What Are Collar Stays Are They Necessary And Are They Uncomfortable?

shirt collar staysThere are some things in life that you are more than happy to live without blissfully. Not because those things are not useful but because you are unaware of its existence. The second you discover it; your life is no longer the same. Collar stays are like that. Use them once and everything changes. Which begs the question, what are collar stays?

What are Collar Stays?

Collar stays are fashion accessories designed to be inserted into the outer corners of your shirt collar. The point essentially is to keep your look crisp and put together. In some circles, they are called collar stick, collar tab or collar stiffener and you would find that they are made from different materials such as plastic, metal or even mother of pearl.

This trend can be traced back to the early 1900s where a bespoke men’s tailor shop created what we now know today as collar stays. The gentlemen of that era were very particular about ensuring that their collars stayed straight and upright. Because when you have droopy collars, it affects your entire look and kind of makes you seem lazy.

If you want to create that old school vibe and keep your look very modern but very perfect for the corporate environment, you need to get on the collar stay trend. In a few short minutes, I will give be giving you reasons, why you should sign up for collar, stays [as if what I put out here is not enough already]


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When I decided to join the gentlemen’s club, collar stays were something that confused me too. But I decided to take my time and do some research, and the information that I got was massive. The moment I started using them, I believe that my formal wear took on a new dimension. And even when I was going for the business casual look, everything changed.

Prior to collar stays, I used to rely on spray starch to keep the collars of my shirt stiff and straight. This goes on to enhance the sharp and classic look associated with formal shirts. But I realized that with collar stays, your collar is able to pop whether they are casual shorts sleeves or the more formal shirts with French cuffs.

And the more I continue to use it, the better experience I had with it. And so, I decided to share this article detailing what I know about collar stays. Thus, helping you understand what they are, if they are necessary and of course answering the question of how comfortable they are when you wear them.

Importance of Collar Stays

Collar stays are more than just a flashback accessory from the 1900s and here is why;

1. They frame your face

When you insert the collar stay, they have a way of keeping the points of your collars upright and this creates a beautiful frame for your face. Anything else would distort that picture

2. They make you look competent

There are ways to dress that make you appear as though you know what you are doing. And having your collars stand upright in your suit or whatever formal wear you are putting on gives an illusion or a semblance of being responsible and competent.

3. The clean geometric lines for a professional look

We talked about looking sloppy earlier and how these stays take care of that. The way they do it is by keeping the pointy ends of your collars sharp and straight and this, in turn, complements the line of your suit, especially if you are wearing the right fit.

Types of Collar Stays

As I mentioned earlier, collar stains are made from different materials and this is what forms the basis for the differentiation between the types of collar stays that are available

Plastic Collar Stays

If you are on a budget and you want a quick fix, plastic collar stays are your best bet. They keep your collar points intact. They are the most common type of collar stays because that are cheap which doesn’t always translate into being good. Plastic collar stays have a very short lifespan. If you are looking for something more durable, you need to look at other types.

You can bypass this problem if you opt for shirts that have removable collar stays so that anytime you are taking your shirt for a wash, you simply remove the plastic stay and do your thing. And when that is done, you insert it back

Metallic Collar Stays

Typically, these are the more durable type of collar stays. They can go through countless washes without being compromised or bent out of shape. And for those who like to keep things fancy, you can have your collar stay engraved with whatever you want. It will cost you a little more but having that personal touch to your outfit can give you a major confidence boost.

Metal collar stays can be made from stainless steel or brass and for those who belong to the elite club, they can actually be made from precious metals like solid gold. The downside to metallic collar stays is the fact that the can be very expensive. But their durability and extra pizzazz make it very worth it. They are also the perfect color stay for shirts without slots they stay in for a long time without needing any change

Magnetic Collar Stays

Magnetic collar stays are a genius idea in my own opinion. They kind of feel like that innovative technology-based fashionwear that is so futuristic. But the point of it is more than just the aesthetics or thought of being cool. The magnets are inserted into the shirt in such a way that the point stays on the shirt while retaining its upright shape.

If you have the money, you can go ahead and splurge on the best collar stays for you. It is all up to your personal preference and budget. And while we are still on the subject of collars, you might want to check out this article that looks into pairing collared shirts with sweaters. They would be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your stiff and crisp collars.

On a final note, yes, collar stays are super comfortable.


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