Are Wool Blankets Good for Camping? How to Choose

Are Wool Blankets Good for Camping

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While packing your camping gear, you want to remember to take a blanket to keep you warm. Your comfort, especially at night, depends on it. Not just any blanket, but the best option possible. Wool blankets for camping are quite popular, but before you make that choice, you want to know: Are wool blankets good for camping?

Yes! Wool blankets are good for camping. In fact, they are an excellent choice because they keep you warm and dry (even when moist). They also let air seep through their pores and cool your body. This way, you don’t get hot from staying curled under your wool blanket.

If you’ll be investing in a wool blanket for camping, you want to make the best choice at first try. You also want to learn how to care for your wool blanket so it serves you optimally.

This article will help you achieve these. In this article, amongst other things, we’ll discuss the following:

How to choose the best wool blanket for camping

5 Best wool blankets for camping

How to care for your wool blankets.

How to Choose the Best Wool Blanket for Camping

The following are factors to consider when shopping for a wool blanket

1. Size

Wool blankets come in different sizes. You want to get a size that’s portable yet covers you properly. For tall people, blankets like the EverOne Olive drab Fire Retardant blanket (which we’ll talk more about later), will serve. It’s a 66″ x 90″ blanket.

You need a portable-sized blanket because carrying bulky gears is not advisable for campers.

2. Care

Wool, as sturdy as it looks and feels, needs to be treated tenderly.

When it comes to washing wool blankets or clothing, the rule of the thumb is to spot-clean or hand wash gently in cold water using mild detergent. (You’ll learn more about how to care for your wool blanket before you finish reading this post).

However, wool blankets like the Arcturus military wool blankets (which we’ll soon see) can be machine-washed. If hand washing is not your thing, you may want to go for wool blankets that can be machine-washed.

3. Season

What time of the year would you be camping with family or friends? If it’s when the weather is really cold, you want to go camping with a wool blanket like the Woolly Mammoth Explorer wool blanket. Dense blankets trap heat more and keep you insulated better.

But if it’s in the summer when the weather could be cold, but not too cold, a light wool blanket will serve, especially if you’ve set up your campfire already.

4. Wool

Using a Wool blanket for camping could be made of virgin wool, reprocessed wool or blended fiber. The percentage of virgin wool present in a blanket will affect its price.

Virgin wool generally has long-fiber and last longer. But you’ll discover they are usually more expensive.

Military blankets are made of reprocessed wool. If ‘cheap’ is your buying guide, then you can go for this. But I’ll advise you to use a liner with it because it could be itchy.

To reduce cost of production, other materials, like polyester, could be mixed with wool. That’s when we say the blanket is made of ‘blended fibre.’ Again, the percentage of virgin wool present in it will determine both quality and price.

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5 Best Wool Blankets for Camping

Arcturus Military Style Heavy Wool Camping Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket - 4.5 lbs, Warm, Thick, Washable, Large 64" x 88

The improved Arcturus wool blanket was informed by reviews and recommendations from previous customers. So when you invest in this wool blanket, be sure you’ll be 99.99% happy with your purchase.

“A splurge of rugged with a dash of delicate,” that’s how we’ll summarize the design of this blanket.

The Arcturus military wool blanket is the kind of wool blanket that makes you wish it never gets warm. The beauty and simplicity of its design will make you want to show it off to your friends all the time. So, yes. We forgive you in advance for always choosing it as your go-to camping blanket.

Asides its beauty, below are other features that will make you invest in this wool blanket for camping.

Main features

– Loom-woven

– Machine washable

– Large size (65″ × 88″. This should be enough for you and a family or friend).

– Mixed material (80% wool + 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for durability and washability)

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Woolly Mammoth Heavy Wool Camping Blanket

Heavy Wool Camping Blanket

The woolly mammoth explorer blanket is made of 80% premium virgin merino wool and 20% nylon/ polyester blend.

If you know about wools, you’ll know that the merino wool is one of the best wools. Just like the Merino wool t-shirts for men, this blanket is especially valued for its quality and odor-resistance.

This blanket is twill-woven; this resists wrinkling, repels dirts and hides stain. Dry cleaning is advised over machine-washing, as the latter could damage the wool.

