide which suits you the best, but you’ll eventually find the best option to accent your personal style and make a statement.


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