To add to the lifespan of the blanket, a small amount of acrylic has been added to the wrap and weft of the blanket and its edges are double-stitched overseam using thick polyester thread.

To keep you warm on cold camping days, the blanket is inter-fiber felted and fabric consolidated. This accounts for its denseness.

Main features

– Twill-woven

– Mill-finished to create inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation

– 80% Premium virgin merino wool (no recycled wool added) + 20% nylon/ polyester

– Weighs approximately 4lbs

– Measurement= 66″ x 90″

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Adean Collection Wool Blanket for Hammock Camping

Wool Blanket for Hammock Camping

If you’ve ever dreamed of laying in the clouds on a warm winter day, this lushious, luxurious blanket will make your dreams come true.

What could be better than a blanket made with merino wool? Probably a merino wool blanket mixed with alpaca wool. This blanket is made of 50% alpaca wool and 50% merino wool.

Let me tell you why this is cool;

Both wools are known for their soft texture and breathability. Using both wools creates a lush, dense, cozy blanket.

To prevent shredding from the sides, the edges of the blanket are double-stitched and reinforced with polyester.

The manufacturers advise that we use only mild liquid soap or wool-wash to wash. The blanket also prefers to be washed in cold water and dried away from direct heat.

The blanket comes in different sizes. So, if you’re looking for a blanket that’s soft and doesn’t itch for yourself or your baby, consider investing in this.

Main features

– Double-stitched, reinforced binding

– 50% merino woo+ 50% alcapa wool

– Surface brushed for softness

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EverOne Lightweight Wool Blanket for Camping

Lightweight Wool Blanket for camping

For extra protection against fire accidents while camping, get this fire retardant wool blanket.

The color and style of the EverOne Fire Retardant wool blanket is inspired by the military. This should assure you that the blanket is sturdy and durable.

At 66″ x 90″, the EverOne fire-retardant blanket is wide enough to accommodate 2 people and long enough to properly shield even a tall person from cold. Inspite of this, it is portable. This could be why over 300 happy customers left a 5-star review for it.

A previous customer stated she’s never had to patch the blanket, indicating the blanket has a strong weave.

Meanwhile, we noticed some users complained that the blanket has an unpleasant chemical smell when unwrapped. But this shouldn’t bother you. Washing the blanket with cold water and mild detergent or liquid soap will take care of the smell once and for all.

Main features

– The style is military-inspired

– Fire retardant

– Portable

– Solid weave

– Measures 66″ x 90″

Let’s look at something a bit different next. Something that represents both comfort and history.

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Biddy Murphy Irish Throw Pure wool Camping Blanket

100% New Irish Lambswool Pure wool Camping Blanket

If you’ve been thinking of something unique and thoughtful to gift a friend or lover, this could be it! This blanket is just too beautiful to be left on the shelf.

The Biddy Murphy throw blanket is crafted using age-old techniques that have been passed through generations within the Hanly family.

It’s an ideal blanket for petite people or just throwing around your body while sitting curled by the fireside.

Most customers who shared their thoughts about this throw blanket say they love the colour pattern of the blanket and the different colour options available. You may want to check them out too.

Main features

– Signature colour palette design

– 100% lambswool

– 54″ × 72″

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Related Questions

Are wool blankets breathable?

Yes, they are. Wool is a breathable fabric. Therefore, wool blankets are breathable.

However, it may be hard for air to seep through wool blankets when mixed with fabrics that aren’t breathable, such as polyester.

How do I carry my wool camping blanket?

How you carry your camping blanket will depend on its size.

You can roll up and strap your blanket to the bottom of your backpack. This will afford you the freedom to carry other essential gear. But if your blanket is thick and bulky, you should get a different bag with handle for it.

How to care for wool blanket

To keep your blanket clean, spot-cleaning is usually recommended. But when the blanket is dirty and needs to be washed, do the following:

  1. Wash softly with mild detergent or liquid soap in cold water
  2. Wring gently to remove excess water
  3. Dry away from direct heat. Heat shrinks wool
  4. Flat dry to keep the blanket in shape.

Wool can easily lose shape or shrink. That’s why we have to treat it delicately while laundering


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